The Shree Mangalchandika Prapatti – Important Information

Prapatti :- The video of the Shree Mangalchandika Prapatti Poojan was uploaded last year. A number of lady bhaktas found it very useful, especially for the poojan preparations and the arrangement.


Drumsticks (Shevgyachya Shenga) are an essential part of the items required for the poojan. But it was observed that drumsticks were not easily available, not in most places and so Param Poojya Bapu allowed us to use Green Gram (Harbara). This year however, since the Prapatti falls in the period of Vardhaman Vratadhiraj, the green gram cannot be used for the Prappatti Poojan. Bapu has therefore allowed the use of ‘Gavaar‘ (cluster beans) instead and also in case drumsticks (shevgyachya shenga) are not available.

It was the experience of many last year, that drumsticks were not easily available and even if they were, their prices were hiked. Bhaktas may in such situations too, opt for cluster beans instead of drumsticks.

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