The Swastikshema Sanvadam

Aniruddha Bapu explaining about swastikshem sanvaadam

Aniruddha Bapu explaining about Swastikshem Sanvaadam


In His discourse last evening, Bapu introduced to the Shraddhavaan bhaktas, the concept of the ‘Swastikshema Sanvaadam‘ (Sanvaadam = dialogue or connection) – all for their well being.

As part of it, the Shraddhavaan can enter into a dialogue with any member of the Chandika Kul. He may express the feelings in his mind, his thoughts, or may open up and say all that he wishes to, to this member he has chosen to establish a dialogue with.

The Swastikshema Sanvaadam will happen before Bapu’s discourse. To begin with, Bapu will recite the following shloka:  

‘Sarvamangal-maangalye Shive Sarvaartha-saadhike|
Sharanye Tryambake Gauri Narayani namostu te ||’

A period of 5 minutes or more will then follow, during which every Shraddhavaan has to close his eyes and knowing, recognizing that he is in fact sitting before the Chandika Kul, begin his dialogue, his conversation in a way that he wants, with any one or with all the members together of the Chandika Kul.

This period (of 5 minutes or more) will end when Bapu recites the following shloka from the Matruvatsalya Upanishad:

‘Namah Sarvashubhankare| Namah Brahmatripurasundari|
Sharanye Chandike Durge| Praseeda Parameshvari ||

It is Bapu’s Word that, the dialogue established by means of the ‘Swastikshem Sanvaad’ with a member (or all the members) of the Chandika Kul will surely reach out and be received by him (or all of them) without any intervening medium / agent. It is Bapu’s Word, it is His Will and pledge. 

Arrangements for the Swastikshem Sanvaadam will be made at every official Upasana Centre. It is Bapu’s Resolve and Will that during the time that the Swastikshema Sanvaadam happens, the Upasana Centre will in fact be Shree Harigurugram.

Also, the Swastikshema Sanvaadam will be possible only at Shree Harigurugram and at the Upasana Centre. That again, is Bapu’s Will.

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  1. Hari Om Dada,

    These 5 minutes are very important for us. As bapu say you are directly connected to chandika kul without any jam’s, after 5 minutes we feel the lots of love and blessings of Aai and bapu. These 5 minutes also increases our concentration power.

    Ambadnya Charudatta Alawani
    Devrukh Upasana Kendra

  2. Hariom Dada..Indeed u all are blessed to be present & experience The Swastikshema Sanvaadam..
    Mee Ambadnya Aahe

  3. Hari Om Dada. “THE SWASTIKSHEMA SANVAADAM” The name itself tell so much about it.Here once again the words of P.P. BAPU ” : Ak vishwas asava purta karta Harta Guru Aisa : ” are remembered.We talk with Chandika Kul,with love with care with confidence that we are heard,she is with us to help us, to quide us, to cheer us,she is the one with whom we could share our secrets,she is the one with whom we can confection our mistakes,she is the real person to shre our joy and happiness and she means she is only our P.P.BAPU AAI DADA for us.The moment we close our eyes all comes to mind and we talk,its again because she loves us she hears us. I,am AMBADNYA. BAPU ur just GREAT.Lots of my prayers on ur lotus Feet.Shree Ram.

  4. HARI OM DADA. really words fall short to describe immense pleasure BAPU has showered on all of us. Speechless is the right word to describe what were the feelings we shared during those 5 minutes…. “Swastikshema Sanvaadam” is really a great boon to establish direct contact with CHANDIKAKUL. I achieved so much relaxation and peace of mind in that 5 minutes duration without doing any sort of DHYAN , JAP or TAP. Actually SHREESAISACCHARIT describes importance of DHYAN in detail, but that was really very difficult for me to experience. But here in presence of BAPU nothing is impossible. ASHAKYA TE SHAKYA TUCHI GHADAVAVE , TUJHYA ANANT LEELA PAHANYAT RAMALO, ANIRUDDHA TUJHA MEE KITI RUNI JHALO , ANIRUDDHA TUJHA MEE KITI RUNI JHALO….

  5. Hari Om Dada…we can say only LOVE U BAPURAYA…MEE AMBADNYA AAHE…. for everything what Our Beloved Bapu gives us …really we have no words to say him as thanks…we all fortunate that we may talk with Shrichandikakul just because of Bapu’s Akaran Krunya ! Hari Om…ShreeAniruddharam !

  6. Hari Om Dada
    We are really lucky and to get such a fantastic opportunity to directly communicate to CHANDIKAKUL …..nothing can be compared with this and it was really THE BESTEST experience, the 5 mins talk with CHANDIKAKUL….
    Its only possible because of Bapu’s ‘Kalkal’ for his friends…….I love you Bapu

  7. Dada,

    It was such a great feeling during the sanvaadam. I never felt so relaxed and peaceful.
    He is giving so much. we are in direct contact with Chandika Kul, Yogis required to do tapashrya for hundreds of years to get Darshan whereas we are able to contact without any effort

  8. Hari Om Dada, The feeling during the ’Swastikshema Sanvaadam’ is truly. unique and diffcult to be expressed in words.. Mee Ambadnya Aahe.

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