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Truth Always Prevails

ll Hari Om ll  As I settled down today morning to read the newspaper, I was disappointed to read the news item, which said that Lance Armstrong, who was regarded as a legend, having successfully fought cancer and won seven Tour de France titles, had been found guilty of using banned substances during his career by the U.S. Anti-Doping Agency (USADA). Not only has he been banned for life, but

You & Me Firm Together, Nothing Can Stand in the Way... Ever

Just the other day, I happened to watch the live telecast of the women’s 5000 metres final at the London Olympics. The finishing line was just a few metres away and an Ethiopian runner was giving it her all, to be the first to cross the finishing line. She had left the other runners way behind… she ran and she ran and finally crossed the finishing line… first! Meserat Defar had indeed

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Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram Seva   Rudra Seva Yesterday it was Monday and that too in the holy month of Shraavan. On every Monday, Rudra Seva is performed at Shree Aniruddha Gurukshetram. Every Shraddhavaan can participate in this Rudra Seva. While this ritual is in progress, apart from the chanting of the other stotraas, the Shree Rudra is chanted 11 times. While the chanting is in progress, every Shraddhavaan can perform

Aarti (आरती)

Dear Friends, Every night, before retiring for the day, we all sit together and say our prayers, one of which is the Devi Aparadhakshamapan Stotra. Yesterday night, after we had finished saying our prayers, Bapu (Aniruddhasinh), all of a sudden asked Suchit Dada to chant aartis of Sainath. Dada then sang the Kaakad Aarti, and also Adkar’s aarti on Sainath which is part of Madhyaan aarti, and already available in Dada’s

Why the Human Birth – Hemadpant पिछले हफ्ते की दारा सिंहजी के मृत्युकी खबर सभीकों दु:ख देकर गई। हर एक भारतीय खेद व्यक्त कर रहा था। लेकिन मौत यह जीवन की अपरिहार्यता (कडवा सच) हैं। साईसत्‌च्चरित कें ४३ वे अध्याय में हेमाडपंतजीं हमें यही बताते हैं।जन्म के साथ मृत्य आवश्‍य आती है l इन्हें एक-दूसरे से अलग नहीं किया जा सकता l मरण जीव की प्रकृति का लक्षण है l

ll  अवधूतचिंतन श्रीगुरुदेवदत्त ll ll ॐ नमश्चण्डिकायै ll Sadguru Mahima अन्य सभी देवी-देवता तो भ्रमित करने वाले हैं; केवल गुरु ही ईश्‍वर हैं l एक बार अगर तुम उन पर अपना विश्‍वास स्थिर कर लोगे तो वे पूर्व निर्धारित विपदाओं का भी सामना करने में सहायता करेंगे l – अध्याय १० ओवी ४ सद्‍गुरु  की महती बयान करनेवाली अनेक ओवीयाँ श्रीसाईसच्चरित में आती रहती है। लेकिन मेरे मन में मात्र

Why the Human Birth - Hemadpant

(Note: This is English translation of my earlier Marathi post titled नरजन्माचें काय कारण?) It was really sad to learn about the demise of Darasinghji. Every Indian heart grieved. But then death does inevitably come to every jeeva does it not? Hemadpant discusses this very fact in the 43rd chapter of the Shreesaisachcharit. Every birth is followed by death. The two are inseparable. Death is a state natural to the jeeva.

The Eminence and the Glory of the Sadguru

ll Avadhoot Chintan Shreegurudevadatta ll ll Om Namashchandikayaee ll All other gods are illusory, unreal; the Guru alone is the God Eternal. Once you repose your faith in him, he will help you overcome even the pre-destined.                                                                         – Shri Saisaccharit (Chapter 10 Verse 4) The Shreesaisachcharit holds ever so many verses that sing the glories of the Sadguru! But this one has been and will always be close to

सद्‌गुरूमहिमा ( Sadguru mahima)

ll  अवधूतचिंतन श्रीगुरुदेवदत्त ll ll ॐ नमश्चण्डिकायै ll इतर देव सारे मायिक l गुरुचि शाश्‍वत देव एक l चरणीं ठेवितां विश्वास देख l ‘रेखेवर मेख मारी’ तो ll                             – श्रीसाईसच्चरित अध्याय १० ओवी ४ सद्‌गुरुंची महती सांगणार्‍या अनेक ओव्या श्रीसाईसच्चरितात येत राहतात; पण माझ्या मनाला मात्र कायम ही ओवी व्यापून राहिली. या एकाच ओवीत हेमाडपंत सद्‌गुरुंच्या चरणांचं महत्त्व पटवून देतात. भक्ताने सद्‌गुरुंच्या ठायी विश्‍वास