Story of Stents in India

Healthcare is one of the emerging sectors in India but the cost for the common man is a point of concern. Very recently the National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has decided to cap prices of coronary stents. The costs are expected to reduce between 30% to 80%.


In July 2016, Government of India had initiated a step to include the stents (tiny wire mesh tubes used widely by surgeons to unclog arteries and prevent heart attacks) in the National List of Essential Medicines (NLEM) leading to expected steep drop in their prices.

As per the passed Order, since hospitals also function as stent retailers, in many cases, they would be required to display prices prominently. They have also been ordered to separately mention the stents cost along with the brand, manufacturer/importer, batch number and other details in billing to patients.

The government of India has said that the ceiling prices have considered ethical profit margins, R&D costs. But Medical Technology Association of India has expressed disappointment with the decision to cap prices saying the “move will reduce the options available for the Indian patient”.

According to the National Interventional Council registry, use of stents in India has exponentially increased. Close to five lakh stents were implanted in 2015. As per the statement from a renounced cardiologist from Sir Ganga Ram Hospital, Delhi – India is currently witnessing nearly 2 million heart attacks a year. Yet many times patients or their immediate family members opt to keep the patient in the degraded heart condition than to perform angioplasty owing to the sky-high cost involved in the surgery which ultimately leads to death.

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  1. This is a good decision by government of India.
    Now days stress and other food habits push people towards heart related problems.
    And treatments of these are very costly.
    This expensive treatments almost demolished patient family.
    Hence NPPA taken very good step by keeping common man in mind.

  2. It is indeed shocking to read that India witnesses 20 million heart attack patients per year.
    In such scenarios, Govt of India has taken a good initiative to reduce the stent costs. Hopefully it will make Heart-Healthcare within reach of common man.

  3. Appreciable step taken by Government. Now common man can afford cardiac surgeries. Very Good decision taken by NPPA. Healthcare is unavoidable part of everyone’s life. Hoping that Cardiac patients can get benefit of this provision.

  4. Government has given a great relief to the cardiac patients in India. With the advance technology life saving chances of the patient are maximum. And on the other side surgery expenses are touching sky high. Major part of the population cannot afford these essential surgeries. On this background ceiling the prices of coronary stents is major move taken by NPPA. Hope this move will lead more other provisions which will make medication within the reach of common man.

  5. This is a very necessary move taken by Government of India, NPPA. The number of patients which are going from Cardiovascular disease are increasing very rapidly. Below poverty line families are not able to manage increasing cost of Cardiac operations. This move will definitely give relief to them.

  6. This is indeed a very good step taken by National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA). Healthcare is an essential part of life. Considering the hectic job schedules, pollution and long transport now a days; risks of Health issues have increased a lot. Its necessary to make health related solutions be available at low cost.

  7. Its not only stents but also other high-cost medical devices that too bleed patients. Though many hospitals have agreed on reduction in prices few have protested and refused to comply as reported by many newspapers. News reports also point to some hospitals even taking stents off their shelves leading to artificial shortage.

    Considering this hopefully this new Order and the corresponding action will in reality bring the stent and thereby surgery charges in expenditure range of common man and thereby help him.

  8. Whatever MTAI may say but like food, clothing and shelter, health care & education should also be considered as essential needs. But nowadays its observed that health care & education sectors have become high margin businesses and its fast corporatization will be dangerous for common people. Therefore Govt should strive to make health care & education affordable. I think we all should wlecome this step of Govt of India to make stents affordable as day by day heart patients are increasing in our country.

  9. The Govt. Decision will definitely help the middle class and poor.. Ambadnya

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