Sainath Sadguru of Adyapipa

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Bapu (Aniruddhasinh), Suchitdada and myself at Aadyapipa Samadhi Sthanam
Today is Shreekrishna Jayanti, the Kalashtami of the month of Shravan, in other words ‘Gokulashtami’ – a very special day for all of the Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) family. It was on this day that Adyapipa i.e. “Kaka” left this world. ‘Kaka’ was what we – my Dada – and I called our father.
There was this one thing about Kaka that as a child I found very intriguing. Every night he went to sleep gazing intently at the photograph of Sainath and wanted that the lights in the room be switched off. More than frequently it was I who was assigned this task of switching off the lights. After I had switched them off, he sometimes wanted them switched on again. He was just never contented as far as the darshan of Sainath was concerned. This happened very often and I thought to myself, “It is the same photograph he gazes at day in and day out! Why then must he do this?” But now I know why he did it. I have the answer to my own question. This is the photograph that Kaka’s father had got home – the one that Sainath Himself had touched and blessed on the request of Kaka’s father. This was the one. It has always been with us in our home at Thane, right from 1966 – ever since we moved in.
When the day of Kaka taking leave of us was near, Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) arranged to fetch this photograph from Thane and had it put up in Kaka’s room right before his eyes. Kaka understood what it meant. He was so full of joy, so completely overwhelmed seeing the photograph that tears just kept streaming from his eyes. The day before he passed away, Kaka asked Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) in my presence, “Bapu, how many days more yet?” Bapu replied, “Only a few hours”. On this, Kaka took my hand and placed it in Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) hand. He was very contented. For me this is and shall be the dearest, the best and the most precious gift that Kaka has ever given to me.
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Personal Copy of Shree Saisachcharit that Kaka used to read
It was in 1945 i.e. at his age of twelve years that Kaka resolved to do a minimum of four ‘saptah‘ (reading through of a sacred work within a span of seven days) of the Shree Saisachcharit every year. As given in the Shree Saisachcharit, the ‘saptah‘ culminated on the days of Ramnavmi, the Gurupournima, the Gokulashtami and the Dassera. 

He who has his own well-being at heart, ought to read this work and imbibe it in thought and deed as a value. Through every one of his births then, this will keep him in joyful gratitude to Shree Sainath’s love and grace …. (Shree Saisachcharit – Chapter52 Verse 52)This sacred work may be read in one’s own home especially on occasions that Sai celebrated – on the day of the Gurupournima, the Gokulashtami, the Ramnavmi and the day Sai left His body (Dassera) ….(Shree Saisachcharit – Chapter 52 Verse 53)

I even remember that for a few years Kaka had done the ‘saptah‘ sitting beside he ‘kolamba‘ (a large open pot that held food. Baba gave some from it to bhaktas and it even remained open to stray animals. But the food was indeed a form of blessing from Baba) in the Dwarkamai. We, i.e. Aai (my mother), my Dada and I sat by his side all through the time he read the Shree Saisachcharit. This was somewhere around the period between 1970 and 1975. After that however, the number of Sai bhaktas visiting Shirdi began to swell so rapidly that it became impossible to sit there and do a whole ‘saptah‘. So then Kaka read only as many chapters as he could sitting inside the Dwarkamai. Even today, his voice rings in my ears, I hear him read the Saisachcharit. It is to Kaka’s ‘paaraayan’, (reading through of a sacred work within a stipulated period) his regular and consistent reading of this work that the roots of my fondness for the Shree Saisachcharit can be traced. Thus it is, the bond that we have with the Shirdi of Sainath, of Baba; that is how we connect with it. We did the ‘vaari’ of Shirdi at least two times in the year.

Verses 218 to 222 of the 35th chapter were very close to Kaka’s heart.
This ‘Sachcharit’ is a simple, straight forward path – easy and meant for every one.
Every such place where it is cherished and read with love, assumes the form of the
Dwarkamai. And so in that space, Sai too manifests Himself for sure. ….218
These are the banks of the river Godavari, the sacred Shirdi too so close;
Here dwells Sai along with the ‘dhuni’; Know well this fact, recall it with love at all
times and He will rid you of all trouble. ….219
Where the principles, the mission of Sai are read and held dear, is the abode of Sai
at all times. Such a reading (of the work) done over and over again and with faith
and love in the heart, pleases Him in every way. ….220
Recalling to the mind the heart full of love, Sai the abode of eternal Joy – the
Joy that just is; reciting His name every day is all that one needs to do and offer
in life. We need neither an arduous austerity nor any penance nor even onerous
meditation. ….221
Given in love at Sai’s Feet, all those who regularly and consistently drink in (inside
of the body) and apply (on the outside of the body) Sai’s Udi (vibhuti), shall have
their desires fulfilled and so, contentment in life. ….222
Kaka literally lived these words. His life was these verses personified.
Kaka even sang the ‘Shree Sai-stavan-manjiri’ very sweetly. It was he who had instructed Dada and me to recite the Shree Sai-stavan-manjiri and so it became part of our regular upasana.
On 13th November 2000, Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) appointed Kaka to the post of ‘Pipilika Paanthastha’. For Kaka, this moment marked the beginning of a very different, a very special journey on the spiritual path. Kaka quietened, he became calm. In the year 2004, on Bapu’s (Aniruddhasinh) instructions, he gave me the Gurumantra – this again was a verse from the Shree Saisachcharit (verse 152 of the 11th chapter)

