In due course I became aware of who Bapu actually was. I read the Saisachcharit for the Panchasheel exam – the story of the iron smith lady gave me a jerk, shook me up and opened my eyes.

aniruddha bapu, aniruddha, bapu, dr aniruddha joshiOne more of the special moments – a personal experience on my part. We had a small gymnasium in the Vijaynagar society at Andheri. It was our own and so we did most of the work there. Sunday mornings were usually reserved for cleaning up. Many odd jobs especially took up the 2 or 3 Sundays that preceded Hanuman Jayanti.

On one such Sunday, early in the morning I was repairing some photo frames. There was this very old picture of Ganesh and the paper was old and worn out. A piece of cardboard was taped to the glass pane set in the frame. The frame had been mended several times and so taped over and over. All the strips of tape had stuck together. Changing the old tattered picture meant ripping off the strips of sticking tape and pulling out the cardboard piece. There was no other way out. I tried hard but could not rip off the strips of tape. I picked up a fully rusted blade lying by and began slitting them. The six or seven layers of tape were too hard to give way. Finally I gathered all the muscle power I had and pressed the blade on the strips. The rusted blade slipped and jabbed the ring finger of my left hand instead. Blood flowed. I pressed the wound, dabbed some turmeric powder on to it and bandaged it. A little later in the morning, I went to your family doctor to get the wound dressed. I then saw that the wound was deep, right down to the bone. A month of treatment and the wound had healed. But then something new cropped up. The wounded finger, especially the part upwards from the wound had started becoming numb. Gradually the entire finger became numb and in the upper part there was absolutely no sensation. Our family doctor suggested we see a neurologist and so I went to ‘Jeevan Vikas Centre’ near our house and consulted a renowned neurosurgeon. He said that at least one would have to be amputated or else this would spread like gangrene. The blood vessel has snapped leaving the end dead. There is just no option but surgery.


– Sudesh Gharat, Boisar Sadguru keeps doing innumerable things for us but never blows his own trumpet. However, if a devotee performs a good deed, however, trivial that is, God makes it out to be a big deal. My experience enumerates this very thought. I have had many experiences of the holy grace of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu. Here are just a few of them. My wife, Sushma appeared for the