sadguru aniruddha bapu

Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu

My mother suffered from a major illness in 1993 and needed to undergo a very major operation. Bapu advised me to admit her at Shree Nursing Home in Dadar and get the operation done at Breach Candy Hospital by Dr. Vikram Sanghvi, an eminent surgeon from Tata Hospital. At that time, Shantala was in England and we used to live in Andheri. My mother was in severe pain and could not eat very easily. She needed to have soft food. Nandaai would cook the food herself and Bapu would Himself bring the dabba (tiffin) to the hospital every afternoon for her. He would then spend some time with her and reassure her that everything was going to be fine. At that time, we knew that the illness was quite advanced and there was only a 50% chance of her surviving beyond 2-3 years. However, such is His grace, that my mother is fully recovered and doing well even today, 17 years from that operation. What else can this be, if not divine intervention?

Friday, 12th March 1993. Everybody knows this date – the day when Mumbai was the target of multiple bomb blasts all across South and Central Mumbai. I was due to fly to Germany for higher training after 2 days, and had to go to South Mumbai to get my German visa and also my ticket from Air India office. I met Bapu that morning in his ‘Datta Clinic’ at Dadar, and sought his blessings before going to South Mumbai. I was in and out of the Air India building multiple times that morning, and also had lunch with a friend in the canteen on the 2nd floor. I went to collect a scholarship cheque for Rs 3,000/- from the Parsi Panchayat office near Flora Fountain at around 1.30 pm, after which I had to return to Air India building. As things turned out, I had to wait for about 20 minutes or so since the office was closed for lunch. I left from there at 2.00 pm in a taxi to come back to Air India building. I was approximately 500 metres away from the building when a huge blast was heard and there was smoke from the Air India building. This was the bomb blast in Air India building which had completely destroyed the first three floors of the building including the canteen where I had lunch. I shudder to think that had it not been for the lunch break at the office, I might have been in Air India building at the time of the bomb blast!


– Amita Chogale, Borivali Once a Shraddhavan faces difficulties, relatives question them about Bapu. They ask about the benefits of attending his discourse. However, a real Shraddhavan is capable of answering these people directly. They have a firm belief that their Bapu is much mightier than their difficulties. In the nick of time, Bapu provides the much-needed support and helps pull the Shraddhavan from the direst circumstances.   Once a


– Yogeshsinh Kamble, Miraj Once a person hands over the reins of one’s life to Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu, he takes over. He looks after them during difficult times. All Bapu devotees can vouch for the fact that he not only gives advance intimation but also gets one to be in a state of preparedness, be it financial, emotional, physical or otherwise. One prepares for it even without knowing it. My


– Vandanaveera Pednekar, Kandivali The Sadgurutatva remembers all the efforts a Shraddhavan takes on the path of devotion. He ensures that we undertake those efforts so he can create a shield for the future calamities. It could be anything such as writing a notebook of Ramnaam or actions such as donating blood. One’s Sadguru notes such efforts in the bank of good deeds; whenever a calamity strikes, this bank balance


– Sudesh Gharat, Boisar Sadguru keeps doing innumerable things for us but never blows his own trumpet. However, if a devotee performs a good deed, however, trivial that is, God makes it out to be a big deal. My experience enumerates this very thought. I have had many experiences of the holy grace of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. Here are just a few of them. My wife, Sushma appeared for the


– Pranali Tambuskar, Kalina  One keeps hearing that the Sadguru offers help in various ways during the time of crisis. One experiences such interventions at many times in the course of one’s life. Some people call it a “coincidence” and brush them off.   However, when a Shraddhavan experiences such interventions, they feel assured of Sadguru’s active role in the life.  I cannot express my joy in words as I begin to narrate my experience to you. I can never forget July 22, 2011. An unforgettable event


– Kusum Darekar, Nashik   Once a person has Mothi Aai’s blessings and that of her son, our Sadguru Bapu, one becomes fearless to face any untoward incident. Many of us received the opportunity to obtain such blessings during the Shree Varada Chandika Prasannotsav. Shraddhavans were bestowed with a protective shield during this festival. Here is an experience that would stand testimony to this fact. Jyache Hrudayee Shreegurusmaran, Tayasee Kaiche Bhaay

Bapu Always Protects His Children

– Abhishekhsinh Shah, Vile-Parle Even if humans have made significant progress scientifically, when nature shows us its power and fury, all efforts, human intelligence seems subliminal. Man feels relatively insignificant. And then he realizes that he is helpless without the support of that “One” – the Sadguru. Those who have unwavering faith in one’s Sadguru, facing a calamity, is an acknowledgement of his existence in one’s life. They get out

My Sadguru is my Saviour!

– Milindsinh Kasle, Thane Bapu is capable of taking care of the one who surrenders to him. I am deeply touched and overwhelmed, witnessing the extent of care and concern Bapu has for each of his Shraddhavan friends.   One can understand the depth of the word “experience” only when one puts pen to paper. One can never describe his divine interventions nor blessings. What we put on paper is