Ganpati Festival 2013: Seva by Volunteers of Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management

Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management (AADM), has been for the last many years consistently working with Police and other government departments, assisting them with crowd control and management activities during various festive occasions and also during natural calamities. As in the past, this year too AADM has rendered its services to help the Police manage the enormous crowd congregating during the Ganpati Festival.

On the day of Gauri-Ganpati Punarmilap (Visarjan) i.e Friday, 13th September 2013, AADM had made available close to 2200 of its trained Disaster Management Volunteers (DMVs) to help and aid the Police force. These DMVs had provided their services at 60 immersion spots spread across Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Pune, and Pimpri-Chinchwad regions of Maharashtra.

On the last day of Ganesh Chaturthi  i.e. Anant Chaturdashi, people travel with the idols dancing and singing in large processions to the immersion spots. This year on Anant Chaturdashi day i.e Wednesday, 18th September 2013; Aniruddha’s Academy of Disaster Management would be providing around 6000 of its trained DMVs to work with Police Department and aid them in crowd control and management at more than 60 locations spread across Mumbai, Navi-Mumbai, Pune, Pimpri-Chinchwad, Ratnagiri and Phaltan (Satara) regions of Maharashtra.

I would like to congratulate our entire AADM team for their professional and tireless efforts which has actually contributed immensely in reducing the workload on the Police Department in managing the crowd that throng in large numbers.

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  1. Ambadnya. We are used to the felicitations and appreciation from government authorities. I feel we should be able to utilise this goodwill generated for benefit to our sanstha so that we can provide still better service to society. One burning problem faced by many upasana centers in Mumbai is place. Since BMC has stopped giving schools it has become a serious problem. For instance, at Andheri west we may have to pay Rs.5000 per Saturday for a private school. If BMC and Police are so much benefited by our service , they can allow BMC schools for upasana. Many other NGOs are enjoying this facility then why can’t we? I feel we need to take up this matter tactfully and at highest level in BMC.

  2. Hari om Dada,

    Shreeram and Ambadnya for your article which inspired me to share my experiences as DMV. Dada, after completion of my AADM course, I have been getting opportunities to see the activities of AADM very closely; and like others, I also came to conclusion that the only motivational factor for all DMVs is Bapu’s love toward our Shraddhavan DMVs and vice-a-versa which prompts us to respond to any call and perform the seva whole heartedly with due sense of responsibility as envisioned by P.P.Bapu while formation of AADM. Without this motivational factor, AADM wouldn’t have been able to accomplish the credentials and recognition from one and all, especially the government departments across the Maharashtra state.

    The commitment and the energy level of DMVs which gets reflected through their seva is extra ordinary and is always a matter of curiosity and surprise to others. While performing AADM seva, we have always been asked a typical question that is “How come the DMVs are able to stand for so many hours tirelessly without losing patience and energy level?” Even during the seva on 13.09.2013, I came across the same question asked by a senior Govt. officer at Girgaon Chowpaty.

    For me, the answer was very simple: “It is Bapu’s grace; it is His name that gives us energy.” Apparently, the officer was confused. Probably, it was difficult for him to correlate Bapu’s name with energy level of DMVs. [Well, but I was not surprised to see his confusion because I starkly remember that when I was not aware of what ‘Sadguru” is and how he makes difference in our life , I had faced such difficult situations.] Nevertheless, the officer said that it was really amazing and beyond understanding that DMVs stand for 10-12 hours during the seva with due commitment. He appreciated and expressed his gratitude towards Sadguru Bapu and His institution for such whole hearted and active support.

    I remember, last year, after Ganapati festival, AADM was felicitated by Hon’ble Home Minister of Maharashtra state. This year too, Dy.Chief Minister had felicitated AADM in Pune on 30.08.2013. Not only the Govt. department, but some institutions involved in good work and which understood the principles of Sadguru Bapu and essence of His mission, have also taken cognizance of efforts of our institution. Whenever as a representative of AADM we (AADM team) get opportunity to interact with the outside world, it is experienced that people from all walks of life respect us as Bapu’s person (Bapuncha Manus) and a person associated with Bapu’s mission.

    To conclude, the crux of the success of activities of AADM or for that matter any activity initiated by Bapu, lies in the the Bapu’s love for his shraddhavan friends, love of the Shradhavans towards Bapu & Bapu’s mission, and effort (Prayas) of Shaddhavans to remain committed to Bapu’s word.

    It is the ultimate truth that Sadguru Bapu is the only one who can take everyone together towards Ramrajya holding our hands firmly in His hand, provided we are resolute to walk with Him. Undoubtedly, all Shradhhavans/DMVs are determined to walk with Him with unshakable faith and steadfast belief that participation in each seva is a step taken alongwith Param Pujya Bapu towards Ramrajya. AMBADNYA.

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