Truth Always Prevails

ll Hari Om ll 

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As I settled down today morning to read the newspaper, I was disappointed to read the news item, which said that Lance Armstrong, who was regarded as a legend, having successfully fought cancer and won seven Tour de France titles, had been found guilty of using banned substances during his career by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Not only has he been banned for life, but even all his achievements in a 14 year old career had been erased in one stroke. This followed Armstrong’s refusal to challenge USADA, as also to exercise his last option of going in for arbitration. The stark reality is that Armstrong is now officially a drug cheat.
Armstrong’s seven Tour de France titles between 1999 and 2005 (after which he retired) had made him a hero and a beacon of hope to millions of people afflicted by cancer. Till now it was considered as one of the most incredible achievements in sports. He had become a role model to people from all walks of life; on how to achieve victory in adversity, whatever sphere of life may it be.
But now, with this revelation, which has come seven years after his retirement, it has become clear that Lance Armstrong too fell prey to the lure and temptation of the “win at all costs” culture. Whatever fame and goodwill that he had accumulated over the years had vanished in an instant. Not only that, he had been transformed from a hero to a villain, who had undermined the faith and the sentiments of all the people who had admired him, idolized him and put him on a pedestal. From being an object of affection he had become an object of hatred.
This incident reminded me of two or three similar incidents of cheating that had occurred in the past. One was Ben Johnson who won the gold medal at the Seoul Olympics in the year 1988, with a world record time of 9.79 seconds, beating the legendary Carl Lewis to second place. But minutes later, his urine sample showed that he had used an anabolic steroid called stanozolol. Ben Jonhson’s fall from grace was immediate.
Similar was the case with Marion Jones who won five medals in the 2000 Sydney Olympics but later, in the year 2007, in the course of an enquiry, admitted to the use of drugs even during the 2000 Olympics. Her husband and coach at the time of the 2000 Olympics, C. J. Hunter, who had also qualified to participate in the shot put event, had withdrawn at the last minute, citing knee injury. As it turned out, it was only a pretext to avoid being subjected to a drug test.
Back home, many of you must be aware of how a former India cricket team captain was banned for life for match fixing.
All this reminded me of two verses from Shri Sai Satcharita
असत्य, चालेना साईंप्रती l असत्यें नाहीं साईंची प्राप्ती l असत्यें जाणे अधोगती l अंती दुर्गती असत्यें ll (ओवी १३८ अध्याय ३८)
“With Sai, untruth will never work. The grace of Sai cannot be attained through falsehood. Untruth always leads to a downfall and in the end, life becomes hell. (verse 138, Chapter 38)

देवव्दारीं मान व्हावा l देवापुढेंचि व पदर पसरावा l तयाचाच प्रसाद जोडावा l मान सोडावा लौकिकी ll – (ओवी ३६ अध्याय ६)

“Honour should be sought only at the doorstep of the Almighty; seek favours only before Him, strive to seek His blessings and do not hanker after worldly honours”. (verse 36, Chapter 6)
Both these verses hold great relevance to the subject that I have just dwelt upon. Untruth does not mean only telling lies. Hiding the truth and cheating are equally an untruth. Any success, that is achieved by straying from the path of truth and in violation of the divine principles; by embracing the “win at all cost” culture, is only short-lived and is bound to come back like a boomerang to bring out about a permanent fall from grace. This invariably happens during the lifetime of that person. 
The story of Lance Armstrong should serve as a reminder to all those who are tempted to compromise on the divine principles and resort to short cuts, in the pursuit of material gains and success. 

ll Hari Om ll

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  1. Hari Om Dada,

    This news is really eye opening. We keep appreciating success of these people and look at them as idol. But God never let these people celebrate their success which is based on lie. Truth always prevails.

    In today’s world of cut-throat competition, we find many such examples where people are ready do anything for the success. But at the end, such successes doesn’t give real happiness and when truth comes out these people’s life turn out to be hell.

    P. P. Bapu always tells us to follow the path of Satya, Prem, Ananda and to stick to policy, “Pavitrya hech Pramaan”.

    Shri Ram.

  2. hari aum dada

    with all due respect sir, but i have question: meanwhile…what about those who were deprived,cheated, justice delyaed, kept in dark, fooled obiviously, second rated, lost dignity n imortance n mainly CONFIDENCE due by such “live to win and eliminate all in between” people/group/religion/cast/subcast/COMMUNITY in genral…


    whats the meaning of such VICTORY?

  3. Shree Ram for the post and everyone's comment. Dvendrasinh- that bhakta Bapu referred was Nana Chandorkar. U reminded about the story at a very right time.

