#TerrorStateTurkey: After criticising #IsraelUAE friendship deal, Turkey provokes by granting citizenship to Palestine’s Hamas leaders. To realize his Ottoman Empire dream, Erdogan is opposed to #MiddleEastPeace and is turning Turkey into a terror base. — Samir Dattopadhye (@samirsinh189) August 15, 2020 GCC condemns Turkey’s threats to UAE calling them ‘unacceptable’ Riyadh: – Dr Nayef Falah Mubarak Al-Hajraf, Secretary-General of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC), warned Turkey that the threat

इस्रायल से जुडी महत्वपूर्ण गतिविधियां

हिज़बुल्लाह की गलती की कीमत लेबनान को चुकानी होगी – इस्रायली प्रधानमंत्री का इशारा जेरूसलम – ‘इस्रायल की सीमा में घुसपैठ करने की और हमले करने की हिज़बुल्लाह द्वारा की गई गलती की बड़ी कीमत लेबनान को पहले भी चुकानी पड़ी थी। यह गलती दोहराने का काम नसरल्ला न करें, वरना हिज़बुल्ला की गलती की बड़ी कीमत पुरी तरह से लेबनान को चुकानी होगी’, ऐसी कड़ी चेतावनी इस्रायल के प्रधानमंत्री


अमरिकी-ज्यूईश गुट सौदी और इस्रायल की यात्रा पर रियाध/जेरूसलम: ‘अपनी यह यात्रा इस्रायल और सौदी अरब के सकारात्मक संबंधों की दिशा में उठाया पहला बडा कदम साबित होगा’, यह भरोसा ‘कान्फरन्स ऑफ प्रेसिडेंटस्’ इस अमरिकी–ज्यू गुट के अध्यक्ष आर्थर स्टार्क ने व्यक्त किया है| ‘कान्फरन्स ऑफ प्रेसिडेंटस्’ इस गुट के वरिष्ठ अफसरों ने हाल ही में सौदी अरब की यात्रा की और इसके बाद इस्रायल में हुई बैठक में बोलते


Palestine, Turkey and Iran reject Trump’s Proposal Amman/Ankara/Tehran: All the Palestinian groups have come together against the ‘Deal of the century’ announced by President Trump. There was no Palestinian leader with President Trump when he announced the deal. Therefore, the Gulf media claimed that President Trump brought all the Palestinian groups together with his announcement. At the same time, the countries Turkey and Iran have severely criticised the US proposal

The Israel-Palestine conflict - once again its Jerusalem!

US merges its consulate in Palestine with its embassy in Israel; Palestinian leaders heavily criticize Washington/Ramallah: The United States has declared to move its consulate to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. This announcement has received a ferocious response from Palestine. The decision of the United States is nothing but a ploy for Israel’s expansion, alleges senior Palestinian leader, Saeb Erekat. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who had returned from

Iran Israel

Iran will completely annihilate Israel in next 25 years, threatens Iranian military Chief Tehran: The Iranian military Chief threatened Israel by saying, ‘When egoistic countries provide strength to the likes of the Israeli government in order to survive, we should be careful not to allow such a sinister and illegitimate regime to continue even for a single day’. Iranian military Chief General Abdolrahim Mousavi also warned Israel and said that

Israel Syria conflict

Israel’s air attacks on Syrian military bases, alleges Syrian army Damascus: Israeli fighter planes carried out missile attacks on Syrian military bases, early Wednesday morning. The Syrian army has alleged that Israel’s missile attacks were targeted towards destruction of the “Scientific Military Centre” lab of the Syrian army. However, the Syrian army claimed that they have successfully used the anti-missile system rendering most of the Israeli missiles ineffective. Syria has


अगले युद्ध में इस्राइल हिजबुल्लाह प्रमुख को ही लक्ष्य बनाएगा – इस्राइली लष्कर का इशारा जेरूसलेम: ‘अगले इस्त्राइल-हिजबुल्लाह के बिच हारजीत के मामले में स्पष्टरूपसे कुछ कहा नहीं जा सकता। लेकिन इस युद्ध में इस्त्रैली लष्कर हिजबुल्लाह प्रमुख ‘हसन नसरल्ला’ को लक्ष्य किए बिना छोड़ेगा नहीं, यह बात स्पष्टरूपसे कही जा सकती है’, ऐसा इशारा इस्त्रैली लष्कर के प्रवक्ता ब्रिगेडीअर जनरल ‘रोनेन मानेलिस’ ने दिया है। इसके पहले ही इस्त्राइल

Events that have global disruptive potential

Russia and US defense chiefs agree on establishing ‘safe zones’ in Syria:- Washington/ Moscow: The ‘Safe zones’ declared in the four regions of Syria have established an entry barrier for fighter planes and cooperation between the US and Russian planes while carrying out any operations against terrorist groups in Syria As informed by Russian defence ministry, an agreement has been reached between the Ministers of Defence of Russia and the

Israeli attack on Syrian Naval Base of Latakia

Israel’s attack on the Syrian Naval base of Latakia on the 5th of July, 2013, supposedly launched from Turkish soil, in which Syria’s Yakhont P-800 missile depot was specifically targeted, has ever since been a topic of continuous discussion and debate. Yakhont are advanced anti-ship cruise missiles which were sold to Syria by Russia. Several blasts were heard after the reported Israeli strikes, at this critical Syrian naval base. The