Publication of English language learning guides authored by Nandai

मराठी हिंदी   ગુજરાતી  ಕನ್ನಡ বাংলা

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Nandai during Aatmabal English Classes

On the 6th of May 2010 we Shraddhavaans heard Parampoojya Bapu speak about the concept of ‘The Ramrajya 2025’. This discourse included valuable information about a number of topics. One of these important topics was ‘Learning to speak fluent English’. Bapu had said, “As of today, most business in the world transacts in English. The mother-tongue ought to be a matter of pride and that goes without saying. But the fact remains that to achieve one’s personal progress improving one’s English is now a necessity. If we wish to survive in the competitive world, we just have to be fluent in English. And so with this very intention we are creating ‘The Aniruddha’s Institute of Language and Linguistics’. Bapu further said, “Most people tend to think in their mother-tongue before they speak in English. That is not right. It only creates a breach between the thought and its expression. This breach hampers the flow, the fluency of the language. Language must flow, fluency is important.”

publication, English learning guides, English, English speaking, Nandai, Aniruddha's Institute of Language and Linguistics, Ramrajya, 2025Also, Bapu had declared that ‘Sou. Swapnagandhaveera Aniruddhasinh Joshi’ (our dear Nandai) would be the chief, the solely and wholly responsible chief of this institute. We are all aware that for the last so many years Nandai has been conducting the ‘Atmabal Classes for women’ of which ‘learning the English language’ has been an important aspect. Some of the women who enroll for these classes know not a single word of English. However, in a mere six months these very women learn to speak and write enough to enable everyday interaction. Some of these even participate and with confidence, in the English skits presented as part of the programme held at the end of the course.

In keeping with this very purpose, books that aid to learn English, authored by Nandai Herself will soon be published in the form of sets. These books will open up a simple and useful path for all Shraddhavaans who wish to learn English. Reading and using these books is going to be as much a unique and joyful experience as will be looking at them. This will prove an important stride indeed, in the journey towards the Ramrajya, the Ramrajya that is Bapu’s vision for us.

Published at Mumbai, Maharashtra – India

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  1. Hari om, its a really great news.

    Parampujya Bapu has always taught us to be updated with the time. English language is must for every individual today. This is Parampujya Nandai’s unconditional love that she has taken so much of efforts for us. This book will be treasure of everybody who wants improve English.

    We are really Ambadnya for this.

  2. Hari Om,

    A Great News Indeed! To learn English from our dear Nandai is a very blessed feeling for us. Being a part of Aatmabal I was one of the lucky ones whom Aai have groomed.

    Aai taught us how to communicate fluently in this language by making us speak in English as well as writing sentences in English. She wanted us to improve our vocabulary by reading more and conversing in English. Not only conversation but to think in English as well.

    We all Shraddhavans are really grateful to her for this precious gift. Shreeram.


  3. English language is widely spoken language and becoming a necessity in today’s society. As Bapu rightly said during Ramrajya discourse that it is immensely used worldwide by business officials to communicate.
    Learning English language has always been an important prospect of Nandai’s Aatmabal class. Nandai emphasized us to converse in English to improve our vocabulary in our Aatmabal class. For those who were not so confident or well versed with the language, she made sure that they learn atleast the Basics which can be used in day to day life and are not completely ignorant about it. Indeed, a great effort by Nandai taken for all of us.

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