The Guruvaakya

The Guruvaakya

This Thursday, Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) began His discourse on the Shree Saisachcharit with the explanation of the following verse from the first chapter:
अखंड गुरुवाक्यानुवृत्ती l दृढ धरितां चित्तवृती l श्रध्देचिया अढळ स्थिती l स्थैर्यप्राप्ति निश्‍चळ ll  
(When along with firm faith, the ‘Guruvaakya’ roots firmly at all times in the mind, imbibes and seeps deep into every spontaneous response and becomes a predisposition to all thought and deed and in fact the mind-set, when the Guruvaakya seizes, reigns over the chitta, it strengthens further the faith in the heart and leads for sure to the attainment of a state of absolute stability and contentment.)
To begin with, the first line of the verse was taken up for study. What exactly is the “Guruvaakya”? In the course of the explanation, Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) cited the 11 Assurances of Sainath. All of these eleven were indeed assurances given by Sainath, they were all His words, His pledge. But which among these is the ‘Guruvaakya’? Bapu asked all the shradhavaans who were present. Each arrived at a different conclusion and so had a different reply to give. Finally Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) said, शरण मज्‌ आला, आणि वाया गेला दाखवा दाखवा ऎसा कोणी” (Show me a person who surrendered unto Me with all his love and faith and ended up wasting himself!! There just cannot exist such a being) was the Guruvaakya. Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) then went on to explain what the concept of the “Guruvaakya” actually meant. (The Guruvaakya is the word of assurance, of certainty that on the one hand is in essence, a reflection of the Guru’s own mission, principles and mind and on the other, is that one word on His part sufficing to tide over the shraddhavaan in any and every situation in life. It is that word that contains all the Guru’s love for His bhaktas and His responsibility towards them). 

So the question that naturally arose in every Shraddhavaan mind was, ‘What about the Guruvaakya of our Sadguru? Which one is it?’ Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) then explained which one was the Guruvaakya He had given to us and also added when it was pronounced. Shri. Ajaysinh Kelaskar, a shraddhavaan friend stood up to play for all present, this very “Guruvaakya” in Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) own voice. Ajaysinh had heard it during the Atmabal Mahotsav and had very lovingly recorded it at the time.
“I will never forsake you” is Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) Word, His promise to His shraddhavaan friends and that is His “Guruvaakya”. Many of us shraddhavaans wish to have the recording of Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) Guruvaakya in Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) own voice. And so, I am attaching to this post, the recording of this Guruvaakya for the sake of all the shraddhavaan Bapu bhaktas. 
The mobile ringtone of ‘Guruvakya of Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) can be downloaded from the below given link:


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  1. Shree Ram Sameet dada for sharing this wonderful video of Bappa.
    Seeeing this video shooted up my confidence level infinite times of my current one…
    I wud like to admit one thing…
    Jo mi ahe aj….te sagle credit majya Bappa la….
    Bappa Tusi great ho….Love you Bapu
    Mala n majya family la sadaiv tujya charnapashich thev Bappa…

  2. Hari Om Dada,
    This video clip gives such strength, belief that my Sadguru is always with us in any form, any place. I feel Such a great binding with Sadguru's lotus feets by this sentence.
    Shree ram

  3. Hari om Dada,
    The video that we all were waiting for, this video brings goosebumps whenever I hear my Bapu's voice and his affirmative YESSS… after he says “Mi tula kadhich taknaar nahi..”
    This video itself is a great way to experience Bapu's Grace, his love and his affection to all the shraddhavans, i feel lucky that got a chance to be a Shraddhavan devotee of my BAPU.
    Hari om

  4. Hari Om Dada, First of all thankyou very much for bringing this 'Treasure of Pleasure'-Guruvakya right upto our workstations. I feel immensely blessed by this unconditional, unequivocal assurance coming from none other than our loving Sadguru Himself. I heard it again and again and each time I play it, it fills me with boundless love and shraddha for Bapuji. I feel humbled that we are showered with such unconditional love by Him, which, I know for certain that at-least I don't deserve.
    This brings me to think that we bhaktas must atleast strive to tread our beloved Bapuji's path of nishkaam seva and bhakti, to earn His blessings being showered on us.
    Bapuji, we are blessed to be under your umbrella. Please accept my koti koti Pranaam on Your lotus feet. Hari Om.

