Sai Niwas – A Documentary now Available in Hindi (dubbed)

Sai Niwas Hindi Documentary DVDHari Om Dear Friends, 

Last Thursday, i.e. on January 31, 2013, after the Swasthi Kshema Samvaad for Shraddhavaans, who attend the Hindi Pravachan of Bapu, a special screening of the Sai Niwas documentary (dubbed version in Hindi) was held. Since the duration of the original documentary is more than 2 hours, a more concise version, with a duration of 45 minutes was screened.

Many of us present, had already seen the original version in Marathi. So, what might have seemed like a repeat viewing, did not actually turn out to be so. The Hindi version has been made so well; in particular the emotions of Sadya Pipa (Appasaheb Dabholkar) and Chetansinh Dabholkar have been captured so well, that one actually tends to forget that one is watching the dubbed version. When the screening was over, it seemed as if 45 minutes had passed with the blink of an eyelid.

The documentary on Sai Niwas is indeed a priceless possession to have. The DVDs of both, the Marathi as well as the Hindi (dubbed) version are available at Shri Harigurugram, Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram, Sai Niwas and many of the Upasana Centres.

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  1. हरी ॐ दादा.
    पुरेल अपूर्व इच्छित काम । व्हाल अंती पूर्ण निष्काम । पावाल दुर्लभ सायुज्यधाम । अखंड राम लाधाल ।।१५२।। this Ovi is visualized in whole life or Poojya Meenavaini. For her , her RAM was first SAI , when she started reading SHREESAISACCHARIT before meeting BAPU. But once BAPU entered in her life, BAPU was the only destination, and finally she achieved those LOTUS feet where all 4 muktis sureender. The ovi’s which we read in Adhyay 31 of Shreesaisaccharit were really experienced when Chetansinh Dabholkar narrated Meenaviani’s total surrender at BAPU’s lotus feet …..
    मेघा जेव्हां पावला पंचत्व।पहा तैं उत्तरविधानमहत्त्व।आणीक बाबांचे भक्तसख्यत्व । मेघा तो कृत्कृत्य आधींच।। १२०।। होतां मेघाचे उत्तरविधान।सवें घेउन भक्त समस्त।स्मशानयात्रेस गेले ग्रामस्थ।बाबाही गेले स्मशानाप्रत।पुष्पें वर्षत मेघावर ।। १२१।।होतां मेघाचे उत्तरविधान।बाबाही झाले साश्रुलोचन।मायानुवर्ती मानवासमान।शोकनिर्विण्ण मानस ।।१२२।। प्रेमें बाबांनीं निजकरें । प्रेत आच्छदिलें सुमननिकरें शोकही करुनि करुणास्वरें। मग ते माघारे परतले ।।१२३।।
    SAINIWAS – documentary in Marathi and later edition in Hindi – both give immense pleasure. Really it is so beautifully screened that dubbed effect is not at all realized. One get totally engrossed into the memories of SAINIWAS, Meenavaini that it becomes very difficult to control your tears and emotions.
    Dada, your words are APT that The documentary on Sai Niwas is indeed a priceless possession to have..innumerable times I am AMBADNYA to AADIMATA , for giving golden opportunity to visit SAINIWAS even sitting at home !!!!

  2. Hari Om Dada,

    This did refresh my memories of Chaubal Ajoba.
    I remember all those times when I used to go to Sai Niwas with Ajoba holding his hand.

    He always talked enthusiastically about Sai Baba and then about P.P. Bapu. I still remember his words in last days “Come what may, Never leave P.P. Bapu in your lifetime”.

  3. Quite true Dada. The documentary is so well made that we could actually visualise the narration. Each one of us wer ae so engrossed that time ceased to exist. Come to think of it, this was only a concised version. One can imagine what the fuller version could provide.!!!!!!AMBADNYA

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