The New Management Mantra – Jugaad

“What exactly is Jugaad?  We are for the most part so immersed, so engaged in our routines that we just do not get the time to even take note of the changes happening around us – be they changes in our professional field or even those in our immediate surroundings. We are not really aware and alert about circumstances around, but Bapu surely is; He is at all times aware of reality and alert about it. It was due to this very alertness on His part coupled with His concern for His shraddhavaan friends, that Bapu conducted two seminars in July 2012. The seminars were indeed a fruit of His tireless hard work and deep study.

So many fields witnessed change right in the initial twelve years of this millennium! If we fail to conserve human values that are basic and in fact timeless, if we fail to keep abreast with not just change but the pace of change, we will not be able to hold out; we might just wither away in the course of time. And so, responding to the need of the hour, Bapu conducted a seminar addressing a select group of 17. In this 30 hour long seminar, Bapu acquainted the group with several topics. Many from the group it was found, were quite unaware about concepts like Attention Economy, ‘Jugaad’,Cloud Computing. Talking about ‘Jugaad’ Bapu said, “The ‘Jugaad’ will end up as the only strategy that will help sail through the kind of times that await us. Moreover, the ‘Jugaad Technology’ is now going to prove applicable and pertinent to every aspect of life.”

Dr Nikola Tesla testing earth surface

“Similar to the sound waves echoing from a distant wall, I have sent electrical vibrations toward the remote boundaries of the earth, and instead of the wall the earth has replied. In place of an echo I have obtained a stationary electrical wave”. These were the quotes of Dr. Nikola Tesla while he was experimenting with wireless electrical energy.  Earlier in this series we have seen Dr. Nikola Tesla successfully

Father of Many Inventions

  It is well known that a true great man always has an open mind, open eyes and is ears to others. Dr. Nikola Tesla too had a very distinctive quality of always seeing all the things without any fixed assumptions in his mind. For Dr. Tesla, a phenomenon or even a discovery of his own had multiple aspects and viewpoints. This always led him towards a spectrum of uses

मॅनेजमेंटचा नवा मंत्र ( Jugaad - The new management mantra )

अधिकांश वेळेस आपण आपल्या रोजच्या कामांमध्ये इतके गुंतून गेलेले असतो की आपल्या क्षेत्रात व अगदी आपल्या आजू-बाजूच्या परिस्थीतीत काय बदल होत आहेत ह्याची दखल घ्यायची देखील आपाल्याला फूरसत होत नाही. आपण जरी आपल्या आसपासच्या परिस्थीतीबद्दल सजग नसलो तरी बापू त्यांच्या श्रध्दावान मित्रांसाठी कायम़च वास्तवाचे भान राखून सजग असतात. ह्याच सजगतेतून बापूंनी जुलै २०१२ मध्ये स्वत: दोन सेमीनार कंडक्ट केले व त्यापाठी होते त्यांचे अथक परिश्रम व अभ्यास. या सहस्‍त्रकाच्या पहिल्या