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Wuhan virus deaths reach 106, more than 4,500 infected in China Beijing: The Wuhan virus epidemic, which has spread across the world, has already claimed 106 lives, but at the same time, 976 people are in critical condition. Moreover, it has been reported that 4577 people are infected with the virus. Senior Chinese officials have warned that the Wuhan virus, which is fatal in its preliminary phases, is spreading more


Palestine, Turkey and Iran reject Trump’s Proposal Amman/Ankara/Tehran: All the Palestinian groups have come together against the ‘Deal of the century’ announced by President Trump. There was no Palestinian leader with President Trump when he announced the deal. Therefore, the Gulf media claimed that President Trump brought all the Palestinian groups together with his announcement. At the same time, the countries Turkey and Iran have severely criticised the US proposal

China's deadly 'Wuhan Virus' spreading fast

Alert issued in Asian countries because of the epidemic of a mysterious disease in China Beijing: An epidemic of an unknown virus is rapidly spreading in China and thus, alerts have been issued in the Asian countries. The epidemic broke out in the Wuhan city of the Hebei province. The Chinese agencies have informed that 44 people have been infected in the last few days. But there is a fear

Fallout of the US-Iran Crisis

Mideast on war footing after Gen Soleimani’s killing, Israel mobilises tanks at Syria & Lebanon border London: Iran has vowed to take ‘crushing revenge’ for the US’ assassination of Major-General Qassem Soleimani. While the world is debating on what Iran’s next move would be, the military movements in the Middle East have intensified. The US soldiers who had arrived in Kuwait are preparing to enter Iraq. On the other hand,

The US-Iran Crisis

Killing Soleimani intended to avert a war, claims US President Washington: Iran claims that the killing of Major General Soleimani amounts to a declaration of war against Iran by the United States. Some other countries too echo the opinion. But as per US President Donald Trump, Soleimani was killed not to start, but to avert a war. President Trump justified his actions saying that Soleimani was responsible for bloodshed right

Devotion Sentience

  August 2019 From the Editor’s Desk   Hari Om Friend, The last month brought with it the pious period of Shree Gurucharanmaas. We witnessed the celebration of the Ashadhi Ekadashi and Shree Gurupournima during the period. On the occasion of the Ashadhi Ekadashi, thousands of Shraddhavans paid a visit to Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram and offered Tulsipatra to the Trivikram Linga, as a symbol of their adoration. The Shraddhavans also

जाणीव - भाग ७ (Consciousness - Part 7)

सद्गुरू श्री अनिरुद्ध बापूंनी त्यांच्या २० जून २०१३ च्या मराठी प्रवचनात ‘जाणीव – भाग ७ (Consciousness – Part 7)’ याबाबत सांगितले.   मी समजा तुम्हाला सांगितल एखाद्याला कोणाला ही सांगितल की बाबा तू दररोज राम, राम, राम म्हण, बरोबर. तुम्ही काय सांगाल दुसर्‍याला मी काय करतो? जपतोय किंवा त्याला दुसर नाव काय? ‘नामस्मरण’ बरोबर की नाही. काय म्हणाल तुम्ही त्याला? ‘नामस्मरण’. पण इथे आम्ही हा शब्द विसरतो. नाव उच्चारण आणि नामस्मरण ह्याच्यामध्ये

Aniruddha Bhajan Music

Hari Om, I am pleased to announce that the Aniruddha Thy Grace audio album is now available for free download on Aniruddha Bhajan Music Android, iOS app. Android App Link:- iOS App Link:- || Hari Om || || Shree Ram || || Ambadnya || || Naathsamvidh ||

Rivalry between US and Iran stands at the doorstep of conflict

US Secretary of State Pompeo in Europe to isolate Iran and curb growing influence of China, Russia Washington / Budapest – Given the energy supplies from Russia, investment flow from China and increasing support for Iran, the US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, embarked on a tour of European countries on Monday. Secretary of State Pompeo is scheduled to visit Hungary, Slovakia, Poland, Belgium and Iceland during his visit. Also,

जाणीव - भाग ६ (Consciousness - Part 6)

सद्गुरू श्री अनिरुद्ध बापूंनी त्यांच्या २० जून २०१३ च्या मराठी प्रवचनात जाणीव – भाग ६ (Consciousness-Part 6) याबाबत सांगितले.    तो आभाळाकडे बघता बघता त्याला ढगांचं येणं-जाणं दिसायला लागलं. ढग येताहेत, ढग जातायत्, कधी थांबताहेत, कधी पाऊस पडतोय, कधी पडतपण नाही आहे. नदीचे पूर दिसायला लागले, नदीचे पूर येऊन गेल्यानंतची भयप्रद परिस्थिती तो बघायला लागला, स्वत:चा हताशपणा ओळखायला लागला आणि त्याला जाणीव झाली कि आपण निसर्गावर मात करू शकत नाही. आपल्याला निसर्गाशी