Dr. Aniruddha Joshi

Hari Om Dear Friends, It just occurred to me that today I should share a few thoughts with you on Gunasankirtan (narration in praise of the attributes of the Sadguru). As I reflect back over the Gunasankirtan activities that we have undertaken over the past 2-3 years with a renewed focus, I can see before my eyes how it has translated into so many important milestones. It is necessary to

Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram has a unique procedure of welcoming newly wed couples. When they arrived at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram they are welcomed by volunteers amidst the playing of Shehnai. After taking darshan, volunteers from Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram apply Ashtagandha to gents and Haldi-kumkum to ladies on their forehead. The special prasad from Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram comprising of  coconut, blouse piece, bangles, tiklya (bindi), udi packets and prasad

Bapu's Unique Gift to His Children

Today on the 1st day of the Aadiveshan, Bapu first announced the names of the 122 centres that had been granted official status amidst loud applause. After a short break Bapu took stage again and commenced His main address which dealt with the subject “You are not judged by your performance but by your faith“. He touched upon several aspects including functioning of Upasana centres. He then announced a plan

The World Today

ll Hari Om ll    UN Peace Envoy, Mr. Lakhdar Brahimi Yes indeed Syria paints a distressing picture on the canvas of the world. Is the Syrian conflict merely one that pitches the Syrian ruling powers against the Syrian commoners? Peculiarly, both sides have support and aid from outside the country. The allies of the Syrian government are obviously then opposed to those on the side of the rebels. And

कोजागिरी पौर्णिमा - महत्वाची माहिती (Kojagiri Pournima)

बापूंनी प्रवचनामध्ये कोजागिरी पौर्णिमेच्या दिवशी जागरण करण्याचे महत्व सांगितले होते, यासंबंधीचा व्हिडीओ मी यापूर्वीच माझ्या ब्लॉगवर पोस्ट केला आहे. अनेक श्रद्धावानांकडून विचारणा करण्यात आली आहे की, संपूर्ण रात्र जागरण करायचे आहे का, परंतु संपूर्ण रात्र जागरण करणे बंधनकारक नसून श्रद्धावान पहाटे ३.३० वाजेपर्यंतही जागरण करू शकतात. कृपया सर्व श्रद्धावानांनी याची नोंद घ्यावी.

Kojagiri Pournima- Important Information

In my earlier blog post, a video clipping of Bapu’s pravachan wherein he had spoken about the importance of staying awake during the night of Kojagiri Pournima was shared.    Many Shraddhavans have enquired whether it is compulsory to stay awake for the whole night. Please note that that staying awake for the whole night is not mandatory and it would suffice if one stays awake only till 3.30 am.

Kojagiri Pournima - Importance of Staying Awake

    Hari Om Dear Friends, Bapu, during his discourse on the auspicious occasion of Dassera, spoke about the importance of staying awake during the night of Ashwin Pournima which is also known as Kojagiri Pournima. On this night, he said, Laxmi Mata, as told by Mahavishnu, travels around the world and makes enquiries wherever she visits – “Ko Jaagarti?” (Who is awake?). Any person who wakes through the night

कल दशहरा था। बापूजी खुद श्रीहरिगुरुग्राम में पधारे और सभी श्रद्धावानों को बापूजी के दर्शनों का लाभ मिला।  संपन्न हुए दशहरे के पावन पर्व की मेरे सभी मित्रों को शुभकामनाएं देते हुए मैं सदगुरु बापूजी के चरणों में यही प्रार्थना करता हूँ कि प्रत्येक श्रद्धावान का सदगुरु चरणों में “विश्वास” दृढ हो।  इस आश्विन नवरात्रि में हम सब ने कई घटनाएं देखीं। इस नवरात्रि के पहले दिन, अर्थात प्रतिपदा के दिन प्रभात समय श्रीअनिरुद्ध गुरुक्षेत्रम में

Shraddhavans enjoying Bapu’s presence during Pravachan आज दसरा. आज विजयोपासनेला बापू स्वत: श्रीहरिगुरुग्राम येथे हजर असतील व सर्व श्रद्धावानांना बापूंच्या दर्शनाचा लाभ होईल. माझ्या सर्व मित्रांना दसर्‍याच्या हार्दिक शुभेच्छा. दसर्‍याच्या निमित्ताने प्रत्येक श्रद्धावानाचा सद्‌गुरु चरणी “विश्वास” दृढ व्हावा हीच सदगुरु बापूचरणी प्रार्थना. या आश्र्विन नवरात्रीमध्ये आपण अनेक गोष्टी घडताना बघितल्या. या नवरात्रीच्या पहिल्या दिवशी, म्हणजेच प्रतिपदेला पहाटे श्रीअनिरुद्ध गुरुक्षेत्रम येथे श्रीशिवगंगागौरीच्या स्नानाचा सोहळा होवून नवरात्रीला सुरुवात झाली. अनेक श्रद्धावान या