Punarmilap Procession Walk Through

Punarmilap Procession Walk Through

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  1. Hari om Dada: I was fortunate to have participated in both the processions, the aagman and the puranmilap. It was an amazing experience. To my mind, the highlights are as follows:

    (1) One could not help notice the humongous crowd, both of bhaktas and public. I believe the size this year was much more than last year. This is not amazing as our beloved Bapu’s grace and love is expanding at a fast rate.
    (2) All along the alignment route, people surged out of their houses, shops and offices to catch a glimpse of their Bapu and His Ganapati. Most people were familiar with this annual procession of Bapu and the ones that did not were simply stunned. I recall seeing a mother holding out her baby from a high balcony in one of the buildings enroute so that the baby could get darshan of Bapu.
    (3) It was simply a blessing, a treat to walk along with Bapu for almost 2 and a half hours, watching Him sing and dance, enthralling others.
    (4) Crowd control was amazing and the volunteers were stretched to their limits. Really, Shriram to them.
    (5) Again, the performing bands and the lijhim teams were superb and went on untiringly. Their practice and rehearsals showed superbly.
    (6) Not to forget, in the midst of all this, that Nandaai took time off to greet all the people standing in the long queues, reaching out to them, conveying to them in Her own way that we understand and we are with you. Similarly, the distribution of prasad by Aai and Dada is an event looked forward to by all. It was very touching.
    (7) Truly, the whole thing was possible only because a ‘power’ was at work, fuelling everyone’s efforts.

    Many thanks to all the bhaktas who organised the processions. Many thanks to you for putting up everything so vividly on your blog for the benefit of all those who could not attend.

    Hari om
    sunilsinh bahl

  2. हरी ओम ! समीर दादा !

    आपण आपल्या ब्लॉग वर प्रसृत केलेला 'Punarmilap Procession Walk through'—गणपती बाप्पाच्या पुनार्मिलनाच्या मिरवणुकीचा video पाहिला. खूपच छान !

    सर्व श्रद्धावान शिस्तीने, वाद्यांच्या गजरात, नाचत व गात चाललेले पाहून खूप आनंद झाला. प.पू. बापूंचा तन्मयतेने होत असलेला सहभाग मनाला खूप आनंद व सुखकारक वाटत होता.

    लेझीम पथकाचा व श्रद्धावानांचा मिरवणुकीतील सहभाग खूप शिस्तबद्ध होता.

    अनेक events च्या निरनिराळ्या videos मधून कार्यकर्त्यांनी भक्तानां केलेले परिश्रमपूर्वक मार्गदर्शन व मदत नेहमीप्रमाणेच चांगले वाटले. एकंदरीत काय,कार्यकर्ते हे सुद्धा श्रद्धावानामधूनच येत असतात.

    सर्वांचे मनःपूर्वक अभिनंदन !!

    सुभाष एस. चित्रे.

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