Pratyaksha New Year Special Issue

The New Year Special Issue of Pratyaksha has simply awestruck everyone. The importance, relevance and need of ‘Social Media’ for ‘common man’ was conveyed in very clean, clear-cut and precise terms by Sadguru Bapu in his opening article of the Issue.

The article was followed by a string of simple, lucid and extremely useful articles which explain us the functional, procedural and technical aspects of use of various Social Media like Facebook, Whatsapp, Blogs, YouTube, Twitter and also guide us about etiquettes and precautions to be maintained while operating on Social Media. I also sincerely appreciate efforts of all the writers, designers, editors and all those who have contributed towards making of this Special Issue.

We have received loads of positive comments, feedback, inputs on this Special Issue. These comments have also been reverberating on Facebook, Whatsapp, Blogs, etc. I am appending some of the comments herewith as under.

  1. Pallaviveera Kanade

Hari Om Team, Everyone should read Pratyaksha Visheshank of Todays as well as Vardhapandin Special Edition also it will upgrade our Knowledge Our Dad has Send to us all this precious information without any efforts but he had taken lots of Efforts for us. Todays Edition is full of Social Media Learning Book for us.

 Ambadnya and Love u my Dad for giving us precious Gift

 Aamhi Ambadnya Aahot….


  1. Anjana Sandeep

My Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu’s views in His editorial write today’s new year issue of Pratyaksha…about how to use social media…We are Ambadnya Bapuraya for Your love and guidance to keep us on the right path….Shreeram


  1. Supriya Zantye

Superb and informative articles by our WEB and IT team in PRATYAKSHA New Year Issue

Loved it….Ambadnya and Congrats


  1. Sachinsinh Rege

IT’S AWESSSSSOME….the ‘Dainik Pratyaksha’ New Year Special Issue on ‘SOCIAL MEDIA’….informative contents about Blogs, FB, Twitter, Youtube, Vine and what not…. Adv


  1. Sarangsinh Vaidya

काय नाही आजच्या ‘दै. प्रत्यक्ष’ मध्ये आज…?? जस्ट स्टार्ट…फेसबुक , व्हॉट्स अप, ट्विटर, ब्लॉग … अगदी अथ पासून इति पर्यन्त!!!


  1. Jayeshsinh Bonde

I think this new year’s Pratkshya is small textbook in easy marathi for not only starters as well as regullar users of social media. A great effort taken by all of you. Ambadnya.


  1. Harshadaveera Kolte

Pratyaksha rocks….ajun ek Paul ramrjyakade..andharatun prakashakade…ambadnya to Samirdada and entire IT and web team. Fantastic lay out….ambadnya…love you dad your tweet was the booster to go ahead ……


  1. Ambadnya-Vaibhavsinh Karnik

Hariom and heartiest congratulations to all the writers team and layout team of The Peatyaksha New Year Issue. Great topics covered . THE HOW TO of FACEBOOK to WHATSAPP to BLOGS to WEBSITES and so on. 

Very easy to understand language used. We are really Ambadnya for giving us such wealth of information at one place.


 I love you my DAD.


  1. Preetiveera  Potnis

 Very well written articles by our Web and IT team in the “Dainik Pratyaksha” Congratulations &Kudos to the team and Superb Guidance from P.SamirDada and Offcourse Our DAD ,our Bapu..We are Ambadnya to Our Mothi Aai For blessing us all with such a Loving Dad.

 Thanx &Ambadnya to the Entire team for sharing such Valuable information.

 It will be much easier to work on a Computer now and Stay connected Via Social Media


  1. Sandeepsinh Mahajan

Superlike as they say on the Social Media site! Ambadnya for the New Year Wishes and Muscat Bapu Parivar too extends its warm wishes for a very invigorating 2014 to the global Bapu Parivar. Bapu surely has got His conducive way to keep us on our toes, whether its spirituality, keeping healthy, technological learning or keeping abreast with the global happenings.

 Got to read your blog as well as Parampujya’s open tweet vide yesterday’s Agralekha in Daily Pratyaksha. We do not get Pratyaksha in Oman and reading the Agralekha in time was possible due to the social media itself. Bapu has brought out very relevant points in the editorial giving us ample food for thought (and action) for the coming year.

 Since last few years Sanstha and the affiliates have grown in leaps and bounds on the web thereby bringing Bapu Community closer and updated in real time. Under Bapu’s tutelage and your direction this has been possible. The direction set by Bapu in the Adhiveshan 2013 is taken further through this issue and we are waiting desperately to get the whole issue in our hand. New Year also gives an opportunity to express our Ambadnyata to the IT Team, your goodself and last but not the least to Bapu. Now its our turn to take action.


  1. Tejassinh Deshpande

हरि ओम दादा ,

 दैनिक प्रत्यक्षचा नववर्ष विशेषांक सर्वांसाठी अतिशय उपयुक्त व आवश्यक असा ज्ञानाचा कॉम्पुटर व सोशल मिडीयायाचा परिपूर्ण वापर येणाऱ्या काळामध्ये कसा करावा व काळाच्या सोबत राहण्यासाठी उपयुक्त आहे. कारण या काळाची पाऊले ओळखणारा ” तो ” twiter जबरदस्त आहे. अंबज्ञ .


