Geriatrics, as a subject, as well as its application is relatively new to India. A majority of the research and studies in the field of Geriatric Medicine has so far been confined to the Western World. The research on Geriatrics in India is in a very nascent stage. The need of the hour is to develop Research data specific to the conditions in the Sub-Continent. It is for this very purpose that the proposed facility will house a Research Centre whose broad aim would be to collect data and evidence, in order to ensure better Health Care for the Geriatric Population of our country.

One of the foremost Aims of establishing such a facility is to provide excellent end of life care to all patients needing it. Death is unavoidable, but need not always be a harrowing experience. The end-of-life care endeavours to create an environment wherein death seems more of a natural progression rather than a disaster. When all active treatment options are ruled out, it become the  responsibility of the health personnel to ensure a suffering free period for the patient and this is what the Institute will work towards achieving.

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काही दिवसांपूर्वीच सद्‌गुरू बापूंनी सर्व श्रध्दावानांच्या हीताकरीता व पवित्र स्पंदनांच्या अभिसरणाकरीत आळंदी येथेल होत असलेल्या पाहिल्या ’अनिरुद्ध धाम’ व त्याच्या रचने संबंधी माहिती दिली. त्याचबरोबर असहाय्य वृध्दांकरीता जुईनगर येथे होत असलेल्या पहिल्या ’इंस्टीट्यूट ऑफ जेरिअ‍ॅट्रीक्स्‌ अ‍ॅन्ड रीसर्च सेंटर’ च्या कामाबद्दल व या दोन प्रकल्पांची व्याप्ती, कार्य व खर्चाबद्दल देखील प्रवचनादर्म्यान माहिती दिली. रामराज्याच्या प्रवचनात विस्तृत केल्याप्रमाणे कष्टकरी व गरीब शेतकर्‍यांच्या लाभाकरिता कर्जत – कोठींबे नजीक गोविद्यापीठम येथे राबविण्यात येणारा ’अनिरुद्धाज

Update on Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre at Juinagar

I take pleasure to inform all the Shraddhavan friends that the building for the Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre at Juinagar, a very unique project initiated by Dr. Aniruddha (Param Poojya Bapu) is now almost completed and now only few finishing items are pending for the facility to be operational. I am also happy to attach the latest photograph from the actual site of construction. Do await all the updates

Progress Update of Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre, Juinagar

I have regularly been updating all of my Shraddhavans friends about the developments in the construction of Institute of Geriatrics and Research Centre at Juinagar. I am really happy to let you all know that the entire construction of this Hospice would be completed by the November or December of this year after which its interior work would commence. In this second phase the hospice would be updated with the

Progress Update of Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre, Juinagar I had updated everyone with the progress ( of the Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre at Juinagar and had also shared a post ( about Param Poojya Bapu’s vision and concept and the apparent need behind it.  There has been further progress on this project since then. It was just last week that work for the second floor slab of the hospice

Institute of Geriatrics & Research Centre - Dr. Aniruddha’s (Bapu’s) Vision

The vision of Dr. Aniruddha Dhairyadhar Joshi (Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu) of having a comprehensive facility that will tend to the old, aged and infirm, who do not have the sound financial means to support their expensive medical needs, is gradually taking shape and will come to fruition in the coming months. The origin of the process of realizing this vision can be traced back to the year 1993, when

Geriatrics Hospice Project

Hari Om Dear Friends, I thought it would be the right time to give you an update on the Geriatrics Hospice Project which is under progress at Juinagar, Navi Mumbai. Just yesterday Bapu, Nandaai and Suchitdada paid a visit to the site, to review the progress being made on the project. The construction is in full swing and is scheduled for completion by September 2013 in all respects. When complete,