Their Journey to Aniruddha

ll Hari Om ll

Journey to Aniruddha

The love of the Sadguru reaches out beyond physical boundaries of nations and limitations that the language or the spoken word may present.
The love of the Sadguru is ‘Aniruddha’– it knows no barriers; it is infinite.
It is after all the love of the one who is Aniruddha – who is unstoppable.

– It is the love of our Aniruddha Bapu, His call that reaches the heart of bhaktas the world over.

We refer here to a group of bhaktas from Germany – the ‘German Sisters’ who felt and experienced this love that drew them to Bapu’s feet. They are testimony to the fact that language really really need not stand in the way of offering and expressing bhakti. The absence of instructions or literature in German never meant an obstacle. They spoke to other bhaktas, made their own notes and followed Bapu’s instructions.

I am sure we have all seen them participating in functions like the Gurupournima, the Aniruddha Pournima and even the special occasions like the Prasannotsav. I am sure we have also noticed their constant effort to become part of the ambience.

The German Sisters have been part of the Bapu family since the year 2000. They came and just dissolved in the ambience.

Today we are launching a blog in German titled “Journey to Aniruddha” ( It is a sharing from the heart of a special journey. Apart from narrations of how they became part of the Bapu family, the blog has videos – where each of the bhaktas shares blessed moments, gratitude and love. It has photographs – glimpses of their lives and how they express bhakti, do the naamasmaran, chant the Ramraksha and the Hanuman Chalisa. The photographs of the punarmilap are especially touching.

Family persons just like any of us, they do all that we do and the way we do it. They have an Upasana Centre in Germany where Upasana is done every Saturday, they sing and recite the mantras prescribed. They write the Ramnaam book (some even write it in Devnagri), they knit sweaters while chanting the Hanuman Chalisa 108 times – which takes them a total of 14 hours (and this is done not just in the Gurucharan Maas but at least 4 times a year) and even the Ramraksha 108 times (which takes them about 2 days). They compose abhangas and gajars in German, set them to tune and sing them to Bapu. The audio section of the blog will share these abhangas.

One of them has been part of the Kolhapur Medical Camp and has shared her experience on the blog.

We will see them participating in the coming Aniruddha Pournima celebrations too.

There is nothing, just nothing that stands in the way ever if ‘He’ and ‘we’ stand firm together. This blog only endorses the fact…

and of course another… And that is, this journey has been a journey homewards for our German sisters.

ll Hari Om ll

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  1. हरी ओम दादा ,

    जर्मन सिस्टर विषयी लिहिलेल्या ब्लॉग बद्दल श्रीराम . खरोखरच दरवर्षी अनिरुद्ध पौर्णिमेनंतरच्या अधिवेशनात मी जेव्हा त्यांना बघते तेव्हा दोन्ही दिवशीचे सर्व sessions ज्या तल्लीनतेने त्या attend करतात ते बघून खरोखरच आश्चर्य वाटते .कारण त्यांना त्या session मधलं भाषेच्या अडचणीमुळे काहीही कळत नसत पण जे काही चालू आहे ते माझ्या बापूचं आहे -बस -इतकच त्यांना माहित असतं .त्यामुळे सगळ्यांनी टाळ्या वाजवल्या की त्या टाळ्या वाजवतात ,सगळे हसले की त्या हसतात. खरोखरच बापू माझा कसा हे त्यांचा चेहरा नेहमी बोलत असतो आणि मी फक्त बापूचीच हे त्यांची कृती दाखवत असते. वास्तविक session संपल्यावर योगीन्द्रसिंह आणि नीताविरा दळवी त्यांना session चा अर्थ समजावून सांगतात. पण ज्यांना त्या session चा अर्थ कळतोय, असे आम्ही, मात्र

    त्यांच्या इतक्या एकरूप त्यात होतो की नाही ही शंकाच आहे . ह्याचं कारण एकच -त्यांच्या तोडीची भक्ती आणि भाव आमच्याकडे कमी पडतो . त्यामुळे भाषेची अडचण असूनही बापू एके बापू ,बापू दुणे बापू आणि बापू त्रिक

    बापूच हा त्यांचा पाढा असतो आणि आम्ही मात्र विवंचना , प्रापंचिक अडचणी आणि संकटे ह्यांनाच कुरवाळत बसतो.व तेव्हाच बापूंची आठवण काढत असतो . पण आता बापू एके बापू , बापू दुणे बापू ……. हा पाढा आम्ही तुमच्या ह्या ब्लॉगमुळे पूर्णतः समजलो आहे आणि त्याचे आचरण १०८% करू . .

  2. HARI OM DADA. Thanks a lot for sharing this ….Your words are really APT that ..It is a sharing from the heart of a special journey.The love of the Sadguru reaches out beyond physical boundaries of nations and limitations that the language or the spoken word may present.
    Hats off to our German sisters for their PRAYAS , LOVE for BAPU and DEVOTION. It is really an eye-opener for all of us and we must learn from them that there are no barriers at all if we decide our final destination as HIS LOTUS FEET. Nothing comes across , no distance , no language…. because MY BAPU only walks 99 steps to me when I simply try for a single step towards HIM…. ADYAPIPA's words reminds me UCHALUNI AAMHA NEI HA PARVATSHIKHARE … on DEVYAN PATH ,SADGURU BAPU only carries us at the TOP…
    DADA, Lots of SHREERAM….

  3. Shree Ram Dada for sharing details about this new blog. We all have seen the “German Sisters” participating in various events in Mumbai.
    Parampujya BAPU in HIS discourses always says that language is never a barrier between HIM and his deveotees. This group of “German sisters” indeed stand testimony to this. We have always wondered how they understand and comprehend what BAPU speaks in Marathi. You have mentioned all the effort that they take to become a part of the ambience, which is usually unknown to many.
    This new blog is a very good read, its really a testament to the BAPU’s saying to devotees “You take one step towards me, I will cover the remaining 99 to come to you”

    Hari Om

  4. Hari Om, it is so deep touching,tears in my eyes, it is really a journey homewards, today we are coming, the flight is in the afternoon, what a wonderful moment !!! shree Ram ! Elisabeth and all german sisters

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