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Shree Sai Mahima

Speaking about the glories of the Shree Sai Sachcharit, my Sadguru Shree Aniruddhasinh (Aniruddha Bapu) says, ‘The Sai Sachcharit’ is not merely an account of the principles and the mission of Sainath; this work recounts the life of several bhaktas and how they attained the grace of Sainath. This work is a depiction of history. This work contains as much the life and mission of Sai bhaktas as that of

Hari Om Dear Friends, It just occurred to me that today I should share a few thoughts with you on Gunasankirtan (narration in praise of the attributes of the Sadguru). As I reflect back over the Gunasankirtan activities that we have undertaken over the past 2-3 years with a renewed focus, I can see before my eyes how it has translated into so many important milestones. It is necessary to

Their Journey to Aniruddha

ll Hari Om ll     The love of the Sadguru reaches out beyond physical boundaries of nations and limitations that the language or the spoken word may present. The love of the Sadguru is ‘Aniruddha’– it knows no barriers; it is infinite. It is after all the love of the one who is Aniruddha – who is unstoppable. – It is the love of our Aniruddha Bapu, His call

Guruvaakya, Aniruddha bapu,

ll Hari Om ll Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu The stories and incidents depicted in the Shree Saisachcharit root the bhakta’s faith ever more resolutely and his bhakti at the Sadguru’s feet, ever more firm and intense. Numerous such blessed moments, such instances of grace form part of the lives of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha bapu’s bhaktas too. Many of these ‘special moments’ have appeared in the Special Issues and many more

Guruvaakya, Aniruddha bapu,

ll हरि ॐll   Sadguru Shree Aniruddha Bapu    श्री साईसच्‍चरितामध्ये अनेक भक्तांच्या गोष्टी येतात ज्यामुळे भक्तांची श्रध्दा दृढ होत जाते आणि सद्‌गुरुचरणी भक्तीहीदृढ व्हायला लागते. सद्‌गुरु श्रीअनिरुध्द बापूंच्या भक्तांना असे अनेक अनुभव आलेले आहेत.अनेक अनुभव विशेषांकामधून आले आहेत आणि अनेकअनुभव कृपासिंधुमध्येही येतात.त्याशिवाय हे अनुभव आपल्या “अनिरुध्द बापू व्हिडीयोज” युट्युब चॅनलवर ( देखील पहायला मिळतात.हे अनुभव प्रत्येक श्रध्दावानाला मार्गदर्शक तर असतातच शिवाय सद्‌गुरुचरणी श्रध्दा आणि सबुरी दृढ करणारेही असतात.  

 When I met Bapu (Aniruddhasinh) for the first time in the year 1985, one of the first things that he impressed upon me was setting my priorities in life – what I want to achieve and attain in life. It was he who put the meaning of the term progress in its true perspective – that which gives contentment (trupti) and satisfaction (samadhaan). His personality was indeed awe inspiring – there was

Kojagiri Pournima - Importance of Staying Awake

    Hari Om Dear Friends, Bapu, during his discourse on the auspicious occasion of Dassera, spoke about the importance of staying awake during the night of Ashwin Pournima which is also known as Kojagiri Pournima. On this night, he said, Laxmi Mata, as told by Mahavishnu, travels around the world and makes enquiries wherever she visits – “Ko Jaagarti?” (Who is awake?). Any person who wakes through the night

Aniruddha Chalisa

ll Hari Om ll Shree Aniruddha Chalisa Pathan began in a very pious atmosphere at Shree Harigurugram. The Padchinnh and idol of Bapu arrived at 9:15 AM. After this the ceremony started with chanting of Anhik, Shree Aadimata Shubhankara Stavanam and 9 Vachane of Sadguru Bapu.  Chanting of Shree Aniruddha Chalisa started at 10:00 AM. Shraddhavans have turned up in large numbers to take the advantage of this blessed opportunity.

Shree Lalita Panchami, Mahishasurmardini

ll हरि ॐ ll “श्रीललिता पंचमी” – श्रीमातृवात्सल्यविंदानम कथा (Lalita Panchami)   श्रीललिता पंचमी – बापूंजीके घर पर पूजी जानेवाली मोठेआई की मूरत   आश्विन शुद्ध पंचमी अर्थात श्रीललिता पंचमी । आदिमाता महिषासुरमर्दिनी का श्री रामजी को दिया हुआ वरदान, अर्थात रावण के वध का कार्य पूरा करने के आड़े आने वाले दुर्गम का वध करने हेतु रामसेना में वह आश्विन शुद्ध पंचमी की रात को प्रगट हुई और उसने अपने परशु से उस काकरूपी असुर

Shree Lalita Panchami, Mahishasurmardini

ll Hari Om ll Lalita Panchami – Mothi Aai at Residence of Bapu The fifth day of the month of Ashwin (Ashwin shuddha panchami) is the Lalita Panchami. It was on the night of the Ashwin shuddha Panchami that the Adimata Mahishasurmardini manifested before the army of Shreeram to slay Durgam, who stood in the way of the fulfilment of Her blessings and Will – viz. the destruction of Ravan. It