  5. Hari Om! Shree Ram Dada… million times for putting in that clip.

    Baba's assuarance and now Bapu's promise…what more do we want. But yes, we need to introspect that what will be our humble efforts in supporting Bapu. He has picked up the Govardhan but surely we need to put in our sticks as well to support…howsoever minuscle it might seem.



  6. Hari om Dada!! The thought of sharing the 'guruvaakya' in Bapu's own voice was so touching!! To get to hear Bapu's assurance in Bapu's own voice and as and when we want to….
    The Guruvaakya that Bapu has given to us is so positive an assurance that may it be troubles or hardships, may we falter or fall this word of unconditional acceptance and unconditional love is what will tide us over. The fact that there is this father, this friend who just loves and accepts – no matter what – means so much strength, motivation and positivity that life assumes a new dimension. Life is not smooth, no it cannot be. We may trip, fall, stray….but the words 'I will never forsake you' are the channel, the instrument that will extend strength to rise. Yes it is responsibility and awareness like sunilsinh mentions in his comment but it also means courage and joy. Also sunilsinh, when the guruvaakya seeps deep into our mind and reigns over the conscience, it will become our 'vivek' (our ability to discern between the right and the wrong) and dwell inside us along with the awareness that Bapu mentions in the very first charan of satyapravesh – “every thought and deed are open to the bhagavanta who is aware of these, the very moment they occur”. There again Bapu takes the responsibility to guide :) HE is the one who is going to take care, accept, love and protect. Being aware of Bapu's love every moment of life is the One source of strength in my life and it is the only One I need.

  7. Shree Ram Dada, for sharing this. Indeed I would have never understood what is a 'Guruvakya'. Which of Bapu's words would be the Guruvakya. Such a simple and elegant explantion indeed. Shree Ram for sharing it. Hari Om.

  8. Hari om Dada, the video and the ringtone of the Guruvakya are superb!
    Our beloved Bapu has given us the Gurumantra and the Guruvakya. What more can we ask? The thought which occurs to me is that it is now entirely upto us, the bhaktas, to follow His path, the path shown by Him, the path of the Granth, the path of Maryada. The second thought which comes up is that what if I begin to take it easy, to allow for latitude knowing that Bapu is ever forgiving and will never forsake? To counter this, the third thought which comes up immediately is that I need to be conscious of this and not to misuse the 'gift'; in other words I must be aware at all times. I am happy with this thought

    hari om
    sunilsinh bahl

  9. Shreeram Dada…for giving uz thiz bssst gift on Friendship Day…..indeed this “Guruvakya”is our support system for our entire lifetyme…khoop khoop khoop Shriram

  10. Hariom Dada,

    Shree ram for sharing this..It was an immense pleasure for those who attended last Hindi Discourse..through Bapu,we came to know the importance of Baba's eleven Aasurance, what we all said,Bapu agreed that all of these eleven assurances of Baba is having equal importance but Guruvakya is always one..and that is the one you have mentioned..Bapu is so kind that he explained what is Guruvakya through Baba's assurances and also told all of us that if you just follow the Guruvakya given by your Sadguru..nothing else matters to us..whatever will be the condition or situations..''Bapu will never forsake us''..and this is 108% TRUE..he is the ultimate of all..when HE says..HE always and forever matter is our responsibity to never let him down by doing mistakes and mistakes..though HE forgives HIS children all the time..HE is kind, loving and compassionate..shree ram Bapuraya for being our saviour, our father, our friend, our Life and our everything..You and I firm together..Nothing can stand in the way ever..

    shree ram..

  11. Hari Om P.Samirdada…this ASSURANCE by our Beloved BAPU is “The Only” means which when Understood completely..keeps us HAPPY & SAFE in ths tuff times…I strongly Believe 108% tht my ANIRUDDHA BAPU-NANDAAI-SUCHITDADA is the only “ANS” – ANSWER to each & every “QUESTION” of my Life & whn I have the ANSwer; my Life can Never be a “Question” !ShreeRAM.

  12. “Happy Friendship Day” to may Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu who is only one Friend in this Universe who never Forgive(Fosake) us…

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