All your desires, even the unusual will be fulfilled Thus ultimately rendered contented and free of them, you will attain to the state of intimacy with the Sadguru-parmatma – every moment and forever. And so the Ram-parmatma will make your heart His abode – every moment and forever.
All the shraddhavaan Bapubhaktas have, most certainly a special and a very strong connection with the “Shree Saisachcharit”. It was through the “Shree Sai Samartha Vidnyan Prabodhini” that Bapu initiated for us, the Panchasheel Examination based on the Shreesaisachcharit. Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) Himself taught the bhaktas, He gave the lectures based on the practicals. These lectures were then compiled and made available in the form of a textbook. Thousands of shraddhavaan friends appeared for this examination. In 1996 the very first Rasayatra was organized – this again had for its destination Shirdi! Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) explained Sai and Shirdi to all shraddhavaan friends present then. And now we have Bapu’s  (Aniruddhasinh) discourses in Hindi – yet again on the Shree Saisachcharit!
We are now launching a forum through this blog, starting Wednesday 15th August 2012. The forum will be called “Sai – The Guiding Spirit“.

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  1. हरि ओम दादा, फोरम लॉंच करून आपण श्रद्धावानांच्या जास्त जवळ आलात आणि त्यामुळे त्यांना या फोरम मध्ये त्यांची मते दिलखुलास मांडता येतील. आपल्या या स्तुत्य उपक्रमाबद्दल श्रीराम.

    जगदीशसिंह पटवर्धन,
    बोरिवली (प)

  2. Hariom Dada!Iam very thankful for launching a forum ” Sai-The Guiding Spirit” This is a great oppurtunity for all of us to learn & understand Sadguru Bhakti.This will help us lot in our life.

    Shekharsinh Pattekar

  3. Hari om Dada,
    Shree Raam for the great efforts taken by you in delivering all this information to us, the readers, about various aspects of Bapu, Shri Saisatcharitra, and our everyday life.

    Now, we are eagerly waiting for the forum to be launched.

  4. Hari Om Dada,

    Shreeram for sharing this post. Aadyapipadada by himself is a GUIDE on the path of Bhakti. I am eagerly waiting for the forum “Sai-The Guiding Spirit” to be lauched.

    Hari Om

  5. kai amuche bhagya gahan, nahi jayache purvi darshan, nahi “chintan” nahi “shravan” taya hi smaran amuche|| jayasange bapu khelale, hansle, baisle, bolale, chalale, jewale, pahudle, ragezle, bhagyagale tey sarva || kahihi na ghadta amha haathi, ituke amha je kalwalti, tumhatehi nityasangati, bhagya stithi dhanya tumchi ||


  6. Shreeram Dada.While reading about Kaka and Saisatchritra parayan,it took me into my past memory. I was attending for the first time, Saisatchritra parayaan, an annual event, at my friend, Arivindsinh Dhuwali in 2000.I was introduced to Paduka of P.P.Sadguru Bapu. I was given Upasana pustika as prasad. First time, I was given an oppertunity to put my “head” on charanpaduka of P.P.Bapu. I handedover myself to P.P.Bapu and my journey started, holding finger of P.P.Bapu.Now,except happiness and success, there is nothing to repent. Yes, as rightly advised by Kaka, with Saisatcharitra Parayan only and only good thing happens to Shradhdhvans. I got my Bapu,Mom,P.P.Suchitdada and you ,the friend,philoshopher and guide. And ,now, on top of all, Discussion Forum “Sai-The Guiding spirit”. Shreeram Dada.

