Germany holds the second position in the world when it comes to gold reserves. Germany’s gold reserve stands at 3,390 tones. However 70% of it is not in Germany. The Federal Reserve of the United States holds largest stock of German gold with 1536 tones; Britain has about 450 tones while a bank in France has 374 tones. During the World War II, these gold reserves were shipped to the United States, France and Britain for its safety and security. But now the German political circles have now gone against the opinion of keeping the gold reserves outside the country only for the reason of its physical security.Therefore, efforts are being made to bring back these gold reserves or at least a part of it back to Germany. Process has been initiated in this regards, and accordingly 374 and 300 tons of gold reserves from France and the United States is being planned to be brought back respectively.

The German banks and government have shown the desire to bring back their gold reserves by 2020. France has given a positive sign of returning this gold but the Federal Reserve of the United States has shown reluctance not only in returning the gold reserve but also in showing it to the German representatives giving lame reasons of physical security of the gold and lack of space for the visitors who come to see it.


US and Europe should align against predatory Chinese policies Beijing/Washington: The United States and the European Union (EU) must align against the Wolf Warrior Diplomacy or predatory diplomatic policies in the South China Sea. EU Ambassador for China, Nicolas Chapuis, said that at the same time, coordination with the countries in the South China Sea needs to be increased to stop Chinese bullying.  Read More: Chinese attempt to take


चीन की शिकारी राजनीतिक नीति के खिलाफ़ अमरीका और युरोप एकजूट करें – युरोपिय महासंघ के राजदूत निकोलस शापूई बीजिंग/वॉशिंग्टन – ‘साऊथ चायना सी में चीन अपना रहे ‘वूल्फ वॉरियर डिप्लोमसी’ अर्थात् शिकारी राजनीतिक बीति के खिलाफ़ अमरीका और युरोपिय महासंघ ने एकसाथ आना आवश्यक है। साथ ही, ‘साऊथ चायना सी’ के इस क्षेत्र के देशों के साथ समन्वय बढ़ाकर चीन की ज़बरदस्ती रोकने के लिए प्रयास करने चाहिए’ ऐसा


US imposes sanctions on Russian and Chinese companies that assist Iran Washington – The United States has imposed sanctions against Russian and Chinese companies for supplying sensitive technology, to the Iranian missile program. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo gave information regarding this on Friday.  Read More: Iran should not hurry to retaliate against the attackers, appeals former CIA Chief John Brennan Washington: – Former CIA Chief John Brennan


भारत जल्द ही वैश्विक उत्पादन का ऊर्जा केंद्र होगा – प्रधानमंत्री ने जताया भरोसा नई दिल्ली – भारत में बड़ी माँग के साथ-साथ मज़बूत जनतंत्र और विविधता है और साथ ही स्थिरता भी है, इन शब्दों में प्रधानमंत्री नरेंद्र मोदी ने वैश्विक निवेशकों के सामने भारत में निवेश करने की अहमियत रेखांकित की है। साथ ही भारत जल्द ही वैश्विक उत्पादन का ऊर्जा केंद्र बनेगा, यह विश्‍वास प्रधानमंत्री मोदी ने


चीन के खिलाफ़ जारी शीत युद्ध में यूरोप ने अमरीका का साथ देना अहम – जर्मनी के वरिष्ठ अधिकारी का बयान बर्लिन – अमरीका और चीन के बीच शीत युद्ध शुरू हुआ है। यह शीत युद्ध इस सदी को आकार देनेवाली निर्णायक घटना साबित होगी। ऐसी स्थिति में चीन ने अपने सामने खड़ी की हुई चुनौतियों का मुकाबला करना है तो यूरोप ने अमरीका के कंधे से कंधा मिलाकर ड़टकर


#WorldWarIII: EU rejects #BelarusPresidentialElection & appeals for dialogue. Russian President warns against foreign interference in Belarus. Warning is significant given his promise for military aid to Lukashenko amid #ProtestsInBelarus. (@CBCNews video) — WW3 Videos (@WW3Videos) August 24, 2020 Senior US officials to visit Russia soon to find a solution to the Belarus crisis Washington/Minsk: It has been revealed that US First Deputy Secretary of State, Stephen Bigan, will soon be


Iran is looting US through cyber-attacks, claims a US cyber-security company Tehran/Washington: Iran, who threatened an unconventional war in retaliation to the sanctions imposed by the United States is realising its threat through cyber-attacks. The US cybersecurity group has exposed this information and has warned that Iranian hackers are attacking the US companies for financial gains. US cybersecurity experts and former officials have said that the Iranian cyber-attacks have intensified,

Happenings which could change course of Europe's politics and demography

German elections result creates impact on European elections, indicate rise in right wing groups in Europe. Vienna : In the elections held in Germany, the right wing Alternative for Germany (AfD) aggressive party had given a major blow gaining 13 percent votes. This result in Germany has created a huge impact on other European countries and it is predicted that right wing groups will be getting a lead in the elections


Volkswagen better known as VW is the second-biggest carmaker of Germany and a brand known and famous for its quality all over the world. Recently, the name Volkswagen has been in news for many wrong reasons. National Green Tribunal (NGT) has issued a notice to Volkswagen, Ministry of Heavy Industry and Ministry of Environment to cease the manufacture and sale of all Volkswagen cars in the country. NGT has asked

The Lost Gold of Germany! - 2

 The issue of German gold has given rise to one basic question and that is whether the Federal Reserve really has any gold left with them?Federal Reserve has claimed that it possess about 8133 tons of gold reserve which is a huge quantity. According to them this gold is stored at the places like Federal Reserve at New York, and Denver, and at US Army base of Fort Knox. However,