You & Me Firm Together, Nothing Can Stand in the Way… Ever

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Just the other day, I happened to watch the live telecast of the women’s 5000 metres final at the London Olympics. The finishing line was just a few metres away and an Ethiopian runner was giving it her all, to be the first to cross the finishing line. She had left the other runners way behind… she ran and she ran and finally crossed the finishing line… first! Meserat Defar had indeed engraved her name on the Olympic gold medal. The moment realization dawned upon her that she had indeed won the race, she let out a heart rending cry, more out of disbelief than out of joy; and in the very next moment she demonstrated before the whole world watching her at that moment, the reason behind her winning the race. 
Ethiopian, Meserat Defar, Tirunesh Dibaba. Steve Cram, BBC sports commentator, Olympic, Aniruddha bapu, bapu, samirdada, aniruddha, happy home, Gurukshetram, sadguru, London Olympics, Meserat Defar, God, prayer, Lord, devotion, faith, teachings, Bapu, Aniruddha Bapu, Sadguru, discourse, भक्ती, बापू, अनिरुद्ध बापू, अनिरुद्ध, भगवान , Aniruddha Joshi, Sadguru Aniruddha, Aniruddha Joshi Bapu,
She took out a photograph of her God, that she had kept close to her heart during the entire race… as if to tell the whole world – “I won because of Him.” Although she may not have uttered a single word, her actions, emotions and the tears in her eyes said it all. It is indeed noteworthy that in all that euphoria of a famous victory, she had the presence of mind to, at that very instant, acknowledge her God’s grace behind her victory. Her joy conveyed that her untiring efforts had borne fruits, only because of her unwavering faith in her Almighty.
The result of the race had indeed come as a shock; everyone was stunned. More importantly, she had upset the favourite and winner of the 10,000 metre race and her compatriot, Tirunesh Dibaba. Steve Cram, BBC sports commentator and himself a great middle distance runner who represented England during the eighties, had this to say, “Goodness me, that was a shock result. Meseret Defar could hardly believe it. She has been second best recently but has somehow shown the form she showed in Athens. That is one of the big shocks of the Games.” 
This was indeed a great achievement for her. It was a very emotional race. But when she showed the photograph of her God for all to see, I was reminded of my Sadguru and His words, “You and me firm together, nothing can stand in the way.. ever”. Defar’s achievement was indeed a testimony to Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) assurance. When He is there, nothing remains impossible. But for that to happen, one has to be prepared to put in untiring efforts. One also has to have unwavering faith in God and the willingness to readily accept a challenge. All we have to do is pick up the challenge; the Sadguru has already made all preparations to enable me to meet it successfully. 

It is my Sadguru’s promise to me that “You and me firm together, nothing can stand in the way… ever”, but when will it be true? Only when  My Sadgaru  is my  priority, ‘the priority’.
Another thing I must mention about Meserat Defar is when, after the presentation of the gold medal, the national anthem of Ethiopia was being played, she broke down. As the national flag of Ethiopia was being raised, she became more and more emotional. We had already seen the intensity of her devotion to God and now we were getting to witness her patriotism. Defar had won by a huge margin; there was no competitor in the frame as she crossed the finishing line. She was never in danger of losing the race. Here I am reminded about Aadya Pipa Dada’s abhang, “When He places His hand on your head, how can fear ever remain?”
Sainath is always teaching us one thing or another through the various incidents that occur in our day to day lives. A major component of these incidents are invariably related to competition. This competition may relate to a sport or even where I am competing with myself. Whatever may be the competition and whatever plane it may be played, if we have to win, then His presence is absolutely essential. He is always there where the principle “Purity is the only decisive measure” exists; and He knows what is best for me and goes out of His way to make the impossible possible… this is probably what happened in the case of Meserat Defar!
ll Hari Om ll

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  1. खरच! माझ्या साई – बापुंचे वाचनच आहे …. “तुम्ही जोर काढू लागा, दुधाची वाती घेऊन मी उभाच आहे!” आणि हे पोस्ट वाचताना त्याची प्रत्यक्षात अनुभूती देखील पहायला मिळाली त्याबदाल खूप खूप श्रीराम!

  2. Hari Om Dada ,Indeed FAITH can move THE MOUNTAIN…
    many impossible things are made possible because of our Satguru Bapu
    We always wxperience this in life.