    As Bapu says Pavitrya hech pramaan… Unfortunately, the whole world has gone into the so-called US mode where the end justifies the means. Success is measured on what one has achieved rather than on how it was achieved. But look at the flip side- those very people who are worshipping these Heroes are first to dump, the moment they are caught. Rajat Gupta is also another such kind of a story.

    Its easier said than not to succumb to such illusions and allusions to success. More so when you go up those hallowed heights.

    Sadguru ensures that we can make the discretion and chose the right path.

    Hari Om!

    Sandeepsinh Mahajan

  4. Hari Om Dada,
    Your article on Lance Armstrong and the one on Meserat Defar are comparative examples worth study as to the importance of divine principles when it comes to success and achievements or otherwise also in our life.

  5. हरी ओम दादा,
    या संदर्भात बापूंनी प्रवचनातून सांगितलेली शिर्डी मधील एंक घटना आठवते,एक भक्त जो नेहमी बाबां समोर बढाया मारत असे कि बाबा मला असे बोलतात, माझ्यावर खूप प्रेम करतात, मी सांगेल तसेच ऐकतात, असे तो सर्व इतर भक्तांना सांगत असे. बाबा त्याला तसे न करण्यास बजावतात हि पण तो मात्र काही ऐकत नाही, तो तसे खोटे बोलणे देवाची आज्ञा झाली तरीही सोडत नाही. एकदा (चांदोरकर / मामलतदार नीट आठवत नाही) शिर्डीत येत असतात ते बाबांचे अतिशय श्रेष्ठ भक्त असूनही त्यांना त्याचा जराही अभिमान नसतो ते अतिशय विनम्रच असतात, ते ह्या भक्ता बरोबर टांग्याने शिर्डीत येतात मधील प्रवासात हा भक्त खूप मोठ्या मोठ्या बढाया मारतो, त्यांना ते कळतही पण ते त्या भक्ताला काही बोलत नसतात. शेवटी द्वार्कामायीत आल्यावर बाबा त्यांच्याकडे पाहून त्यांची अतिशात प्रेमाने विचारपूस करतात, हा भक्त ते सर्व पाहतो पण तरीही त्याला काही कळत नाही, बाबा खूप संधी देतात त्याला सुधारण्याची पण व्यर्थ, नंतर परत असाच प्रसंग येतो कि बाबा त्याच्याकडे ढुंकूनही पाहत नाही व काही तरी बोलतात (नीट आठवत नाही) पण तरी हा भक्त इतर सर्व भक्तांना सांगत सुटतो कि आरे बाबा प्रेमाने मला बोलले, ते माझ्यावर प्रेम करतात, त्यांनी मस्करी केली माझी…..जेव्हा एंक ustav (बहुतेक रामनवमी असावा तो) तेव्हा बाबा समोरून (चांदोरकर / मामलतदार नीट आठवत ) यांना सांगतात कि आज पासून प्रत्तेक ustawat तू पुष्पवृष्टी करायची, तेव्हा हा भक्त केरोसीन चा दिवा डोक्यावर घेवून असतो, तो जेव्हा बाबांचे हे वाक्य ऐकतो कि बाबानि या भक्ताला हि सेवा करण्याची संधी दिली, हे कोणीतरी वेगळेच आहे, तेव्हा मात्र तो पूर्ण सदगदित होतो आणि त्याच्या डोक्यावरील तो दिवा त्याच्या अंगावर पडतो व त्याचे शरीर पेट घेते, सर्वजण बाबांना विनवतात पण बाबा शांत पणे उभे असतात, तो माणूस पूर्णपणे जळतो आणि प्राणहि सोडतो, तेव्हा बाबा म्हणतात, “ए रव्ही सर्वजण मेल्यावर चितेवर जळतात, पण जो माझ्याशी खोटे बोलतो त्याला मी जिवंतपणे जाळतो” कारण एकच आहे
    असत्य, चालेना साईंप्रती l असत्यें नाहीं साईंची प्राप्ती l असत्यें जाणे अधोगती l अंती दुर्गती असत्यें ll
    हरी ओम

  6. Hari Om Dada !!!

    We are really blessed to experience these day to day events corelated to Adhyatma. As Bapu always did, while explaining Sai Charitra, he always explained the verses in context of the life we lead

    For a common man like us, it is indeed great to know the actual meaning of the verses when it is laid in context to recent news / happenings.

