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Bapu’s grace

Right from childhood, everyone wants to do something and to become someone, in other words, everyone wants to bring in a certain change. Moreover, this change that he longs for, is for each one, his respective path to the progress he looks forward to. ‘In his given circumstances, he could have done better things or done them in a better way; he could have achieved better things or in a

ध्यान (Dhyan - Meditation)

सद्गुरू श्री अनिरुद्ध बापूंनी त्यांच्या २४ जुलै २०१४च्या मराठी प्रवचनात ‘ध्यान कसे करावे’ याबाबत सांगितले. विचारांमुळे जो एक आवाजाचा कल्लोळ, गोंगाट तयार होतो ना, त्याच्यामध्ये त्या आईचा शब्द विरून जातो. आमच्याच देहामध्ये आहे सगळं, बाहेर कुठेही नाही, ज्यांनी ग्रंथ वाचला आहे, मातृवात्सल्यविंदानम् वाचलं आहे त्यांना माहिती आहे कि सगळी ही परमेश्वरी, हा परमेश्वर, त्यांचा पुत्र परमात्मा सगळं आमच्यामध्येच आहे. बाहेरुन तो आतपर्यंत त्यांचा जो अंश आहे त्याच्याशीच कनेक्ट करतो. मग

Alpha to Omega Newsletter - August 2018

  August 2018 From the Editor’s Desk Hari Om Friend, The celebration of Ashadi Ekadashi marks the beginning of the time of the year when there is a spree of festivities. It is also the time when the month of Aashad gives a golden opportunity to everybody to rejuvenate their faith and express their utmost respect and affection towards their Guru on the occasion of Gurupournima. Every year, Shraddhavans from


  Experience Of Kumaran   An ordinary Shraddhavan who dreamt of getting a job in an organization. Such a simple aim! However, the situation was entirely against him. He had no experience for the type of work he would be expected to do, for the role that he had applied. Moreover, his previous experience was utterly irrelevant for the new job. The other candidates who had come for the interview

You walk holding me by my hand

Experience Of Ashok Kamble, New Panvel Every Bapu devotee surely experiences the fact that once you hold your Sadguru’s hand, you will never need to look for anyone else’s. The Sadguru continues to send help to us either Himself or through others.  I am no ‘malkari‘ i.e. I don’t wear garlands of tulsi around my neck. But wherever bhajans and kirtans are sung, I go and sit there quietly to listen

You Take Immense Care of Me

Paramanand Chavan, Koparkhairane, Only he can supersede/conquer any physical, emotional turmoil or disease. It is evident from this experience. When a person’s body does not support him/her, he gives us that extra strength to achieve the seemingly unattainable. However, one must ensure that one reposes unflinching faith at his lotus feet. I am an ardent devotee of Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu! I do not know any kind of devotion or service.

Experience Of Sunandaveera Barhate For the devotees living out of town, the news that ‘Bapu is going to come to my town’, is like a festive occasion. Every devotee is eager to participate in this occasion. Then during this time, if any devotee faces a personal tragedy, he feels, ‘Will I miss this opportunity?’ But Sadguru will never let that happen…  I bow down to Parampujya Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu,