ganapati Bappa

The long wait for Ganapati Bappa got finally over today. Amidst great fanfare, with Shraddhavaans dancing to the drum beats Ganapati Bappa was brought to Happy Home to our beloved Sadguru, Bapu’s residence.

The huge procession started on the dot of 6.15 p.m. near Amarsons on Linking Road, Bandra and reached Happy Home at around 7.45 pm. Before that, the idol of Datta Bappa and Ganapati Bappa arrived around 6.00 pm. Thereafter, we all chanted ‘Ramo Rajamani Sada Vijayate..’, ‘Padmaseenam Shyamavarnam….’, ‘Avadhoota Chintan Shree Gurudeva Datta’, ‘Om Namashchandikaayay’ and ‘Nanda Ramanaa Aniruddha, Aniruddha, Aniruddha.

Within a few moments, the entire atmosphere in that area had undergone a complete change. The intense devotional fervour of Shraddhavaans dancing to the rhythm of the drumbeats and taashaas, teams of lezim dancing tirelessly with the name of their Sadguru on their lips, all had the necessary impact. There was hardly a passerby who did not stop to watch our procession with a sense of awe. As usual, the entire procession went so smoothly, without disturbing the vehicular traffic, that the police authorities did not have any anxious moments whatsoever.

When we turned the corner to proceed to the entrance of Happy Home, we could see Bapu, Aai and Dada standing on the podium waiting to welcome Ganapati Bappa and their other Shraddhavaan friends, who had participated in the procession.

गणेशोत्सव में गणपती की मूर्तियों संबंधी सूचना

हरि ॐ, कई श्रद्धावान यह पूछ रहे हैं कि क्या इस साल के गणेशोत्सव के लिए “इको फ्रेंडली” गणपति की मूर्तियाँ उपलब्ध करा दी जानेवालीं हैं। लेकिन फिलहाल सर्वत्र फ़ैले हुए कोरोना वायरस (कोविद-१९) के संकट के कारण, इस साल संस्था की ओर से इको फ्रेंडली गणपति मूर्तियाँ उपलब्ध नहीं करा दी जा सकतीं, इसपर श्रद्धावान कृपया ग़ौर करें। यदि इको फ्रेंडली गणपति की मूर्ति ना मिलें, तो शाडू की

The Maghi Ganapati Janmotsav 2013

As I am writing this post from Shri Harigurugram, the sweet chants of ‘Om Gam Ganapatayay Namah’ are softly ringing in my ears. Yesterday and the day before ‘The Maaghi Ganapati Janmotsav’ was celebrated. The Maaghi Ganapati Janmotsav is being celebrated since the year 2009. The celebrations are held on 2 days. The first day, entry to the function is by invitation only. Thereafter, on the next following Thursday, It is celebrated at Shri Harigurugram where all Shraddhavans can attend. Usually during the intervening period, the idols of Ashtavinayak are kept at the Link Apartments, where poojan is performed every day.

Happy Home Ganeshotsav

Hari Om Dear Friends,Two days have passed as if in a flash. Yesterday, the darshan having started in the morning at 9.00 am, people could get darshan very comfortably. The last person took darshan at 8.00 p.m. A group of people who had turned up late had assembled at the gate. Bapu, being the ocean of compassion, came down on the first floor terrace and gave darshan. There wasn’t a