New Delhi/Quetta/Melbourne : After the Indian Prime Minster raised the issue of Balochistan, a petrified Pakistan has started enormous atrocities on the people of Baluchistan. A strong reaction has emerged from the Balochi population, from not only those based in Karachi which is known to be the financial capital of Pakistan but also the Balochi people residing across the globe have raised their voice against these atrocities. Balochi activists are gravely accusing Pakistan of repeating atrocities in Baluchistan as it did in Bangladesh in 1971.

Indian Prime Minster raised the issue of atrocities faced by Baluchistan. Pakistan has started to infuse torture on those Balochi people who had thanked Prime Minister Modi for raising this issue. Without paying much heed to these atrocities, many demonstrations have been staged in Balochistan with demonstrators waving the Indian flags. Inhuman tortures have been inflicted on those Balochi people supporting India and reactions against the same are seen surfacing from the other cities in Pakistan.

Balochi people staged intense demonstrations in Karachi and condemned the atrocities by Pakistan. Demonstrators registered angered reactions on Pakistan’s military for conducting raid on Baloch leader Rauf Baluch. Women participated in huge numbers in these demonstrations.


In #Afghanistan: • China offered bounties to kill US troops: US NSA. • @NDSAfghanistan arrests Chinese spies, uncovers Pak-China espionage. • Pak sheltering Taliban leaders violates our sovereignty: @MFA_Afghanistan.#PakChina try to dominate Afg as #USwithdrawal approaches. — Samir Dattopadhye (@samirsinh189) January 4, 2021 44 Taliban terrorists killed in Afghan military action Kabul: The Afghan military killed 44 Taliban terrorists during actions taken in the Nangarhar and Farah provinces. There


अफ़गान सेना की कार्रवाई में ४४ तालिबानी ढ़ेर काबुल – अफ़गान सेना ने नांगरहार और फराह प्रांत में कार्रवाई करके ४४ तालिबानी आतंकियों को मार गिराया है। कतार में अफ़गान सरकार और तालिबान की चर्चा शुरू होने के लिए महज़ कुछ ही दिन शेष हैं। ऐसी स्थिति में भी अफ़गान सेना और तालिबान के बीच जारी संघर्ष की तीव्रता बढ़ रही है। ऐसे में अफ़गान सेना की तालिबान के खिलाफ

India continues to foil violent plans of terror state Pakistan

Terror attack like 26/11 averted due to alertness of security forces, PM Modi praises armed forces New Delhi: – The Indian security forces busted a Pakistani plot to carry out a terror attack similar to the 26/11 Mumbai attacks before the Panchayat elections in Jammu and Kashmir. This is evident from the arms haul seized from the four Jaish-e-Mohammed terrorists killed in an encounter on Thursday morning. Read More:

Economic War

Europe could launch a digital currency in the next four years Frankfurt: – Christine Lagarde, President of the European Central Bank, expressed confidence that Europe could start a digital currency in the next four years. Only a few months ago, China announced Digital Yuan. Whereas, countries like the United Kingdom, Sweden, Germany and France also have indicated to start efforts to launch digital currencies.  Read More: 15 countries sign


Taliban-produced drugs entering Sri Lanka through Pakistan: Afghan Envoy Colombo: Afghanistan Ambassador to Sri Lanka, M. Ashraf Haidari accused that the narcotics coming from the Taliban are being smuggled into Sri Lanka, via Pakistan. Sri Lanka has declared a war against narcotic substances, for the last two years. Last year, a series of blasts were carried out in Sri Lanka on Easter Sunday.  Read More: More than 1,200 killed


Pakistan Army and Sindh Police in confrontation Karachi: – Police and lawyers, from the Sindh province, have rebelled against the Pakistan Army, known as the ‘Deep State’ of the country. After it was exposed that the Pakistan Army abducted the police chief of the Sindh province, to effect an arrest of the leaders of the Muslim League, the police from the Sindh province have revolted against the Army.  Read More:


भारत जल्द ही रफायल से पाकिस्तान पर हमला करेगा – पाकिस्तान के वायुसेनाप्रमुख की चिंता इस्लामाबाद – ‘अगले कुछ महीनों में अपने बेड़े में शामिल रफायल विमानों का इस्तेमाल करके भारत ‘पीओके’ पर हमला करेगा’, यह चिंता पाकिस्तान के वायुसेनाप्रमुख ने व्यक्त की है। बीते कुछ दिनों से पाकिस्तानी वायुसेना के लड़ाकू विमान ‘पीओके’, कराची, लाहोर, इस्लामाबाद, रावलपिंड़ी पर उड़ान भरकर भारत के संभावित हमलों का मुकाबला करने की तैयारी


Armenia accuses Azerbaijan Army of using cluster bombs prohibited by UN Yerevan/Baku: The war raging between Armenia and Azerbaijan since the past nine days only appears to be intensifying with each passing day. Armenia has accused Azerbaijan of using prohibited cluster bombs in the conflict. On the other hand, Azerbaijan government has alleged that Armenia had fired missiles and rockets into civilian areas.  Read More: Turkey has clear objective


अफ़गानिस्तान में तालिबान के हमलों में ३२ सैनिक मारे गए काबुल – तालिबान ने एक ही रात में अफ़गानिस्तान के दस से अधिक ज़गहों पर किए हमलों में सुरक्षा बल के ३२ सैनिक मारे गए। इन हमलों की ज़िम्मेदारी स्वीकारके तालिबान ने इस जंग के बुनियादी कारणों पर बातचीत के बगैर यह हमले बंद नहीं होंगे, यह ऐलान किया है।  आगे पढे : अफ़गान शांति प्रक्रिया पर भारत और

पाकिस्तान के बिगड़ते हालात

पाकिस्तान के सेनाप्रमुख सौदी से खाली हात लौटे इस्लामाबाद – पाकिस्तान के सेनाप्रमुख जनरल कमर बाजवा सौदी अरब का नाकाम दौरा करके स्वदेश लौटे हैं। सौदी अरब की नाराज़गी दूर करने के लिए सौदी पहुँचे सेनाप्रमुख बाजवा से भेंट करने से क्राउन प्रिन्स मोहम्मद बिन सलमान ने इन्कार कर दिया। साथ ही किसी भी बड़े ऐलान के बिना उनका यह दौरा खत्म होने की बात पर पाकिस्तान के माध्यम ध्यान