    Lucky to have Bapu as Satguru in our life

  3. HARI OM Dada. Thank u very much for sharing such a beautiful and magnificent story. From this wonderful story, You taught us how to search SADGURU and His grace in every moment of life. I think this may be what BAPU described as AKHAND CHINTAN or Dhyan of SADGURU. Normally a man thinks about HIM in difficulties and sorrows. But the way Meserat Defar expressed her feelings towards her GOD are really speechless. This reminds me about some Ovis in SHREESAISACCHARIT –
    While watching a Olymipic match also You saw SADGURU BAPU's grace , Dada I think this is what these Ovis also mean.


    BAPU always speaks about this ovi during His discourse.
    Your story has become thought provoking for us. Even this shows difference between JAY and VIJAY . BAPU told in His discourse on OM VIJAYAY NAMAHA that you achieve JAY but VIJAY can be only achieved only when you remeber HIM during your success. Meserat Defar has proved it without uttering a single word , only with her action , her feelings for her GOD with her eyes….. Shreeram !!!!!
    Suneetaveera Karande

  4. Dear Dada, you have pointed out a remarkable difference between a firm 'Shradhhavan' and others just by a single line of your article.
    “there was no competitor in the frame as she crossed the finishing line”

    Nothing more required to express the difference.Shreeram Dada for this inspiring article.

  5. Shree ram dada…
    true said “When He is there, nothing remains impossible. But for that to happen, one has to be prepared to put in untiring efforts. “
    As Hemad pant told us in Shree Sai satcharitra

  6. Hari Om Dada. Thank you for a very nice thought provoking post. I feel it is all about faith. Faith can move mountains. But how does one get faith? To the uninitiated, it is felt that faith follows experience- give me experience and I will develop faith. I have often wondered about this. To my mind and what i can gather from the teachings of Bapu/Sai Satcharit , it is not possible to develop faith without bhakti, without love and surrender and without God's grace. To such a one, faith comes easily and experiences only manifest and strengthen this. When our beloved Bapu says 'He is working slowly and gradually to ease all our issues in a manner apt for us', we need to have faith
    hari om
    sunilsinh bahl

  7. Shreeram Dada for your wonderful post. Indeed, to acknowledge the Almighty's grace in moments of glory really needs pure love, bhakti and steadfast faith unto the Lord. The expression on Meserat Defar's face after her victory said it all. As rightly pointed out by you , the Sadguru's promise holds true when we set our priorities right and if at all we have to win then his presence is absolutely essential. Yes, then nothing stands in the way ever….

  8. Hari Om Dada. Fortunately I had also seen this race on TV ! The way Meserat Defar was expressing her joy with her God's photo in her hand was indeed noteworthy. After winning the race of 5000 mtrs (which itself is a huge distance) she did not even relax for taking a gasp and her instant reaction was to remove her God'd photo and to show it to the entire world watching her. The way she was showing the photo explained all her feelings. To acknowledge God's favour for our success within our mind is one thing, and to project it whole-heartedly in front of the entire world without any constraint whatsoever, requires real guts. Meserat Defar even held her flag in her hand after her victory with great patriotism.
    However Dada I missed the presentation ceremony of which you have mentioned in your note. But the note explains it all. Hard work, patriotism and above all firm belief in God are the real factors for the success of Meserat Defar. Shreeram.

  9. Hari Om Dada… Very True… As Bapu said parmeshwareche satatyane smaran karatana 'Chintan – Shodh – Abhyas' hya margane 'YASH' nakkich aahe and as u said all based on basic principle of 'purity is the only decisive measure'. Dada, your blog is giving a 'pure' vision to see the things happening around. Shreeram.

  10. Undoubtedly, Dada, He comes first. And, only this firmness in our minds automatically removes all the obstacles in every field of our lives.

  11. Very True Samirdada, Shri Ram!
    “You and me firm together, nothing can stand in the way… ever”

    Whenver you put your efforts with full faith in God with love, you get 108 % success. We can't forget Sadguru Sainath's words… TUMHI JOR KADHU LAAGA, DUDHAACHI KAALAJI SARVASVI TYAGAA”. If we follow this VACHAN our efforts would be always prolific.

    Thank you very much for sharing this article as I was not aware about this story. Such incidents makes your belief much more stronger and takes you closer to Sadguru. Great learning. Shri Ram!

  12. Hari Om Dada!!!!

    Really motivational story.Shri ram for sharing.. Truly having faith in bapu with proper prayas impossible will turn easily possible..

  13. hari om Dada.

    I was fully engrossed while reading this article. Totally speachless….

    Shree Ram.
    Hari om.
    Ashwiniveera Karmarkar

  14. Hari om Dada!

    Indeed it is always important to have our God, our Sadguru as our priority and then only, our life becomes the most beautiful and successful ever.