  7. Shreeram Dada, What a good idea to bring about a discussion forum. Kaka and Bapu have inculcated Sai Bhakti to thousands of people including myself. I was absolutely unaware about Saibaba till I came into Bapu's fold and started writing Sai Satcharitra exams. Not that I am aware of Saibaba so much now. But my liking to read Saisatcharitra and listening to his stories and just contemplating the stories written in this great granth has increased. Dada, there is so much bhakti in your family particularly Sai bhakti. Both of you are great souls to have born to Aadya Pipa. When the Juinagar inauguration was done 6 years ago I still remember the Gajjar which was being sung there on that day “Sai mange do naney mee dheelo suchit sammeer” Sometimes, looking at the bhakti you all have I get an inferiority complex. Shreeram

  8. Hari Om! Dada I eagerly await your blog every day it is like a soothing balm to me. Shree Ram for sharing part of your wonderful childhood and portion of our P Adhya Pipa's life and his Sai Bhakti. Shree Ram for making us understand through your blog the importance of (Paaraayan) reading the Sai Satcharita and Sadguru Bhakti and have very clearly you have indicated to us how much love our PP Sadguru Bapu has for the bhaktas. Our beloved PP Sadguru Bapu with His own loving ways (Panchasheel Pariksha) has made us his children (bhaktas) read and made us understand the importance of The Sai Satcharita. Once again Shree Ram Dada and we eagerly await the launch of the forum “Sai-The Guiding Sprit”.

  9. Pujya Dada,

    We are all indebted to you for sharing this intimate information about “Kaka” and “Shree Sai Satcharit”.I still remember, when I had heard Parampujya Bapu talking on SAI SATCHARIT. He said at that time that “SAI SATCHARIT is a Practical Book on “How to lead a normal, healthy, satisfied, happy life” and at the same time it is also an ideal book on Management. If you have any problem in life, you will definitely find an answer to that problem in SAI SATCHARIT.

    Hari Om and Shree Ram

  10. This is a fantastic idea.. It will certainly increase the interaction and enhance the understanding of Sai Satcharita of all of us to a great extent..

  11. Hariom Poojya Samirdada, the announcement of the launch of DISCUSSION FORUM named “SAI – THE GUIDING SPIRIT” on 15th August 2012 is a great boon to us. This is a great opportunity for all of us where in we would be able to share our views, get to know the views of our fellow shraddhaavaans and thus progress in the path of BHAKTI. This forum, I feel, would really be the “SAI BHAKTI GANGA” where a dip will wash away all our sins and make us pure. Shreeram Dada for this wonderful opportunity that you have given us and we are now eagerly waiting to take a dip in this Bhakti Ganga.

  12. Shreeram Sameerdada ! It's so wonderful to read your posts on your blog!We are very happy to know that you are launching a forum ''Sai- The guiding spirit'.It's so beautiful to get to know your childhood memories.We have to learn so much from you ! Shreeram ,we are eagerly waiting for your posts
    Anjanaveera Mahajan

  13. Shreeram P.Dada for thiz beautiful post about our AdhyaPipadada….indeed.His immence love and bhakti towards Saibaba and Saisatcharitra can be understood from this detailed experience that you have shared with us on this Pure and Holy day of ShreeKrishna Janma…..The importance of Sai satcharitra Has been shown to us by Our Dear Sadguru Bapu….due to Panchasheel exams…we have not only understood the importance of Saicharitra in detail but have started loving it all the more.As P.P.Bapu had quoted during the early Panchasheel Days that “It is a charitra that not only shows us What A real Sadguru is,but it also shows us the love of a true devotee towards Sai…hey Babancha charitra nasoon Babnchya Bhaktanche aahe…..Shreeram Dada. And wyth the commencement of the Sai sachcharitra Forum…it will be all the more easy for all of us to get more closer to our Sai,our Bapu…Hari om

  14. Shreeram Dada for this post. Aadya Pipa's resolve to do a minimum of four 'saptah' of “Shree Saichcharit” every year, at the tender age of twelve, itself shows the sheer love and fondness he had towards this sacred work. The most eagerly awaited news about launching of the forum called “Sai- The guiding spirit” is indeed a matter of joy for all Shraddhavans. Shreeram once again.

  15. Shri Ram Dada for sharing this post. The importance of Sacred Saisatcharitra is clearly understood by reading this post. By Bapu's Grace we started reading the Saisatcharitra only for the sake of giving the Panchasheel exam in the earlier stage. However now we understand why one should read it regularly as it teaches us how a devotee should behave according to the Sadguru's instructions/wish. The importance of “Paaraayan” is also highlighted through this post. Shri Ram Dada for all this and we all are eagerly waiting for the launch of the forum “SAI – The Guiding Spirit”

  16. Shree Ram! Was desperately waiting for ur today's post and lo! I get to read during the Satsang. Really touching post. And double bonus that the discussion is starting….. Wow!

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