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Launch of Aniruddha TV

I am extremely happy to announce that with blessings of Parampoojya Sadguru Shri Aniruddha Bapu we are launching our internet television by the name of ‘Aniruddha TV’ ( It would start its operations from today i.e. Thursday followed by the day of Ganesh Chaturthi and would broadcast the Ganeshotsav to be celebrated at residence of Sadguru Bapu (Aniruddhasinh). We would be live covering and broadcasting major events of celebrations in

Kolhapur Medical and Healthcare Camp 2014

I am pleased to inform you all that the annual Medical and Healthcare Camp at Pendakhale, Kolhapur organized by Shree Aniruddha Upasana Foundation, Dilasa Medical Trust and Rehabilitation Centre, Shreeguru Upasana Foundation and its other sister-organizations was concluded yesterday in a grand manner. This was the 11th consecutive year of organizing this Medical and Healthcare Camp; in my view, probably the one of its kind in India, for the sheer uniqueness

Pratyaksha New Year Special Issue

The New Year Special Issue of Pratyaksha has simply awestruck everyone. The importance, relevance and need of ‘Social Media’ for ‘common man’ was conveyed in very clean, clear-cut and precise terms by Sadguru Bapu in his opening article of the Issue. The article was followed by a string of simple, lucid and extremely useful articles which explain us the functional, procedural and technical aspects of use of various Social Media

Saptamatruka Poojan

  On Thursday, 24th October 2013, Param Poojya Bapu, in His discourse, spoke on a very important topic. It is the ardent wish of every parent that their child should lead a long and healthy life. Traditionally, Shashti Poojan has been performed for this very purpose. However, over a period of time, this poojan has gradually lost its importance and has been reduced to a mere ritual. Param Poojya Bapu through his

Hari Om Dear Friends, I’m sure that this message will find each one of you in a festive mood that Deepavali always brings along. The atmosphere at Bapu’s home this year is more joyous than ever before with the arrival of ‘Nanhi Pari’. Yesterday, Laxmi Poojan was performed at Bapu’s home in the traditional vedic manner. Many of you too would have performed the poojan at your residence/office.   On

Bapu’s Visit to Shree Vitthal Mandir, Wadala on the occasion of Aashadhi Ekadashi

On 19th July 2013, the very auspicious day of Aashadhi Ekadashi, Sadguru Bapu and Nandai performed Maha Abhishek (consecration) and poojan of Shree Vitthal and Rakhumai at Vitthal Mandir of Wadala, a temple which is said to be almost 397 years old. This temple is also popularly known as Prati-Pandharpur. Bapu and Nandai were specially invited by the temple authorities on this auspicious day to grace the occasion and make

Nahu Tujhiya Preme, Aniruddha Premsagara... Majhya Bhaktanayaka!!!

“अवघा रंग एक झाला, रंगी रंगला श्रीरंग…” These immortal lines of Soyrabai actually came to life on Sunday, 26th of May 2013 at the Padmashri Dr. D.Y. Patil Stadium. It was the occasion of the ‘never before never again’ Premyatra (journey of love), titled Nahu Tuzhiya Preme (bathing in the shower of your love), a bouquet of chosen abhangas to be offered at the lotus feet of our beloved Sadguru, Aniruddha

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“Nhau Tuzhiya Preme, the function, may be over, but what it has managed to achieve is quite beyond one’s imagination and comprehension. It has indeed sown the seeds of everlasting and ever-increasing bhakti of Shraddhavaans towards Bapu. It has guided Shraddhavaans into introspecting as to where their bhakti stands today… in fact, there is no end to what it has done. I have received numerous feedbacks from Shraddhavaans who were


Bapu at Shree Hanuman Chalisa Pathan – 2013 Today was the seventh and last day of the Shree Hanuman Chalisa Pathan at Shree Gurukshetram. On this occasion, a few wonderful moments were witnessed by all those present at Shree Gurukshetram. Today, from 4:30 pm onwards, the 12 Banalingas and the Shaligrams [kept in Shree Gurukshetram] were placed on the Dharmasan at Shree Gurusketram and Bilvapatra [Bel leaves] were offered on

Nahu Tujhiya Preme Satsang

Aniketsinh Khedekar हरि ओम दादा, कालचा न्हाऊ तुझिया प्रेमे हा कार्यक्रम खूपच सुंदर झाला, “सुंदर” हा शब्द देखील अपुरा पडेल इतका तो अप्रतिम होतो . खरच दादा “Hatsoff” तुमच्या आणि सगळे गायक व वादक मंडळींच्या मेहनतीचे आणि विशेष कौतक ते IT core team चे . ह्या प्रेमसागरात आम्ही सर्व न्हाऊन निघालो अशी आंघोळ जी ह्या पूर्वी कधीच केली न्हवती ती ह्या सदगुरू रायाने घडवली काल खऱ्या अर्थाने मी शुद्ध झालो