Pakistan’s General Elections – a political bid by terrorists for the nuclear weapons

Pakistan, the nation which has fought four wars with India, is going to polls on 25th July 2018. Elections in Pakistan have always been a sham and have acted to provide a garb to Pakistani Army’s dictatorship. But this national election is specially grabbing headlines across the world for an altogether dangerous reason.

Media has reported that Hafiz Saeed – the mastermind of Mumbai-terror attacks, in which 164 people were killed, is fielding his 265 candidates under the banner of Jamaat-ud-Dawah (JuD) for national and provincial assembly seats across Pakistan in the polls. JuD is nothing but the political face of Lashkar-e-Taiba, the same terrorist organization that executed the Mumbai attacks. With Saeed calling for nuking of ‘real’ democracies like India, Israel and the United States, JuD’s victory will mean the global community coming face to face with a catastrophic nightmare of Pakistan’s nuclear weapons having fallen in the hands of radical terrorists.

Pakistan’s General Elections

Unfortunately, right since its creation, Pakistan has never seen free, fair and reasonable elections. A recent example of this was the last year’s disqualification by the courts of Nawaz Sharif as the Prime Minister of Pakistan under the pretext of corruption. Sharif was targeted as he was trying to establish a democratic control over Pakistan’s foreign and defence policy, and maintain friendly relations with India, which the Pak Army did not support.

Pakistan’s General Elections

Hence it is believed that the Pakistani Army undermined Sharif by backing a months-long street protest aimed at ousting his government. It also refused Prime Minister Sharif’s request for help in dispersing protesters who had blocked a busy intersection in the capital city of Islamabad last year. Moreover, an army general was photographed at the scene handing money to the protesters. The army refuses the claims but Sharif blames it for silent dictatorship.


Politics apart, the common man of Pakistan is still looking at these elections as another hope to get at least some basic relief as Pakistan has a whopping Rs.505 billion fiscal deficit, a paltry $12 billion forex reserves enough to sustain only for 10-weeks with the ‘International Monetary Fund’ warning of Pakistan slipping into recession.

It is this situation of Pakistan that China is taking advantage of. As Pakistan is isolated internationally due to its terror-financing, China is turning Pakistan into its ‘colony’ dependent on it even for its everyday survival. An example of which is cited as China-Pakistan Economic Corridor (CPEC), using which China is subjugating Pakistan by laying ‘debt-traps’.

As a consequence of all these factors, Pakistan, an epicenter of terrorism and the ‘bearer of global misfortune’, will continue to slip into the abyss of darkness!

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