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‘डोकलाम’ मे चीन से लष्करी मूलभूत सुविधा का निर्माण – रक्षामंत्री सीतारामन की लोकसभा मे जानकारी नई दिल्ली : ‘डोकलाम’ में चीन हेलीपॅड के साथ बड़ी तादाद में लष्करी मूलभूत सुविधा निर्माण कर रहा है और चीनने फिर एक बार इस भाग में सैनिकों की तैनाती बढ़ाने की जानकारी रक्षामंत्री निर्मला सीतारामन ने लोकसभा में दी है। तथा पाकिस्तान में चीन के गतिविधियों पर भी बारीकी से नजर होकर सुरक्षा

China plans to deploy sea-based ‘anti-missile system’ in Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Beijing: China who has been trying to command authority over the disputed area of ‘South China Sea’ with artificial islands and military forces, also started making moves to dominate the ‘Asia-Pacific’ and ‘Indian Ocean’ region. China has developed the ‘Blue Water Navy’, for keeping control over the oceanic area all over the world and has now indicated to

चीन को आशियाई देशों पर वर्चस्व दिखाने नहीं देंगे – अमरिका के वरिष्ठ अधिकारी का दावा वाशिंगटन : ‘आशिया से अमरिका को बाहर करने के लिए चीन के प्रयत्न कभी भी यशस्वी नहीं होने देंगे, उसके लिए चीन को आशियाई देशों पर दबाव बढ़ाने का अवसर नहीं मिलेगा, इस पर हम ध्यान रखेंगे’, ऐसा कड़ा इशारा अमरिका के वरिष्ठ अधिकारी सुसान थॉर्नटन ने दिया है। अमेरिकी संसद में ‘सिनेट फॉरेन

India will offer full support for stability in Nepal, assures Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj Kathmandu : In order to take bilateral ties between India and Nepal to new heights, the Foreign minister of India, Sushma Swaraj, assured that India was keen to completely support the democratic government for development and political stability in Nepal. Foreign minister Swaraj is on a two day visit to Nepal and this time she has

श्रीलंका का चीन के साथ मुक्त व्यापार करार दूर जाने के संकेत कोलंबो / बीजिंग: श्रीलंका में इस हफ्ते के आखिर में स्थानीय स्वराज्य संस्था के चुनाव हो रहे हैं। जिसमें चीन के प्रभाव का मुद्दा अग्रणी पर होने के संकेत मिले हैं। इस पृष्ठभूमि पर श्रीलंका सरकार ने चीन के साथ होने वाला मुक्त व्यापार करार दूर पर धकेलने का प्रयत्न शुरू किया है। चीन में श्रीलंका के राजदूत

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Relationship between Russia and China at its best, claims CEO of Russia’s ‘Sovereign Fund’ Moscow: “China has become a very important strategic partner for Russia. Currently, the relationship between Russia and China is at the best level in our history,” said Kirill Dmitriev, CEO of the Sovereign Fund of the Russian Government. Six months ago, the Russian Government had clarified that the bilateral relations between Russia and US were in

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To combat terrorism in Southeast Asia, Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte proposes joint patrol with Malaysia and Indonesia Manila: In the last few years there have been repeated warnings issued about the increasing influence of the ‘IS’ and other terror cells in Southeast Asia. The ongoing campaign in the Marawi City of Philippines and a video released by the ‘IS’ confirms the same. On this ground, the Southeast Asian countries are


India approves Proxy Vote for NRIs New Delhi : The Union Cabinet on Wednesday has granted its approval to make necessary changes in the law to allow Non-Resident Indians to vote for the Lok Sabha and the Legislative Assembly elections without their physical presence in India. The NRIs count is around 1 crore out of which 60 lakhs NRIs are eligible to vote in India. If these NRIs get the right to

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China warns of retaliation after President Trump orders tech theft inquiry against it Bejing/Washington: US President Donald Trump has ordered an inquiry into irregularities in the trade practices of China. After taking charge, this could be considered as the biggest decision by President Trump against China. China has responded strongly and has warned that it would not stay idle. Chinese Commerce ministry has warned that both sides would lose out

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China warns India about border conflicts leading to war Beijing: China warned that it would forthrightly take necessary steps to safeguard its borders and sovereignty and if need be, is ready to wage a war against India. ‘Global Times’, the mouthpiece of the Chinese government, mentioned that if the ongoing border conflict is not handled systematically then it could spark a war. China has also cautioned that, as India is not