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अनमोल काळ व्यर्थ दवडू नये Don't waste precious time

जगविख्यात शास्त्रज्ञ आइनस्टाइन यांच्या “माणूस ज्याला योगायोग म्हणतो, ती खरं तर भगवंताने नामानिराळे राहून त्या मानवाच्या हितासाठी केलेली योजना असते”, या वाक्यासंदर्भात सद्गुरु श्री अनिरुद्ध बापुंनी (Aniruddha Bapu) गुरुवार दि. १३-०३-२०१४ रोजीच्या प्रवचनात विवेचन केले. योगायोगाला अस्तित्व नसून ती भगवंताची लीला असते आणि भगवंत स्वत:कडे कुठलेही श्रेय न घेता लाभेवीण प्रेमाने आपल्या लेकारांसाठी त्यांच्या विकासाची योजना कार्यान्वित करत असतो. आपण या व्हिडियोत ते पाहू शकता.  ॥ हरि ॐ ॥ ॥ श्रीराम

A pure, Satvic, simple and yet supremely sacred way of doing the Navratri Poojan

  The procedure for performing the ‘Navratri Puja’ rituals, as given in the editorial from ‘Dainik Pratyasha’ dated September 14 2017, is given below. This procedure has been provided in both Hindi and Marathi languages. Every Shraddhavaan can perform the Navratri Poojan at home in this manner.     Pratishthapana (installation):    1) Before starting Poojan on the first day of Navratri, a layer of geru (गेरू) should be applied to the

Ambadnya Ishtika Poojan: Notice about offering Chunari

Hari Om,  Several Shraddhavans perform the Ambadnya Ishtika Poojan at their home as prescribed by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha. Shraddhavans offer Chunaris to the Ambadnya Ishtika, that is, Mothi Aai, as a part of the Nitya Poojan. On the day of Punarmilap of the Ambadnya Ishtika, the Chunaris are also to be a part of the Punarmilap.  A few Upasana Centres have enquired about offering blouse pieces to Mothi Aai instead

Sadguru Shree Aniruddha

In the discourse dates 29th September 2005, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha explains the difference between truth and falsehood by citing the example of the unbreakable relationship between a mother and her child. Along with this, He guides us on what we can do to overcome our mistakes which we committ knowingly or unknowingly. Bapu further explains why we should pray to God every night before sleeping. २९ सितंबर २००५ के प्रवचन


In this discourse, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha expounds on how and what we should ask of God, who always showers His grace and mercy upon us. Further, Sadguru Bapu, using the example of Saint Chokhamela, also explains how all kinds of knowledge are gained with Bhakti. २९ सितंबर २००५ के इस प्रवचन में सद्गुरू श्री अनिरुद्ध हमें भगवान से क्या और कैसे माँगना चाहिए, यह बता रहे है। साथ ही, सद्गुरु


In this discourse video dated 29th September 2005, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha explains why we should chant God’s name or pray for at least 24 minutes everyday. Along with this, Bapu further tells us about the correct definition of meditation and God’s immense love for His children. सद्गुरू श्री अनिरुद्ध हमें २९ सितंबर २००५ के प्रवचन व्हीडिओ में दिन के २४ घंटो में सें सिर्फ २४ मिनट भगवान का नाम सुमीरन

overcome Boredom

In this discourse, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu explains practical ways in which one can overcome boredom, irritation, and also quarrels with loved ones. Sadguru Bapu explains the importance of devoting 24 minutes a day to God and also enlists simple practices which can help us restrain negative thoughts. २९ सितम्बर २००५ के अपने प्रवचन में, सद्गुरु श्री अनिरुद्ध बापू, उदासी, चिढ़चिढ़ापन, प्रियजनों के साथ झगड़े जैसी समस्याओं को दूर करने

Ideas and Imagination

In his discourse on 29 September 2005, Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu explains the difference between ideas and imagination. At the same time, Bapu also clarifies by giving relevant examples of what harm we do by just imagining things. Based on this, Bapu also explains to us, how and why ‘Godess Radha ji’ lives in the forest of our imaginations and thoughts and what is her role in our life.  २९

My Sadgururaya, one up on Dengue

– Suhasini Deshpande, Dadar This experience will make readers realize that for a serious ailment to get cured; one needs Sadguru’s blessings along with the right set of medicines. Several renowned doctors say, “We treat, ‘He’ cures.” It means the doctors only treat the patient for the ailment, but “He” is the only one who cures the patient. The lady in this experience did not know which ailment she was

Tulsidas ji

In His discourse dated 7th October 2004, Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu beautifully explains how Bhagwaan Shree Hanuman blessed the great saint Tulsidas ji and helped him compose the Holy Scripture (Granth) ‘Shree Ramcharitmanas’ which is loved and revered by devotees even today. Further, Bapu guides us on how we can do “”Gunasankirtan”” about our God and how it benefits us. ७ अक्तूबर २००४ के अपने प्रवचन में, सद्गुरु अनिरुद्ध बापू बताते