    Hari om

  7. हरी ओम दादा,
    सर्वप्रथम श्रीराम. रोजच्या जीवनातल्या घडामोडी आणि अध्यात्म याचा सुंदर मेळ तुमच्या प्रत्येक पोस्टवर वाचताना अनुभवता येतो आणि पुन्हा पुन्हा नव्याने जाणीव होते “पावित्र्य हेच प्रमाण” या बापूंच्या शिकवणीची. मांजराने डोळे मिटून दुध प्यायले म्हणजे त्याला वाटते जगाला काही दिसत नाही, जगाला दिसो अथवा न दिसो त्या परमात्म्यापासून कोण आणि काय लपवून ठेवणार? प्रत्येक गोष्ट त्याला त्याच क्षणी कळत असते ह्याचा प्रत्यय लगेचच येतो आणि सत्य, प्रेम आणि आनंद यांच्याशी नाळ जोडली जाते. दादा आपला हा ब्लॉग म्हणजे आमच्यासाठी दीपस्तंभ आहे. एकाच वेळी जगात काय चाललंय आणि साई सत् चरिताचे पारायण हा दुग्धशर्करा योग लाभला आहे. श्री राम दादा. हरी ओम, कल्पनावीरा

  8. Hari om Dada: Thank you for this post.
    Right from the historical 'Ten Commandments' to the 'Nine Principles' of beloved Bapu, the path towards bliss, happiness is well laid out. Truth has always commanded priority. Whether it is speaking the Truth, seeking the Truth or standing in Truth, it is a question of being honest to yourself and to society at all costs. There is no question of deceiving your God, your very Creator and He reminds you of this the hard way

    hari om
    sunilsinh bahl

  9. Hari Om Dada,

    Parampujya Bapu has taught us in Panchasheel Practicals that “Short Circuits occur due to Shortcuts”, and Lance Armstrongs' is one of the best examples of such a thing. MAY BAPU SAVE US ALL FROM TAKING SHORTCUTS IN LIFE.

  10. Hari Om Pujya Sameerdada,

    Thanks & Shriram for giving us valuable teaching & guidance based on day to day events.

    Your posts are very informative & give us elderly advice.


    Pramodsinh Parkar

  11. Hari Om Dada
    It is in fact such a shocking incident that a person who achieved many great milestones in life had used uneven ways to achieve the same. Dada you have enlightened us so much by correlating this examples with verses from Sai Sathcharitra. Dada it is so true that in order to achieve fame and position we try to use shortcuts which in the long run is detrimental for us.
    Thank you and Shree Ram dada

    Dr Umesh Shirodkar

  12. Hari Om ,Pujya Sameer Dada,Thank you very much for your guidance and support.

    The Path of Truth is Divine Path indeed..When we are on this path,we do not care what others say, because we only care what my God says, what my Bapu says…..

    Madhuriveera Parkar

  13. Hari Om. Dada. Thanks for guiding us in every occasssion and showing us tight relationbond of ADHYATMA with day to day life events like sports. This reminds me APT words told by ADYAPIPA in one of his abhangas ….
    मनीच्या वल्गना न देती यश खरे
    नभीच्या तारका न बनती घरचे दिवे
    सावळा देई छत फोडुनी शुभदे घ्यावया धाव घे पिप्याच्या संगती
    आज दादा, तुम्ही तुमच्या लेखातुन हेच प्रखर सत्य मांडले आहे की “त्या” ला असत्य चालत नाही, असत्याने त्याची प्राप्ती नाही. मनात कितीही कल्पनांची मनोराज्ये केली तरी त्याच्या अधिष्ठानाशिवाय ती सत्यात उतरणे अशक्यच आहे. अंतिम विजय तोच देउ शकतो. नभीच्या तारका जसे घर उजळवु शकत नाही , तसेच विजयाची कोणत्याही किमतीत प्राप्ती ही सुख , समाधान ,आनंद आणि तृप्ती मिळवुन देउच शकत नाही. आद्यपिपांनी हेच जिवंत सत्य प्रतिपादीत केले असावे असे मला वाट्ते. सोन्याची सरी हवी म्हणुन कोणी गळफास लावुन घेतो म्हणेल तर ते शुद्ध मूर्खपणाचे लक्षणच ठरते.
    बापू चरणी हेच मागावेसे वाटते –
    मजला आवडो अथवा न आवडो तू जे इच्छिसी तेची घडो हेचि मागता न अवघडो जीभ माझी …

  14. हरी ओम समीरदादा.

    सर्वप्रथम श्रीराम कि तुम्ही एवडी माहिती आम्हा श्रद्धावान लोकांसोबत शेअर केली. मि. आर्मस्ट्राँग कर्करोगाने झुंजत असताना ७ पदके घेतली. पण अश्यावेळी त्यांनी वाममार्गाचा वापर केला हे ऐकून वाईट वाटले.

