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India The 'Food Basket of the World'

In 2019, India broke into the top 10 producers of food in the world. India grows surplus food for itself and is a leading food exporter to the world. India exports agricultural and processed foods to over 100 nations worldwide across all continents. Indian Rice India is slated to export 22 million tonnes of rice this year. It accounts for 45% of global rice exports for 2021. India is on

Success of Indian diplomacy and intelligence agencies across the Indian Subcontinent

The continent of Asia, especially the Indian Subcontinent, is seeing subliminal diplomatic battles between India and China. The media is full of news from Afghanistan about how China and Pakistan have indirectly come to power in this highly strategic and mineral-rich country. Many are expressing worries about threats to Indian influence and investments here. However, Afghanistan is not the only diplomatic battlefield. Maldives A week back, India and Maldives inked

Hydrogen is emerging as preferred choice globally to cut emissions; Sri Lanka is turning into a Chinese colony

Hydrogen is emerging as preferred choice globally to cut emissions. Several countries and companies are allocating budgets for it.   – Recently, India’s Ministry of New and Renewable Energy said the country will spend $200 million over the next five to seven years to promote hydrogen use. Also, India has asked its PSU oil and gas companies to set up seven hydrogen pilot plants by the end of this financial


Taliban-produced drugs entering Sri Lanka through Pakistan: Afghan Envoy Colombo: Afghanistan Ambassador to Sri Lanka, M. Ashraf Haidari accused that the narcotics coming from the Taliban are being smuggled into Sri Lanka, via Pakistan. Sri Lanka has declared a war against narcotic substances, for the last two years. Last year, a series of blasts were carried out in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.  Read More: More than 1,200 killed


चीन के खिलाफ़ जारी शीत युद्ध में यूरोप ने अमरीका का साथ देना अहम – जर्मनी के वरिष्ठ अधिकारी का बयान बर्लिन – अमरीका और चीन के बीच शीत युद्ध शुरू हुआ है। यह शीत युद्ध इस सदी को आकार देनेवाली निर्णायक घटना साबित होगी। ऐसी स्थिति में चीन ने अपने सामने खड़ी की हुई चुनौतियों का मुकाबला करना है तो यूरोप ने अमरीका के कंधे से कंधा मिलाकर ड़टकर


हंबंटोटा बंदरगाह चीन को देकर श्रीलंका ने गलती की – श्रीलंका के विदेश सचिव ने किया कबूल कोलंबो – श्रीलंका ने हंबंटोटा बंदरगाह चीन को देकर काफी बड़ी गलती की है, यह बात श्रीलंका के विदेश सचिव जयनाथ कोंलबेज ने स्वीकारी है। लेकिन, इसके आगे श्रीलंका की विदेश नीति भारत केंद्रित रहेगी, यह भरोसा भी विदेश सचिव कोंलबेज ने दिया। साथ ही भारत की सुरक्षा के लिए खतरा बने ऐसी