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Olympics 2012

The opening ceremony for the 30th Olympic (Olympics 2012) have begun just now at London. I am sure millions of people must be watching the same across the globe & it will be a treat to watch them. Let The games Begin!!!!! India’s greatest successes at the Olympics have come in men’s hockey. India won every men’s Hockey title from 1928 to 1956 but thereafter our performances have deteriorated for

Shravana Bhakti

Dear Friends, In my previous post on Narration of Experiences, I had dwelt upon the importance of Shravana Bhakti, i.e. bhakti in the form of listening to the glories of the Sadguru and why we should strive to watch and listen atleast one anubhav kathan per day. On last Thursday Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) had, during His discourse, asked us to chant the Gurukshetram Mantra as many times as possible in this holy month of Shraavan. He had

Sadguru Bapu Giving Darshan at Shri Harigurugram

Since the past few weeks, on each Saturday at 7.30 p.m. office members, including the two CEOs and deputy CEO assemble on the 5th floor of Happy Home for Anubhav Kathan. I am personally present along with Paurassinh. The Anubhav Kathan, which usually lasts for an hour or so, is a combination of live narration by a Shraddhavaan and viewing of Anubhav Kathans that have already been recorded on video.On

श्रीअश्‍वत्थमारुती पूजन ( Shree Ashwattha Pujan )

संत तुकारामांनी एका अभंगात म्हटल्या प्रमाणे “भक्तीचिया वाटा मज दाखवाव्या सुभटा”. बापू (अनिरुद्धसिंह) नेहमी सांगतात की प्रत्येक भक्ताची भक्तीमार्गाची सुरुवात हनुमंतापासूनच होते. बापूंनी (अनिरुद्धसिंह) म्हणूनच सर्व श्रध्दावान मित्रांकरिता चालू केलेला भक्तीचा जल्लोष म्हणजेच श्रीअश्‍वत्थमारुती पूजन. बापूंनी  (अनिरुद्धसिंह) पहिला चालू केलेला उत्सव म्हणजे श्रीरामनवमी उत्सव, जो १९९६ साली सुरु झाला व त्यानंतर १९९७ साली श्रीअश्‍वत्थमरुती पूजन उत्सव बापूंनी (अनिरुद्धसिंह) सुरु केला. बापूंच्या देवघरातील हनुमंताची मूर्ती उपासनेची माहिती: * ह्या उत्सवामध्ये बापूंनी (अनिरुद्धसिंह) स्वत:च्या

The Shree Ashwattha Maruti Poojan (Hanuman Poojan)

Idol of Ashwattha Maruti Carved by Bapu   “O Subhata (Shreehanumanta – the supreme, the ultimate bhakta) lead me on the path of bhakti, show me the way to the bhagavanta. It is from You, that I want to learn bhakti” says Sant Tukaram in one of his compositions. Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) too has said time and again that it is guided by Hanumanta that every bhakta takes his first step or in

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Padukas of Shree Nrusinh Saraswati (Lord Dattatreya) at Home of Bapu Yesterday we have seen the importance of chanting Ghorakashtoddharan Stotra in the month of Shraavan. In Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) words the Yajna consists chanting as much as possible of our favourite among the names of the God, as also recalling to our mind as mush as possible all the attributes of God. And what is offering in this Yajna? It is the lack of bhakti (abhakti),

Romancing the Balance Sheet

Last Saturday Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) had been to “Crossword” the one at Kemp’s Corner as it is Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh)  favourite book shop. Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) loves reading and he expects his Shraddhavan friends to devote at least some time of the day for reading. He always emphasizes that reading makes a person versatile and also never feels lonely in life. Recently he visited Nerurkar’s Ideal Book Store in Dadar and purchased books on a variety of subjects

बापूंची (अनिरुध्दसिंह) तपश्‍चर्या - २ ( Bapu's Aniruddhasinh's penance 2)

बापूंच्या (अनिरुद्धसिंह) तपश्‍चर्येचा दुसरा खंड म्हणजे ’उपासना खंड’. ही तपश्‍चर्या कशासाठी? याचं उत्तर उपासना शब्दातच आहे असं बापू (अनिरुद्धसिंह) म्हणतात. उप-आसन म्हणजे जवळ बसण्यासाठी. बापू (अनिरुद्धसिंह) पुढे सांगतात, ” मला कामाला लागायचं आहे; तुमच्या अधिक जवळ यायचं आहे; आणि जेवढी ही दरी कमी होईल तेवढाच मी तुमच्या जवळ येऊ शकेन. तुम्ही माझ्या जवळ येऊ शकता”. आता बापू  (अनिरुद्धसिंह) आमच्यातलाच एक आहे ह्या प्रेमाच्या भावनेने स्विकारायचं; इच्छा असेल तर.  पण मला तुमच्या

बापूंची (अनिरुद्धसिंह) तपश्‍चर्या ( Bapu's Aniruddhasinh's penance )

बापूंची (अनिरुद्धसिंह) तपश्‍चर्या ( Bapu’s Aniruddhasinh’s penance )   गुरुपौर्णिमेच्या आधिच्या गुरुवारी बापूंनी (अनिरुद्धसिंह) आपल्या सर्व श्रध्दावान मित्रांना उद्देशून सांगितलं की त्यांच्या तपश्‍चर्येचा दुसरा खंड म्हणजेच ’उपासना खंड’ आषाढी एकादशी पासून सुरु होईल आणि तो ’उपासना खंड’ चालू झालाही. हा दुसरा खंड येत्या दसर्‍याला संपन्न होणार आहे.     बापूंच्या (अनिरुद्धसिंह) सर्व श्रध्दावान मित्रांना बापूंच्या (अनिरुद्धसिंह) स्वतिक्षेम तपश्‍चर्येची कल्पना आहेच. मागच्या घटस्थापनेपासून बापूंची (अनिरुद्धसिंह) स्वतिक्षेम तपश्‍चर्या चालू झाली व रामनवमीला संपन्न झाली. ह्या तपश्‍चर्येची फलश्रुती म्हणजे सर्वांग