Sevas that build a strong nation and a responsible society

On 13th December 2015 Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation ( along with Dilasa Medical Trust & Rehabilitation Centre had organized Blood Donation Camps at 7 upasana centres namely Malapa Dongri, Kalyan East, Chunabhatti, Dombivali West, Kopar, Borivali West and Mharal (Murbad). Shraddhavans gave a very good response to these Camps. These Camps were organized by various Purushartha Mandalam Kalashs of Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation. A total of 579 Shraddhavans joined these camps as donors which made possible a collection and donation of 449 units of blood. I am sure you all are already aware that we have crossed the collective target of donation of 1 lac bottles of blood in the month of April this year. 

               AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Dombivli west        AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Dombivli west        AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Dombivli west

               AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Dombivli west         AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Mharal Gaon      AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Mharal Gaon

               AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Kalyan East        AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Kalyan East      AADM Seva at Blood Donation camp Kalyan East

One more wonderful news that I would like to mention here is about the construction of a BUND by the the Disaster Management Volunteers of Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management ( at Bavnadi in the district of Ratnagiri on 13th December 2015. The bund is 109 feet long and was built within just 4 hours by 31 of our DMVs. The bund is built by our DMVs completely on their own without using any hi-tech equipment. The equipment that they mainly used were their love for Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu and dedication for their work.

AADM seva at Bavnadi Ratnagiri AADM seva at Bavnadi Ratnagiri - 3

It was just yesterday that newspapers reported of only 50% of water stocks remaining in water bodies across India. And there are 7 more months to go before the next season of monsoon arrives. Hence activities like these are going be very important in the days to come especially considering these severe drought conditions spreading across the nation.

Both the above activities show what a common man can do if armed with a positive thoughts and affirmative inspiration, which Sadguru Bapu has been providing and setting an example by himself. These are the very activities which build a strong, aware and socially responsible nation. I congratulate all the Shraddhavan bhaktas and Shraddhavan sevaks who participated in these sevas. 
|| Hari Om ||    || Shriram ||    || Ambadnya ||

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  1. Pujya Sameer dada we are ambadnya that you really appreciated the Bundara constructed by us which is a need of our country today.We have taken up this task thru AADM Ratnagiri as we are facing this disaster in Ratnagiri although this area is a heavy rainfall area.We have been requested by Tahasildar Ratnagiri to construct more Bandharas if possible.ln fact we are planning another Bandhara shortly which is going to be a great help to villagers to preserve water.l personally suggest that in our Konkan area all upasana kendras should take up this important task and strengthen the wish of our P.P.Bapu and achieve Gram vikas in real sense.
    Ambadnya l m
    sudhakarsinh sawant.

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