Assertive India

India has arrived on the world stage, say many geopolitical analysts, and there are several reasons to believe them. Recent happenings concerning the Indian economy, military, diplomacy, culture, and sports highlight this fact. Indian Economy The Indian stock market recently overtook France to become the sixth-biggest in the world. Within a couple of years, India is expected to beat the UK and bag the fourth position. It is also the

Baghdad conference for cooperation and partnership - 28 Aug 2021

Iraq hosted Baghdad Summit 2021, bringing together senior leadership from Saudi Arabia, Iran, Turkey, UAE, Qatar, Egypt and France together under one roof. All these nations have some or other contentious issues among them. However, the summit was the crucial first step towards regional reconciliation and has set the winds of change in the region. Iraq as a regional mediator Summit’s venue, the Iraqi capital of Baghdad, clearly highlighted the

France to continue military operations in Mali

West Africa and the Sahel region have been natural spheres of influence for France since the colonial days. However, over the last few years, France is increasingly facing threats here. Some of the recent incidents highlight this challenge. Last month, France suspended military ties and $12 million in aid to the Central African Republic (CAR). France is reportedly upset at the anti-French disinformation campaign in CAR. Moreover, it has objected

Erdogan expands Ottoman Empire dream as Turkey replaces France as Algeria's top investor

Algeria, a former French colony in North Africa, has cancelled the license of France24 news alleging disinformation. The move holds significance as France24 is a French state-owned international news television network and is widely followed. While imposing the order, Algerian authorities alleged that the move was due to France24’s “clear and repeated hostility towards Algeria and its institutions”. Then, Algeria also rejected a 27,000-tonne French wheat shipment after dead animals

Corona is China's 'plandemic'; France suspends military ties with Central African Republic

Corona is China’s ‘plandemic’   The Weekend Australian newspaper has revealed another Chinese deceit. It has reported that Zhou Yusen, a Chinese army scientist who was funded by the US National Institutes of Health (NIH), had filed a patent for Covid-19 vaccine just 6 weeks after Corona outbreak was reported in China. In February 2020, when Yusen filed the patent not many would have even heard about a disease called


American out-of-control woke leftism, cancel culture is threat to France – French intellectuals, leaders incl Macron Paris/Washington: – The uncontrolled hypocritical leftist ideology is being imported into France from the United States. French President Emmanuel Macron warned that this is a major threat for the country. Repercussions are already being felt in France. Marine Le Pen, the political opponent of President Macron, also has supported this stand. Read More:


कट्टरपंथी और वामपंथी विचारधारा फ्रेंच समाज को निगल रही है – फ्रान्स की उच्च शिक्षामंत्री की चेतावनी पॅरिस – ‘कट्टरवाद तथा चरमसीमा की वामपंथी विचारधारा फ्रेंच समाज को पूरी तरह निगलती चली जा रही है। इससे विश्वविद्यालय भी सुरक्षित नहीं रहे हैं’, ऐसी चेतावनी फ्रान्स की उच्च शिक्षामंत्री फ्रेडरिक विदाल ने दी। इस कारण फ्रेंच विश्वविद्यालयों में संशोधक, समाज का विभाजन करने की दृष्टि से ही हर एक बात की


भारतीय सेना को होगी स्वदेशी ‘बुलेट प्रूफ जैकेट’ की आपूर्ति नई दिल्ली – रक्षा राज्यमंत्री श्रीपाद नाईक ने सेनाप्रमुख जनरल मनोज मुकुंद नरवणे को एक लाख ‘बुलेट प्रूफ जैकेट’ प्रदान किए। यह सभी जैकेट स्वदेशी निर्माण के हैं और इन्हें ‘मेक इन इंडिया’ के तहत बनाया गया है। साथ ही निर्धारित समय से पहले ही इन ‘जैकेट्स’ की सेना को आपूर्ति की गई है। देश के सैनिकों की सुरक्षा के

तुर्की की गतिविधियों के खिलाफ अंतर्राष्ट्रीय समुदाय आक्रामक

तुर्की को रोकने के लिए ग्रीस और ‘युएई’ का रणनीतिक साझेदारी समझौता अथेन्स/अबुधाबी – तुर्की के बढ़ते वर्चस्ववादी क़ारनामें रोकने के लिए ग्रीस ने ज़ोरदार गतिविधियाँ शुरू की हैं। पिछले कुछ महीनों में ग्रीस ने, अमरीका के साथ फ्रान्स, इस्रायल, इजिप्ट एवं भारत के साथ सहयोग बढ़ाने के लिए पहल की थी। इसमें अब ‘संयुक्त अरब अमीरात’ (युएई) का इज़ाफा हुआ है और ग्रीस ने इस देश के साथ सीधे

Conflict looms over the Mediterranean Sea

Greece to buy 18 Rafale fighters from France amid rising threat from Turkey, claims a Turkish daily Athens: Amid growing threat from Turkey, Greece is preparing to buy new fighter jets. The Greek government is already in talks with France and is to procure 18 Rafale jets from them as per local news outlets. Out of them, eight are believed to be deployed to Greece immediately.  Read More: Turkey