    The gesture of Defar's showing her God's photograph to all after her win has revealed not only her faith in God but, that every success in our lives is a result of our faith in God, our Sadguru !!!!

    We may win all races in our life or we may not, but our faith always wins only when believe that whatever I get is the BEST for me because it is given by my Sadguru Bapu…..

  15. Dada Truely Meserat Defar devotion towards her Almighty is very clearly seen..She kept her Alighty close to heart and never forgot it and even after winning first she remembered her Almighty and surrendered that title to GOD..and not only kept it with her but had such great faith that she proved in front of the entire world that JUST MY GOD HAD MADE THAT POSSIBLE….


    HECHA KARAYCHI ZABARDAST TAKAT AHECHA..bas maza Meserat Defar sarkha VISHWAS pahije…

  16. Shree Ram Dada. This is really great. No one could have described the feelings of Meserat Defar than you. I couldn't see this match but your description has made it live. You have explained the meaning of P.P. Bapu's assurance towrdas his shraddhavans in very simple but very effective language. Shree Ram.

  17. Thanks for sharing such a beautiful feeling through this article. This article is really heartening to everyone. We always remember god during failures but it really requires pure love for our god to remember him during success. That's how Bapu taught us to say “Shree Ram” when we do certain good thing & we get praised for the same.

  18. Hari om Dada you said it right, He knows what is best for me and goes out of His way to make the impossible possible…absolutely true .
    We win only because he is with us.
    Thank you so Dada for Sharing this story.

  19. Hariom P.P. Samirdada,

    whild readinb this article, I was so touched to see the winning moment of Dewar..really when you have firm faith in your God – Sadguru, nothing can stand in the way ever… this incident shoss that we should tottally surrender ourseleves at the lotus feet of our beloved sadguru…when Arjun gave Sampoorna Shaaranya at Krishna's lotus feet, the battle became easy for him..what Baba said is true…sampoorna shaaranya make bhakti path eash and hurdle free..only you need is Your Sadguru..and we got in the form of “Baba,Aai,Dada”…love them always…shree ram..

  20. हरि ओम दादा , सर्व प्रथम त्या खेळाडूचे मन:पूर्वक अभिनंदन. सर्वत्र, विशेषतः भारतीयांमध्ये काही विशिष्ठ लोकांकडून, जाणूनबुजून असा प्रचार प्रसार केला जातो कि भक्ती हा भित्र्या लोकांचा प्रांत आहे. दुर्दैवाने आज खूप मोठा भारतीय समाज या चुकीच्या समजुतीखाली आहे. आपले बापू याविषयी अतिशय परखड मत वारंवार व्यक्त करितात. बापू म्हणतात, जर लोकमान्य टिळक, स्वामी विवेकानंद, सुभाषचंद्र बोस हे शूर होते हे निर्विवाद सत्य असेल तर जगात एकतरी अभक्त व्यक्ती शूर होता हे दाखवावे. टिळक हे गणपतीचे, विवेकानंद आणि सुभाषबाबू हे कालीमातेचे निस्सीम भक्त होते. भक्ती हा शूरांचा प्रांत आहे आणि शूर लोकंच भक्ती करू शकतात. भक्ती म्हणजे काय तर परमेश्वर आहे या अतिशय प्राथमिक संकल्पनेवर असलेला दृढ विश्वास. त्या खेळाडूच्या हातात तिच्या परमेश्वराचा फोटो पाहून, तिच्या चेहऱ्यावरील तिच्या परमेश्वराविषयी असलेली कृतज्ञता पाहून आणि तिने ऑलिम्पिक मध्ये केलेला विश्वविक्रम पाहून, ती खेळाडू खरच खूप शूर आहे यात काहीच वाद नाही. 'जिथे जिथे कमी पडतं, ते ते सर्वकाही भरून काढायची ताकद तुमच्या श्रद्धेत असते ' हे आपल्या बापूंचे मत त्या खेळाडूच्या डोळ्यात अतिशय स्पष्टपणे दिसत आहे. तिचा पराक्रम हा खडतर प्रयास केल्यावरच होऊ शकला आहे, परंतु ज्या प्रयासांना 'परमेश्वरी' साथ असते, तेच प्रयास 'पराक्रम' होऊ शकतात हे मला, त्या खेळाडूच्या चेहऱ्यावरील समाधानातून जाणवले. अतिशय सुंदर ब्लॉग आमच्याशी शेअर केल्याबद्धल श्री राम…

  21. Hari Om.
    How very true. Bappa loves us so much. HE makes our life meaningfull. Being naughty, being funny, being silly, and what not… but all the phases of our life are given only by HIM. To feel it is so very wonderfull …

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