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The Israel-Palestine conflict - once again its Jerusalem!

US merges its consulate in Palestine with its embassy in Israel; Palestinian leaders heavily criticize Washington/Ramallah: The United States has declared to move its consulate to Jerusalem, the capital of Israel. This announcement has received a ferocious response from Palestine. The decision of the United States is nothing but a ploy for Israel’s expansion, alleges senior Palestinian leader, Saeb Erekat. US Secretary of State, Mike Pompeo, who had returned from


Russian President trying to take over Ukraine; claims former Ukrainian military official Kiev: There are signs of a dispute flaring up between Russia and Ukraine. The Ukrainian Ambassador to the United Nations, Volodymyr Yelchenko accused Russia of militarizing Crimea, the region that it had sliced out of Ukraine three years ago. Yelchenko said that these Russian military movements are a threat to Ukrainian security. The efforts of Russian President, Vladimir

Alpha to Omega Newsletter - August 2018

  August 2018 From the Editor’s Desk Hari Om Friend, The celebration of Ashadi Ekadashi marks the beginning of the time of the year when there is a spree of festivities. It is also the time when the month of Aashad gives a golden opportunity to everybody to rejuvenate their faith and express their utmost respect and affection towards their Guru on the occasion of Gurupournima. Every year, Shraddhavans from


Iran is looting US through cyber-attacks, claims a US cyber-security company Tehran/Washington: Iran, who threatened an unconventional war in retaliation to the sanctions imposed by the United States is realising its threat through cyber-attacks. The US cybersecurity group has exposed this information and has warned that Iranian hackers are attacking the US companies for financial gains. US cybersecurity experts and former officials have said that the Iranian cyber-attacks have intensified,

सारे भय ये मूलत: भ्रम हैं (All the fears are basically delusions)

सद्‍गुरु श्री अनिरुद्ध बापू ने १५ मई २०१४ के पितृवचनम् में ‘सारे भय ये मूलत: भ्रम हैं’ इस बारे में बताया।   मैंने ये किया इसलिये भगवान ने ये किया, इस विश्वास पर अगर कभी जाओगे तो आप कहां जाओगे, गलत दिशा में जाओगे। डेव्हिल की दिशा में जाओगे, शैतान की दिशा में जाओगे। फिर वहां कारोबार ऐसे ही चलता है, लेनेदेन का। तुमने ये तंत्र मंत्र किया तो डेव्हिल


Trump threatens Europe with trade war too; will impose 20% tariffs on European cars Washington: The European Union should immediately remove tariffs imposed on the United States as well as barriers in its trade, else 20% tariffs will be slapped on the cars imported from Europe to the United States, warns US President, Donald Trump. He further added that the EU should consider manufacturing cars in the United States to

ध्येय गाठण्यासाठी शरीर सहाय्यक आहे. (The body helps us to achieve our goals)

सद्गुरू श्री अनिरुद्धांनी त्यांच्या १५ मे २०१४ च्या मराठी प्रवचनात ‘ध्येय गाठण्यासाठी शरीर सहाय्यक आहे’ याबाबत सांगितले. त्याचा जो समय आहे, जीवनकाळ आहे, देहाची अवस्था आहे, त्या अवस्थानुसार प्रत्येक माणसाची development झालीच पाहिजे. पटतेय? आणि हे कशाने होऊ शकतं? बुद्धीचा वापर कशासाठी तर जीवनातला समय नीटपणे वापरण्यासाठी. मग ह्याला मदत कोण करतं? शरीर. मी मनोमय देह म्हणत नाही आहे, प्राणमय देह म्हणत नाही आहे, हे जे दिसतं ना शरीर, ते

Strengthening of US, Israel, Saudi axis and problems for Iran and its allies

US attacks Syrian military base Damascus: The Syrian agencies have claimed that the United States had carried out an attack on a Syrian military base near the Iraqi border. Hezbollah also has claimed this to be an attack by the United States. However, the United States has not confirmed this report and the damages caused in the attack also have not been disclosed. Therefore, the plot around the attack seems

US Embassy

Gaza violence not linked to relocation of US embassy in Jerusalem – Nikki Haley, US ambassador to UN New York: ‘For the last many years, terrorist organisation Hamas has been inciting violence in the Gaza Strip. This violence had been going on even before the United States moved its embassy to Jerusalem. Therefore, the current violence in Gaza and the relocation of the US embassy cannot be linked. This violence

भगवान का प्यार हमें बदल देता है (God's love changes us)

सद्‍गुरु श्री अनिरुद्धने ३० जनवरी २०१४ के पितृवचनम् में ‘भगवान का प्यार हमें बदल देता है’ इस बारे में बताया। अपनापन चाहिये। अपनापन कब टिकता है? जब हम सोचते हैं कि जिससे मैं प्रेम करता हूँ, उसने मेरे लिये क्या किया है और हम गिनती बंद कर देते हैं । यह सोचोगे कि मैंने क्या किया है, तभी ध्यान में आयेगा कि ९९ चीज उसने दी है, एक चीज नहीं