Shravana Bhakti

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Dear Friends,

In my previous post on Narration of Experiences, I had dwelt upon the importance of Shravana Bhakti, i.e. bhakti in the form of listening to the glories of the Sadguru and why we should strive to watch and listen atleast one anubhav kathan per day. On last Thursday Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) had, during His discourse, asked us to chant the Gurukshetram Mantra as many times as possible in this holy month of Shraavan. He had promised us that he would chant the first line of the Gurukshetram Mantra – “Om Shree Datta Guravay Namaha” with each one of us whenever we chant the mantra during this holy month. 
We are extremely fortunate that today Bapu planned a special Upasana for us, wherein we all chanted the Gurukshetram Mantra continuously for one hour, during which we chanted the mantra 27 times. It is important to know that when we are chanting any mantra or stotra, we are actually doing Shravana Bhakti, because we are also listening to what we are chanting. 

I just cannot describe the feelings and emotions that overcame me when I was offering flowers to Trivikram amidst the chanting of the Gurukshetram Mantra. I am sure that those of you, who were present at Shree Harigurugram today, must have felt the same way. 

So friends, let us all make up our minds to chant the Gurukshetram Mantra as many times as possible in a day, simultaneously giving due justice to all our duties and responsibilities, during this holy month of Shraavan.

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  1. Hari OM Samirsinh.
    I was fortunate to utilise my leave to come to Mumbai and suddenly get this mentioned opportunity. ASAP after I heard the announcement of chanting Shri Gurukshetram Mantra, I messaged my friends to inform the same. Many of our friends also chanted the mantra on the same night.
    Hope it was not incorrect.

  2. Yes Dada, among the nine types of bhakti (navavidhaa bhakti), the first type is Shravan bhakti. It is the 1st step of bhaktimaarg & as we know ‘well begun is half done’. Hearing Sadgurutattva's attributes, Leelaas and name purifies & cleanses the mind. When the seal & stamp is imprinted on the mind of ShreeGurukshetra Mantra by chanting & listening it again & again, how the fear, shad-ripus or any evil force can dare to enter there? Dada, It was Bapu’s blessings that we got an opportunity to chant ShreeGurukshetra Mantra in the auspicious shraavan month. While chanting one also listens it & gets the benefits of shraavan. U hv explained the importance of shravan nicely. u r taking a lot of efforts to spread the love of Bapu thro ur blog articles. Thanks for ur guidance. Hari Om.

  3. Hari om Dada!! The upasana this Thursday was special indeed!! It was the “shravan” of the shreegurukshetram mantra apart from its recitation of course and we did it as “sanghik (collective)upasana” Also, I would like share that the recitation continued inside of us even after we left Shreeharigurugram and was the first thing that one woke up with. The upasana did not end there, it began there and continues….:)

  4. हरि ॐ दादा,
    हो कालची उपासना एकदम वेगळीच होती. मला हरिगुरूग्राम येथे यायला उशिर झाला त्यामुळे उपासना allready सुरू झालेली होती. पण तरीसुद्धा जेवढी मिळाली तेवढे भाग्यच माझे. त्यामुळे तुम्ही वर सांगितल्याप्रमाणे ‘श्रवण भक्ती’ करायला मिळाली. बापूंनी ही कालची खास उपासना दिली आणि त्यात सहभाग घ्यायला मिळाला म्हणजे खरचं आम्ही खूपच भाग्यवान आहोत. आम्ही गुरुक्षेत्रमंत्राचे अधिकाधीक पठण नक्कीच करू. श्रीराम…..

    sangitaveera vartak

  5. Hariom dada shreeram for this information and our beloved Bapu has promised us that whenever and as many number of times we chant this most sacred,auspicious,holi and divine GURUKSHETRAM MANTRA in the month of SHRAAVAN P.P Bapu HIMSELF will chant the first line of the mantra with us. nothing can be HOLI and DIVINE than that.

  6. Hari Om Dada. Indeed I also experienced a great pleasure and mental support when you were performing the Upasana in front of Trivikram at Shri Harigurugram. Our Bapu gave us all this divine opportunity of chanting Shri Gurukshetram Mantra together as a group at Shri Harigurugram in the month of Shravan. We all are extremely lucky to get a chance in doing this Mantra Pathan. Shreeram !

  7. Very correctly said Dada. The inner feeling during the chanting of Gurukshetra mantra was really holy.

    Its Bapu's grace due to which we got a chance to attend this sah-upasana.

    Shreeram !!!

  8. Quite true Dada. The joy of chanting the Gurukshetram mantra yesterday at Shree Harigurugram cannot be expressed in words. The collective and continuous chanting which lasted for about an hour had a reverberating effect to it and is still fresh in my mind. We are indeed fortunate to have got an opportunity to participate in this special upasana planned by Param Pujya Bapu. Shreeram.

  9. Hari Om Dada I personally feel overjoyed as soon as i get up i watch your blog every day because of your blog we camt to know bapu much closer & deeper as i came to Bapu at 2006 what had happen before 2006 is very much clear by reading your blog as there are other blog but is very difficult to trust them but whatever information is written i know it is 108% truth Hari Om

  10. Hari Om Dada, Lot of thanks for share this precious information about “Shravan Bhakti” as well as Thurday's Special Upasana, Accourding to our P.P.Sadguru ShreeBapusaheb! Planned 27 times Gurukshetram mantra chanted .with the help of this touch we surely maximum chanting Shree Gurukshetram Mantra Since Now. thanks & ShreeRam Dada!!!
    If i make any mistake pls. Forgive me..Dada!! Hari Om

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