US-China New Cold War

US-China economic war closely resembles situation before World War II, US economist & investor Ray Dalio warns

usa-chinaWashington: The economic war between the US and China is a reminder of the period preceding the World War II, stated renowned US hedge fund investor and economist Ray Dalio as he warned the situation could escalate into a real war. 

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China is engaged in economic Blitzkrieg to surpass US as world’s superpower, US Attorney General alleges

china-us-deficitWashington: ‘The People’s Republic of China is now engaged in an economic blitzkrieg — an aggressive, orchestrated, whole-of-government, and indeed, whole-of-society campaign to seize the commanding heights of the global economy and to surpass the United States as the world’s preeminent superpower,’ US Attorney General Willan Barr alleged.

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China threatens to retaliate after US action over Hong Kong

hong-kong-usBeijing/Washington: The Chinese Foreign Ministry has threatened the US that the country would deliver a firm reply for the US action President Donald Trump had initiated against Hong Kong. China has even summoned the US Ambassador over the matter and reportedly threatened the US that it would not tolerate interference in its internal affairs under any circumstances. 

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US warship enters South China Sea; UK hints at deploying aircraft carrier in region

Washington/London: The US has initiated forceful efforts to limit China’s ambition in the South China Sea. On Monday, the US rejected all of China’s South China Sea claims declaring an aggressive policy.

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US dismisses China’s claims on South China Sea

South-China-SeaWashington/Beijing: – The United States rejected the Chinese claims regarding the South China Sea in clear and emphatic words- The United States is a staunch supporter of free and open Indo-Pacific region and the Chinese claims on the South China Sea, which is a part of this region, are completely illegal. China has reacted very sharply to the US stand. 

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China imposes sanctions on US politicians and officials

China-AmericaBeijing/Washington: – China has retaliated against the United States for taking harsh action against the Chinese atrocities meted out to the Uyghurs. On Monday, China imposed sanctions against three leaders including Senators Ted Cruise and Marco Rubio, one senior official and a Congressional Commission. 

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US NSA on Europe tour to discuss China

USA-Europe-VisitWashington: US National Security Advisor (NSA) Robert O’Brien is leaving for a tour to Europe, while the relations between China and the western countries are strained over the Coronavirus pandemic and Hongkong issues. Deputy NSA Matthew Pottinger and senior officials from the US National Security Council are accompanying O’Brien, on his Europe visit.

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US State Department warns that American citizens in China are under a threat of Chinese action

America-ChinaWashington: The US State Department has warned that as of now, the American citizens in China are under a threat of being acted upon. The state department has warned that these citizens can be refused using the help of their embassy or exercise their fundamental rights. 

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