    दादा मी असे खूप वेळा पहिले आहे कि लोक जेव्हा एका विशिष्ट पातळीवर जातात तेव्हा त्यांच्याभोवती एक वलय निर्माण करते ते कदाचित अहंकाराचे असते. त्यांना अशी पूर्ण समज असते कि आपण म्हणजे कोण ? आपल्याशिवाय काय होणार आहे का ? अश्या विचारात ते असतात आणि मग नियती तिचा डाव खेळतेच. आपण जो सैसात्चार्त्राचा दाखल दिला आहे तो योग्य आहे. अचूक आहे. गेलेल्या मान्साबादल वाईट बोलू नये असे सांगतात पण तरीपण असे काही ऐकले , वाचले कि धक्का बसतो. असो.

    पुनश्च एकदा श्रीराम.

    हरी ओम.

  15. Shree ram dada, for emphasizing on importance of truth in such a simple manner through various examples….ur posts are really enlightening to us.

  16. Hari Om Dada. Satyameva Jayate. Truth shall ultimately win. This statement is true. It is so sad that USADA had to take an action against Lance Armstrong after 7 years post retirement. It is also easy for anyone to imagine that a person who fought cancer could have easily fought the charges levelled against him. At least he could have put a brave rebuttal if he is truthful. Very difficult to understand the psychological framework of such a person. I would not be surprised if he takes a drastic step. Americans are psychological wrecks. Also, difficult to be judgmental in this case, although he is virtually proved guilty. His sulking attitude is at the cost of millions of cancer patients who looked upon him as their role model. Hari Om

  17. Dear Pujya Sameerdada,
    Very true.Dada you are wonderfully combining recent news and principles of adhyatma.
    this emphasizes teachings of our beloved p.p. Bapu in the minds of shraddhavans.
    This reminds me of very first CHARAN from Grantharaj Satyapravesh. When one forgets that PARMATMA is instantly aware of all our deeds actions and even thoughts then one falls prey to “success at any cost”culture.

  18. Really true. We all shraddhavans must constantly observe ourselves day & night that by our behaviour for shorter material & position gains, we are not cheating our fellow friends. Because may be our seniors who are just human beings may be cheated due to show-offs, but that ultimately god our param poojya Bapu knows what is going on the screen & behind the screen. Hari Om

  19. हरी ओम दादा,

    ही न्यूज खरच धक्का दायक होती.

    मि. आर्मस्ट्राँग ने कर्करोगा सारख्या भयानक समजल्या जाणाऱ्या आजारावर मात करत सलग सात जेते पद पटकावली अशावेळी त्याचा आदर्श घावा असे प्रत्येकाला वाटत होते असेल पण उत्तेजक द्रव्य घेण्याचा आरोपाखाली जेव्हा त्याची सातही पदके काढून घेतली जाणार हे ऐकल्यावर सामान्य माणूस मात्र गांगरूनच गेला असेल, अशा लोकांना आपण डोक्यावर धरून त्यांचे यश सेलिब्रेट करतो पण जेवा हीच लोक आपल्याला अशी फसवतात त्यावेळी कळत च नाही खरे काय आणि खोटे काय. म्हणूनच म्हणतात ते खरे…जस दिसत तस नसत म्हणून जग फसत.

    आशा वेळी मनात विचार येतो, ह्या स्पर्धात्मक दुनियेत यश मिळवण्यासाठी माणूस काहीही करायला तयार होतो. फक्त आपले यश टिकवून कसे ठेवता येइल यासाठी वाटेल त्या थराला जाण्याची तयारी असते.

    sportsman असून ही त्यांचा मध्ये स्पोर्टिंग स्पिरीट नसते आणि अपयश जिरवण्याची ताकद नसते. गेम म्हटला कि हार जीत ही आलीच. पण सदैव यश च मिळावे ह्या साठी हा सर्व खटाटोप आणि शेवटी हाती येते ती आयुषभराची निराशा.

    बापूंचा चरणी एकच प्रार्थना 'श्री राम' म्हणून कोणतेही यश पचवण्याची आणि ते योग्य मार्गाने ते टिकवण्याची ताकद आपल्या श्राधावानांमध्ये यावी.

    हरी ओम

  20. Hari Om Samirdada,

    It is so wonderful to read your posts, which connect the regular event of the worldly life to the divine principles which Bapu preaches. A reminder, that worldy life is not apart from the spiritual.
    Shree Ram.

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