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Potential of India-France relationship for Africa, Indo-Pacific

On 14th July 2021, France celebrated its National Day. On this occasion, the French Embassy in India said that ‘commitment, resilience, solidarity’ are three principles that define the Indo-French strategic partnership. Recently, the Indo-French ties have become more crucial and needed than at any time. France has always been a steadfast supporter and a ‘friend in need’ for India. As a part of self-reliance and deterrence, when New Delhi tested


Wuhan virus deaths reach 106, more than 4,500 infected in China Beijing: The Wuhan virus epidemic, which has spread across the world, has already claimed 106 lives, but at the same time, 976 people are in critical condition. Moreover, it has been reported that 4577 people are infected with the virus. Senior Chinese officials have warned that the Wuhan virus, which is fatal in its preliminary phases, is spreading more

चीन का खतरनाक 'वुहान वायरस'

चीन के ‘वुहान व्हायरस’ के डर से जागतिक शेअर बाजार समेत ईंधन के दामों में गिरावट लंदन/वॉशिंग्टन/बीजिंग: चीन समेत दुनिया के अलग अलग देशों में फैल रहे ‘वुहान व्हायरस’ का झटका अंतरराष्ट्रीय अर्थव्यवस्था को भी लगा है| चीन में मरिजों की संख्या में तेजी से बढोतरी होने से निवेशकों में चिंता का माहौल बना है और सोमवार के दिन अमरिका और यूरोप समेत एशियाई शेअर बाजार में भारी गिरावट देखी