Hybrid War

Success of Indian diplomacy and intelligence agencies across the Indian Subcontinent

The continent of Asia, especially the Indian Subcontinent, is seeing subliminal diplomatic battles between India and China. The media is full of news from Afghanistan about how China and Pakistan have indirectly come to power in this highly strategic and mineral-rich country. Many are expressing worries about threats to Indian influence and investments here. However, Afghanistan is not the only diplomatic battlefield. Maldives A week back, India and Maldives inked

UK aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth

British navy’s Carrier Strike Group, under mammoth aircraft carrier HMS Queen Elizabeth and armed with fifth-generation F-35B ‘lightning’ stealth fighter jets, conducted a major naval exercise with the Indian Navy in the Bay of Bengal. The drill is a part of the ‘Global Britain’ Initiative kickstarted by British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and a much-needed counter to China. Danger of Chinese espionage: This naval exercise with India stems from the