There is this sort of a quarrel in every household. Every family quarrels over Bapu who has proved his loving fatherhood, his care and concern. Nobody, just nobody at all wants to give up his right over the father Bapu. Every single person actually knows and acknowledges very well that every other person has an equal right over the father Bapu. But admitting this fact openly deprives the quarrel of fun, its spice and its special flavour. Also, it goes without saying that this argument over the father Bapus is any day better than squabbles over undesirable and bitter issues.
Why do you believe and follow Bapu? What made you believe in him? What kind of blessed moments or experiences has he granted to you? What do you think is so special about Bapu? These and so many other such questions keep being directed at me. I know and have just the one reply to all these – just the one complete, appropriate and fitting reply –
‘You are my Father, You and You alone’

Father of Many Inventions

  It is well known that a true great man always has an open mind, open eyes and is ears to others. Dr. Nikola Tesla too had a very distinctive quality of always seeing all the things without any fixed assumptions in his mind. For Dr. Tesla, a phenomenon or even a discovery of his own had multiple aspects and viewpoints. This always led him towards a spectrum of uses

श्रद्धावानांवरील प्रेमापोटी बापुंचे व्रताचरण (Vrat Observed By Bapu For The Well being Of Shraddhavans) - Aniruddha Bapu Marathi Discourse 24 July 2014

बाळावरील प्रेमापोटी वडिलांना कार्यालयात किंवा व्यवसायाच्या ठिकाणी जावे लागते, बाळाच्या हितासाठी बापाला बाळाचा आणि बाळाला बापाचा विरह सहन करावा लागतो, असे व्रतकाळातील व्यस्ततेबाबत बोलताना बापुंनी सांगितले. श्रद्धावान लेकरांवरील प्रेमापोटीच सद्‍गुरु श्री अनिरुद्धांनी व्रताचरण केले. बापुंनी केलेल्या व्रताच्या उद्देशाबाबत त्यांनी त्यांच्या २४ जुलै २०१४ रोजीच्या मराठी प्रवचनात श्री हरिगुरुग्राम येथे सांगितले, जे आपण या व्हिडियोत पाहू शकता. ॥ हरि ॐ ॥ ॥ श्रीराम ॥ ॥ अंबज्ञ ॥