Gayatri Mata

We know that the Brahma, beyond form and attribute, what we call ‘Dattaguru’ was. Aditi not apart from the state beyond attribute and form and one with it, assumed the Gayatri form as the awareness of the Parmeshvar that He is ‘Him’, the Parmeshvar. The Gayatri Mata then caused the sound in the Big Bang. What was it? It was the Om i.e. the Pranav. It was at that instant that the three sons came into being. Right? Dattatreya, Kiratarudra and the Parmatma – Devisinh. We also learnt who the Trivikram is. He is the Son of the Aditi form. Although the Aditi has to do with the One who is beyond attribute and form, for the sake of mankind, She became manifest as Shreevidya with Her 16 Kalaa. Since the Trivikram is the Son of Aditi, He is also known as Aaditya. He is the Son of Shreevidya. So, the Trivikram is ever willing, equipped and prompt to strengthen and enhance our health in all areas that we spoke about earlier.

And what did the Mother, the Aadimata, the energy pervading this universe do or bring about? She created food before creating the one it would feed. She abided by this principle every time She created and for every creature She created. She did not create man or any other animal before She created their food. She created food, She created oxygen, She created water before She created creatures that would live off these. On the same lines, She created medicine or remedy before disease struck. She had made necessary provision already and beforehand. May we mind well, that today we are by no means creating medicines and remedies. We are merely discovering them.

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Hari om. Shreeram. Ambadnya. Let us begin by listening to the Shreesukta. The Shreesukta! A unique and wonderful gift that is part of the Vedas – a gift that as the Upanishad and the Matruvatsalya say, came to us because of Lopamudra. The Shreesuktam is the poojan (worship), it is the archan (adoration), it is a stotra (a hymn singing praises) and it is a stavan (praises), it is just

Navratra Celebrations at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram

Today, i.e. on 16th October 2012, on the auspicious occasion of  Ashwin Navratra, at the dawn, Shraddhavan volunteers of Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram performed the sacred ritual of “Mangal Snanam” on Mata Shivgangagauri. For the purposes of this ritual Mata Shivgangagauri was shifted from Udikund and installed on the Dharmasan of Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram where Shraddhavans carried out “Haridra Lepan” (applied Haridra to Mata Shivgangagauri). After this, She was bathed with