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भगवान का प्यार हमें बदल देता है (God's love changes us)

सद्‍गुरु श्री अनिरुद्धने ३० जनवरी २०१४ के पितृवचनम् में ‘भगवान का प्यार हमें बदल देता है’ इस बारे में बताया। अपनापन चाहिये। अपनापन कब टिकता है? जब हम सोचते हैं कि जिससे मैं प्रेम करता हूँ, उसने मेरे लिये क्या किया है और हम गिनती बंद कर देते हैं । यह सोचोगे कि मैंने क्या किया है, तभी ध्यान में आयेगा कि ९९ चीज उसने दी है, एक चीज नहीं

भय यह हमेशा परिस्थिती से उत्पन्न होता है। (Fear is always because of condition)

सद्‍गुरु श्री अनिरुद्धने २३ जनवरी २०१४ के पितृवचनम् में ‘ भय यह हमेशा परिस्थिती से उत्पन्न होता है।’ इस बारे में बताया। भय, जिस चीज से आप डरते हो, वो चीज अपनेआप तुमसे ज्यादा बलशाली हो जाती है, अपनेआप। और भय कैसे उत्पन्न होता है? It is because of condition. Fear is always because of condition. सारे के सारे fears, सारे के सारे भीतियाँ जो हमारे जिंदगी में है, वो


Hari Om, From the 6th of March 2018, Daily Pratyaksha has been publishing exclusive news with regards ‘Third World War’. In line with the same, very important news relating to ‘Syria’ will feature in tomorrow’s (i.e. 12th April 2018) issue of Daily Pratyaksha. The Daily Pratyaksha will similarly continue to publish such important and special news about the ‘Third World War’. हरि ॐ, दिनांक ६ मार्च २०१८ से ‘दैनिक प्रत्यक्ष’

UK-Russia political crisis deepens as Russia expels 23 British diplomats Moscow/London: Russia has expelled 23 British diplomats while threatening more severe action against Britain in future. British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned Russia that such an action was expected and that Britain will not stop short of giving a fitting reply. Therefore, a dangerous political war seems to have been sparked between the UK and Russia over the Sergei


On 13th December 2014, Dr. Aniruddha D. Joshi, our beloved Sadguru Aniruddha, had delivered a lecture on the very important topic of ‘Self-Health’. He scientifically yet lucidly explained all about taking care of our own health.The lecture which lasted for about five hours was focused on how changes in food and lifestyle are necessary for maintaining a sound health and how they can be implemented. To further the cause,

China plans to deploy sea-based ‘anti-missile system’ in Asia-Pacific and Indian Ocean Beijing: China who has been trying to command authority over the disputed area of ‘South China Sea’ with artificial islands and military forces, also started making moves to dominate the ‘Asia-Pacific’ and ‘Indian Ocean’ region. China has developed the ‘Blue Water Navy’, for keeping control over the oceanic area all over the world and has now indicated to

US ready to hold talks with North Korea, says US President Donald Trump Camp David: The United States President, Donald Trump has declared that the US will be prepared to have discussions, with certain preconditions, with the North Korean Dictator Kim Jong Un. At the same time, he made it clear that we will be watching the progress of the talks between the North and the South Korea. According to

परमपूज्य सद्‍गुरू श्री अनिरुद्ध बापूंनी त्यांच्या १६ एप्रिल २०१५ च्या मराठी प्रवचनात ‘भारतातील सुवर्ण आणि रौप्य ही वैदिक संस्कृतीने घडविलेली ताकद आहे’ याबाबत सांगितले. भारताकडे अजूनसुद्धा प्रचंड सुवर्ण आहे आणि ते कसं आहे, प्रत्येक माणसाकडे आणि ही तुमची ताकद आहे. ही भारतातल्या प्रत्येक माणसाची भारतीय संस्कृतीने, वैदिक संस्कृतीने घडवलेली ताकद आहे. इकडचं सोनं फक्त सत्ताधार्‍यांकडे नाही आहे. आणि म्हणून भारतावर कितीही आक्रमणं झाली, तरी त्या भारतीयाचं प्रत्येकाचं वैशिष्ट्य त्याला जपता

China and Russia attempting to gain control over Europe, claims President of Macedonia Skopje: “Differential treatment towards Balkan countries by the European Union (EU) and an indifferent approach in investments to connect east and west has opened up avenues for Russia and China, the two lurking super powers to stake their claim on Europe” said the Macedonian President while strongly accusing the EU. President Gjorge Ivanov issued a stark warning that if the policy of