US troop withdrawal

Rise of Taliban is a global risk that will trouble nations and societies

US intelligence reports predict the imminent fall of the Afghan capital of Kabul to Taliban. Amid the ensuing chaos, Afghans are asking the world to #SanctionPakistan for openly aiding Taliban. But the world watches on. However, the rise of Taliban is a global risk that will trouble nations and societies badly. Taliban offensive Ever since the United States has begun withdrawing its forces from Afghanistan, Taliban has been on the

Afghan Quad - US, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Uzbekistan

Recently, the United States had said that about 90 per cent pullout of its troops from Afghanistan is done. However, the world is yet to understand and come to terms with US President Biden’s unfound hurry in pulling troops out of Afghanistan. Within no time from the US withdrawal, the Taliban went on the full offensive and now claims to control 85% per cent of Afghan territory. They have captured

China will replace US in Afghanistan after US troop withdrawal

Last week, the US troops left the Bagram Airbase, the largest US military base in Afghanistan. However, the Afghan Commander of Bagram base, Gen. Mir Asadullah Kohistani, said that the Americans left overnight without informing them. The step could be security caution exercised by the United States. However, overall, it shows the US is in a hurry to leave Afghanistan. With the US so much pressed to withdraw troops even