Poland’s another researcher, Christ Zapkowski, has put forward another claim. Hitler already had an idea that they can be attacked by a nuclear bomb during the Second World War. Thus, Hitler took protective measures to safeguard himself and his near-ones. For this reason, he not only built a tunnel in Walbrzych, but constructed an underground city! For building this city, he had dug more than one tunnel in Walbrzych. Hitler had planned to live securely in this underground city for 2 years along with his colleagues. He had a foolproof plan with him.

The total area of this underground city was 200 hectares. According to Christ Zapkowski, there are 3 golden trains buried in here. The trains loaded with gold were sent off fromWroclaw city to Walbrzych. Zapkowski has stated that these 3 trains have been buried in different tunnels across different places in Walbrzych. We have evidence that Hitler had arranged for enough space underground, that it could accommodate the entire encampment. Zapkowski has claimed that the documents for the same too, can be produced if needed. He further added that they could provide Walbrzych’s administration with the accurate information through these strong confirmations.

After receiving this information from Zapkowski, a senior officer from the ‘Bank of England’, Alex Holmes tried to distract the world by making a statement that if this hidden gold by the Nazis really exist, then it might affect the gold rates in the global market. It has been said that the gold which was taken by the Nazis by deceiving the Jews during the Second World War has been hidden in the Owl Mountain in Walbrzych. It is said that this place was known to be Hitler’s secret headquarters. Hence, there is a huge possibility that the gold may have been brought at this place. This is a mere possibility though. Even if a researcher like Zapkowski gave the information, it has not been proved till date.

The Golden Train’s Tunnel - PART 5

In the year 2013, media was abuzz with discussions about this train. Finally, Pope Francis instructed to investigate whether there was any relation between the Nazi’s gold and the Vatican City. Therefore, once the golden train is found, a huge chaos is expected as to who is the true heir to this gold. It goes without saying that a small country like Poland cannot manage this much amount of gold. The Russians are already

Amber Room

A rule was laid down by the Poland government which stated that the digging shouldn’t be more than 10 metres deep. Instead of digging this deep, it was recommended by the government to use the Radar technology to collect the information underneath the ground. This is why, the pair, Richter-Koper stated that it wasn’t possible to reach out to the train in the tunnel without digging deep inside the ground.

golden train

Later, Slowikowski’s dog was poisoned to death. His front door was broken. He faced attacks which seemed like those portrayed in Hollywood movies. These attacks still continue to happen. Even today, some people feel that Slowikowski shouldn’t search for the train or the tunnel. But even after so many years, no one knows who these people are. It isn’t only Slowikowski who receives such threats. There were many people who

The Golden Train’s Tunnel - PART 2

The Nazi soldiers were all set in a tunnel on the rail track in a forest in Walbrzych. Arrangements were done to accommodate the entire train in the tunnel. Hence, nobody would have had the faintest idea where the train actually was hidden. But, a family that lived at a stone’s throw from this spot witnessed the preparations. This family consisted of a father and his two children. Their home

Golden Train

There were still a few days remaining for the World War 2 to end. A train ran through the darkness of the night towards the city of Walbrzych in Poland. The train, unstoppable, ran ahead by leaving a trail of thick plume of smoke behind it. It did not halt at any station as it was expected to stop only at Walbrzych. The Nazi soldiers were ready to shoot those who