  1. Mangeshsinh Sathe

All I want to say is Ambadnya Bapu for helping all shraddhavaans to be connected. We are fortunate and feel blessed for this progress of ours and I feel the New Year Special Issue of Pratyaksha is going be a Great Gift to all shraddhavaans especially as it is in marathi it is going to help understand various terms in Social Media which are jargons and could not be understood by everyone. Ambadnya!!!


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  1. Hari Om Dada. We are Ambadnya to entire team who have taken all sorts of sincere afforts and hard work to put before us this special New Year issue of 1st Jan 2014. Every New Year issue has some object, this year it was Importance of ‘Social Media ‘ for common man. It is really appreciated by all . I am a person born before 1970 and was looking for a simple and understandable I.T. Book since last couple of months to learn more about E-mail, FB,Whatsapp,Google,You Tube etc. This New Year Issue is just like Text Book which I was searching for and more useful for person like me.
    Once again heartiest congratulations to entire team who have directly or indirectly involved to make this a memorable New Year Issue.

  2. ll Hari Om ll

    Our dear Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu, had been repeatedly guiding us to go along with the developments and to be updated with the world. He had been emphasizing on Computer age and it is not just need but “must” to know about computer specially “social media”.

    Our dear Bapu, Aai and Suchitdada are continuously striving hard to keep us with the technology. At the time of launch of PRATYAKSHA in early 2005, Bapu had clearly stated that not knowing the realities and facts of the prevalent times is darkness and this darkness is treacherous. During His special discourse on Ram Rajya on 6th May 2010, He emphasized on an extremely important aspect of usage of English, as a means of communication. The love of our Nandai, “Sai for me”, is a step towards the same vision.

    During adhivetion 2013 and on His discourse on 12th December 2013, He made us aware of Nanotechnology – its applications and implications. He does not want His children to be termed as “Digital Emigrates” or “Useless Eaters” or “illiterate”.

    Shri Krupasindhu dindarshika 2014, is also focussed on the same theme – Internet usage “Fast Moving Technical World”, it covers various aspects of this internet world. The efforts put behind the team in compiling all the matter is remarkable, Shree Ram and Ambadnya to the team.

    1st January 2014 Dainik Pratyakasha issue clearing shows His immense love for His children. The thought process about the concept, the efforts behind it reflects His concern for each one of us. The issue covers all the aspects of social media in very simple and lucid manner. Each process is explained step by step that too with pictures, serves as basic guide. There are many aspects covered which we are not yet aware of. It also guides us on etiquettes and precautions to be taken while operating social media. The entire issue reflects the number of days, hard work and efforts put in, it is not simple job neither a day job. Shree Ram and Ambadnya to all those involved in making of this special issue.

    He had provided ample of resources to us. During His discourse on 02nd January 2014, He once again emphasized on knowing the unknown, He had lighten the flame for us, so that we can walk through this darkness.

    He wished us Happy New Year with two important messages, His favourite quote of George Washington Carver – “Start where you are, with what you have. Make something out of it and never be satisfied” and “There is no FAILURE like Not trying something”.

    Ambadnya to Upasana Centres, who are carrying forward this vision, by organizing training sessions for the Shraddhavans from their Upasana centres.

    ll Hari Om ll

    ll Shree Ram ll

    ll Ambadnya ll

    ll I Love you my Dad ll

  3. I would like to confess dada that since at list 4-5 years I am regularly using Social media, different apps and similar, but after reading ‘Dainik Pratyaksha’s’ special edition on ‘Social Media’ has changed my Social media life. Many unknown concepts of mine are now crystal clear. I do not think this issue is a guiding star for just a ‘lay-man’!!! Even it is an user manual for the people like me who are using social media and many more since long. The quality and study behind each and article is the bestest! I really liked the way in which this concept is brought on such a big platform like a Daily News-paper. Bapu’s knowledge and study on science, technology, IT is always just beyond any words to admire. His scientific method of handling such issues is very unique and surprising. When i read his editorial ‘Just Start’, then i was so amused that i was just kept on thinking what kind of unique personality bapu has! He is a good writer, friend, philosopher, guide, technocrat, doctor, healer, technician, teacher…….the list will never last…. I answer in the same way in which bapu has ended his editorial… ‘I re-tweet Aniruddha Bapu’

  4. Congratulation Pratyaksha Team. Great efforts by all of you. Pratyaksha New year issue – Social Media is a complete guide for all new users of web world. Today in india most of the people are using Facebook, Whatsapp, Youtube etc. site regularly. But many of them are not aware of all features, security protocol and etiquette. This social media special edition has explained many features in detail with proper screenshots. I will definitely refer this special edition to students, fresher, professionals, business persons and housewives too.
    I like article on Email etiquette, Website, Online precaution, Facebook चे शिष्टाचार and especially Editorial of our beloved Dad in which Sadguru Bapu has mention that best use of internet and social media leads to successful life not only in this but in next century too.
    So all my friends lets become powerful users of internet.

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