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॥ हरि ॐ ॥ श्रीराम ॥ अंबज्ञ॥ नाथसंविध्‌ नाथसंविध्‌ नाथसंविध्‌      जीवन में किसी को यह चाहिए, किसी को वह चाहिए, एक ही इन्सान के जीवन में, सुबह में यह चाहिए, तो दोपहर में दूसरा कुछ चाहिए, शाम को तीसरी चीज़ चाहिए, रात को चौथी चाहिए, सपने में पाँचवी चीज़। Right? चलते ही रहता है। उसमें कोई बुराई नहीं हैं, it happens. होता है। लेकिन अभी समझो, हम लोग कोई

My Sadguru, My God

Rakeshsinh Phule & Radhaveera Phule Sometimes certain incidents, having no plausible explanations, occur in one’s life. In such situations, a person is bound to feel helpless and may start questioning his faith in God. In fact, a person who follows the path of a Sadguru is often advised by others to move away from this path in times of adversity. However, it is in such situations that one needs to


Milindsinh Kasle, Virar Bapu takes loving  care of one who surrenders to him.  I am deeply touched and overwhelmed witnessing the extent of care and concern Bapu has for each of his bhaktas. One can understand the expanse of the word “Experience” only when one puts a pen to paper.  One can never describe his divine interventions. One can never describe his blessings.  What we put on paper is only

Face to face with my Sadguru

Mr. Shailesh Gopalkrishna Ullal I was employed with Lufthansa Airlines, Mumbai Branch in the finance and administration department. On 19th October 2002,  I heard that the finance and administration department of our office and the Chennai branch were going to be merged and the new branch would be operational in Delhi. I was truly upset. I had been offered two options, either to opt for VRS or to shift to

Aniruddha Bapu‬ told in his Hindi‬ Discourse dated 05 Feb 2004, The names of Ram, Radha and Sadguru-tattva are the Saviours in Kaliyug.

परमपूज्य सद्‍गुरु श्री अनिरुद्ध बापू ने अपने ५ फरवरी २००४ के हिंदी प्रवचन में ‘राम, राधा और सद्गुरु के नाम कलियुग में तारक हैं’ इस बारे में बताया।    बापू ने प्रवचन में कहा, ‘आज से हम जो राधानाम का अध्ययन शुरु करने वाले हैं, इस राधानाम की एक और खासियत है। राधानाम का सुमिरन करना चाहिए। राधानाम का ज्ञान, जितना हम समझ सकते हैं, बस वही हमारे लिए काफी