Sports, Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) and We

The London Olympics 2012 finally opened to a spectacular inaugural ceremony that showcased a dazzling display of the latest technology, lights and fireworks. It is said that apart from the 80,000 spectators who had thronged the stadium for the inaugural ceremony, an estimated 3 billion people worldwide watched the ceremony on TV.Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) has time and again stressed upon the importance of sports in our lives. I have personally played with Bapu (Aniruddhasinh), Nandai and Suchitdada during various trips and picnics I have been privileged to be a part of. The latest such occasion was when we had been to Umergaon for ushering in the new year. What stood out very clearly was their complete involvement in the game, their going out of the way to make the other participants feel at ease and shed their shyness and inhibitions so that they too enjoy the game fully.
Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) himself is an expert badminton player. He also plays football, cricket and Indian sports like kabaddi, kho-kho extremely well. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that he is an excellent rugby player and an expert swimmer too. Bapu is also an expert in Kushti (wrestling) and has even prepared akhadas for kushti contests. 

During our Umargaon picnic I have myself played cricket with Bapu 
(Aniruddhasinh), Nandai and Suchitdada and have seen Bapu and Nandai play badminton. During this same picnic I also saw and enjoyed playing pool with Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) and Suchitdada. Even during one of our trips to Lonavla, we greatly enjoyed playing with Bapu. I can also very well recollect the sight of Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) playing cricket with all the volunteers at Juinagar during the construction of Gurukul temple. 

(Aniruddhasinh) has always maintained that, “the family that prays together stays together and the family that plays together stays together”. This belief of Bapu truly encapsulates the importance that sports plays in the development of our personality.

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  1. Hari Om Dada, you have been sharing so much through your blog on different subjects.
    All through this article it shows that we must play wholeheartedly any sport /game according to our likes and capacity without any hesitation for the sake of pure enjoyment, health and happiness.
    Bapu’s love for sports is seen through his expertise in various sports.
    Shree Ram!

  2. Pujya Dada,

    Thanks for this insight. For past several years, Parampujya Bapu has been emphasising the importance of exercises and sports to lead normal and healthy life.

    Aniruddha's Institute of Sports and Bonsai Sports is the apt example of his vision for all of us.

    Hari Om

  3. Hari Om Dada,
    Playing is the best way to overcome stress. Such a great relief getting after playing. Param Pujya Bapu told many times in pravachan about importance of Sports. 'HE' makes me capable to play & given me this opportunity to be a happy & stress less.

  4. हरि ॐ दादा,
    खूप छान व्हिडिओ टाकला आहे तुम्ही….
    बापूंनी रामराज्याच्या प्रवचनात सांगितलेलेच आहे – ‘जो जास्त खेळतो, त्याचाच मेंदू जास्त तल्लख होतो. नुसता खेळतो, अभ्यास करत नाही, त्याचा मेंदू फुक्ट जातो आणि नुसता अभ्यास करतो, खेळत नाही त्याचा तर सडतोच. म्हणून अभ्यास योग्य प्रमाणात व खेळणं पण योग्य प्रमाणात. खेळाने आपल्याला पॉझिटिव्ह्नेस्‌, कॉन्फिडन्स आणि खिलाडीवृत्ती शिवाय काम करण्याची एक धमक येते.’
    बापू नेहमीच स्वत:च आपल्याल आर्दश दाखवितात… खेळाचे आपल्या जीवनात काय महत्व आहे ते पटविण्यास यासारखा दुसरा व्हिडिओ नक्कीच नाही…..
    shree raam for sharing this video & post…

    Sangitaveera vartak

  5. A True Sportsperson, our Bapu has great expertise in many sports and is most fond of outdoor games. I have been lucky to see him play cricket, badminton. Shreeram Dada for sharing this golden moments, here I remember one more saying of Bapu – ” A Family that Plays together stays together. “

  6. Excellent write up Samir Dada. Along with our day to day life, we should also focus on improving our stamina and strength. Me too love cricket and table tennnis like anything and I am even ready to play cricket at the hottest hour of the day… 2pm :) :)

    We 14-16 friends gather every Sunday at 4 pm at SHIVAJI PARK, Dadar to play a cricket match of 12 overs each side and enjoy it till 6:30 pm. Then on the same day, we go for playing Table Tennis from 8 pm to 10 pm at BMC Gymkhana.

    Sports not only improves the stamina, but also makes you quick in your actions. A simple example of it is catching a bus by running :)

  7. Shree Ram Dada for sharing this treasure of your life with us. Bapu is unique indeed and you are too. During Bal Class we around 100 vs. Bapu alone in tough of war but we could not move him even by an inch. He was motivating us by allowing to pull him a bit by few cms but then next moment he had pulled us all the way. I recollect his words that he gained this power with lots of practice of Bal Vidya and not bestowed upon by virtue.

    Bapu has many times expressed his views and importance of sports for balance and healty family life. We all try to practice it but then fall short due to speed of today's life and occupation.

    I remember in my college days we used to have cricket tournament which was bringing together various teams from different parts of our locality. The sports teaches us the good qualities that one must posses i.e. team spirit, motivation & zeal to win, positive approach to any situation, leadership skills and many more.

    Looking at Bapu's expanse in sports ……Its really gives us all proud feeling that our sadguru is really versatile sportsman.

    Hari Om Dada. Prakashsinh Sawant

  8. Shree Ram Dada…

    thanks for sharing the article…

    Bapu has already explained to all shraddhavans that we need to spend some time in our busy life schedule playing outdoor games…even indoor games such as table tennis , carrom , badminton..helps us relieve stress…in out hectic life.

    All studies / work and no play make Jack a dull boy….the saying holds true…

  9. Hari Om Dada
    The Umbergaon trip photos of Bapu, Aai and Dada playing cricket has revealed us the new dimension of Bapu's versatile personality.

    Also experience shared by Shripatisinh Patil in Pratyaksha special issue on Bapu (Me Pahilela Bapu) has brought out the Bapus expert skills in Indian sports like Kabaddi.

    Time and again Bapu has stressed upon the fitness and outdoor sports, and more importantly Bapu has himself demonstrated first.

    Now lets get back to golden days and experience the joyous moments of playing sports with our family.

    Shree Ram Dada

  10. Shree Ram Dada for this post. In various pravachans we have heard Parampujya BAPU stressing on the importance of outdoor sports. However, today we see that the younger generation is glued to TV and even the games they play are in electronic format without too much physical exercise.
    With the repetitive stress on outdoor sports through such social forums, this trend would surely change.. starting with the shraddhavan families and then extending beyond that.

  11. Hari Om Dada,
    excellllllant article… Once again i must 'Bapu '..the Unique one…. Asa kheladu mitra kadhi zala nahi aani honar hi nahi…Bapu is master in 'Bal' vidya…mean Indian ancient art of self defence and war.. i must say Bapu is a true warrier in literal sense..a complete family man…a sports person…a sports teacher…a mentor…..Bapu is Bapu..thank u so much dada for sharing this…lots of Shreeram…

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