Lebanon Crisis

Saudi Arabia, UAE, Kuwait and Bahrain have withdrawn their envoys from Lebanon while also sending back or summoning the Lebanese Ambassador. The sudden diplomatic row erupted after Lebanese Information Minister George Kordahi criticised the Saudi-led intervention in Yemen, disturbing the nations participating in the Yemen conflict. The diplomatic crisis could not have come at a worse time as Lebanon teeters towards being a failed state. Sick Economy Lebanon’s public debt

Lebanon billionaire Najib Mikati elected as Prime Minister

Billionaire Najib Mikati has secured enough votes to get elected as the Prime Minister of Lebanon. It could halt the political stalemate in Lebanon caused after Saad Hariri resigned. Mikati has promised to implement the French plan, which involves forming a government of specialists to implement significant economic and governmental reforms to attract foreign aid and ease the nation’s monetary situation. Foreign Aid & Hezbollah Although Mikati comes without any


US imposes sanctions on Russian and Chinese companies that assist Iran Washington – The United States has imposed sanctions against Russian and Chinese companies for supplying sensitive technology, to the Iranian missile program. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo gave information regarding this on Friday.  Read More: http://www.newscast-pratyaksha.com/english/us-imposes-sanctions-on-russian-and-chinese-companies-that-assist-iran/ Iran should not hurry to retaliate against the attackers, appeals former CIA Chief John Brennan Washington: – Former CIA Chief John Brennan

इस्रायल से जुडी महत्वपूर्ण गतिविधियां

हिज़बुल्लाह की गलती की कीमत लेबनान को चुकानी होगी – इस्रायली प्रधानमंत्री का इशारा जेरूसलम – ‘इस्रायल की सीमा में घुसपैठ करने की और हमले करने की हिज़बुल्लाह द्वारा की गई गलती की बड़ी कीमत लेबनान को पहले भी चुकानी पड़ी थी। यह गलती दोहराने का काम नसरल्ला न करें, वरना हिज़बुल्ला की गलती की बड़ी कीमत पुरी तरह से लेबनान को चुकानी होगी’, ऐसी कड़ी चेतावनी इस्रायल के प्रधानमंत्री