Shri Ganesh Aagaman at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram

Hari Om Friends,
I am sure all of you must now be eagerly awaiting the arrival of Shree Ganesh. As I have already informed everyone through this blog that bhaktas can avail benefit of taking darshan of Shree Ganesh at Bapu’s Home as well.
For all those who would not be in position to attend the same and for those would want to enjoy and cherish these golden moments forever, Deferred Live broadcasting of all the important events will be directly shown at intervals from Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram and Bapu’s Residence i.e. 7th Floor, Happy Home. We will try to broadcast almost each and every event as far as possible through ANIRUDDHA BAPU VIDEOS YouTube Channel. The events will be broadcasted within 30-45 minutes of its happening. This broadcast would start from 6:30 PM IST today. We will try to indicate the timing of next broadcast in advance.
Though it is possible to show entire event live using Google Hangout and YouTube but as there is some quality loss in picture we have preferred to broadcast the events Deferred Live rather than actual live.
I will also like to inform that we have rescheduled the Welcome Procession (Shree Ganesh Aagaman) at about 5:30 PM  – 5:45 PM IST.
ll Hari Om ll

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  1. Hariom dada,

    We are really blessed to view each and every joyous moment of this utsav even without being there especially those shraddhavans who are out of mumbai or India

    Dada ! Its really marvellous to witness each moment of this utsav as if personally being there

    Lots of Shree ram

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