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Diwali greetings 2017

On the auspicious occasion of festival of lights, I wish all my Shraddhavan friends and all our well-wishers a very Happy Diwali and I pray at the Lotus Feet of Sadguru Shree Aniruddha (Bapu) to shower his eternal grace on them and their near and dear ones.    

श्री सद्‌गुरु पुण्यक्षेत्रम्‌

सद्‍गुरु बापू अपने अग्रलेखों एवं प्रवचनों में से श्री सद्‌गुरु पुण्यक्षेत्रम्‌ इस स्थान के महत्व के बारे में हमें बताते ही रहते हैं। इसी श्री सद्‌गुरु पुण्यक्षेत्रम्‌ तीर्थक्षेत्र से संबंधित कार्य के सिलसिले मे आज दिनांक १३ अक्तूबर २०१७ को धुळे, जळगाव और नंदुरबार जिले के कुछ चुनिंदा श्रद्धावान सेवकों के साथ हॅपी होम स्थित मेरे कार्यालय में मिटींग हुई। इस मिटींग में महाधर्मवर्मन् योगीद्रसिंह और महाधर्मवर्मन् विशाखावीरा इनके साथ

श्री सद्‌गुरु पुण्यक्षेत्रम्‌

सद्‍गुरु बापू आपल्या अग्रलेखांमधून व प्रवचनातून श्री सद्‌गुरु पुण्यक्षेत्रम्‌ या स्थानाचे महत्व आपल्याला सांगतच असतात. ह्याच श्री सद्‌गुरु पुण्यक्षेत्रम्‌ या तीर्थक्षेत्राच्या कामासंदर्भात आज दिनांक १३ ऑक्टोबर २०१७ रोजी धूळे, जळगाव व नंदुरबार जिल्ह्यातील काही मोजक्या श्रद्धावान सेवकांबरोबर हॅपी होम येथील माझ्या कार्यालयात मिटींग झाली. या मिटींगमध्ये महाधर्मवर्मन योगिंद्रसिंह व महाधर्मवर्मन विशाखावीरा यांच्याबरोबर संस्थेचे CEO सुनीलसिंह मंत्री व महेशसिंह झांट्ये हेही उपस्थित होते. यात, ‘सद्‍गुरु बापूंनी श्री सद्‌गुरु पुण्यक्षेत्रम्‌ या तीर्थक्षेत्राच्या

      September 2017 From the Editor’s Desk Hari Om Friend, Disaster Management has always been an integral part of the devotional service performed by the volunteers of our Organisation. Last month, the 29th of August, Mumbai saw unprecedented rains. The impact was so severe that the deluge left Mumbai crippled and everything came to a halt. One could see people wading through knee-deep waters trying to reach their

My Mauli pulled me from the jaws of death

Experience of Dr. Rajeshree Shah My life was over. My pulse rate had dipped to40-45 per minute and my breathing rate had dropped to 4-5 per minute. I had no hopes of survival. “Jayesh, I am going”  This was my condition. But, my Bapu labored the entire night and I happily participated in the Dhanalaxmi Poojan celebrations held on Wednesday the 10th November. Prior to this during the Diwali vacations, I had gone

    August 2017 From the Editor’s Desk Hari Om Friend, The month of Shravan has a special place in the heart of a Shraddhavan devotee. Prayers, austerities and fasts are observed in this holy month. Shree Ashwattha Maruti Pujan is performed on every Saturday of Shravan during which the idol of Lord Hanuman, sculpted by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha himself, is worshipped. Chanting of Ghorkasthodharan Stotra too is done throughout

Bapu's will prevails

Experience of Veena Ganpati Prabhu Foreign airport …Tight security check at the airport….the security staff does not know English ….finds a suspicious article in my bag…..I am desperately trying to tell him that it is not a dangerous article but he just refuses to understand….Who can save us in such a situation and that too abroad ?…..Our One and Only Bapu (Sadguru Shree Aniruddha) Whenever we need him, Bapu rushes

      July 2017 From the Editor’s Desk Hari Om Friend, Monsoon has made good progress so far, making timely arrival at most regions in India. It has also been picking up pace recently. Let us pray that it gets better during the remaining season. However as responsible citizens, not only should we take adequate measures to help increase the rainfall, but also we need to take appropriate steps

      June 2017 From the Editor’s Desk Hari Om Friend, With the advent of technology the entire world has virtually become a small place; in this ‘Information Age’, our organization too has made a noteworthy presence on the World Wide Web. Our beloved Sadguru Aniruddha Bapu has time and again stressed on the need to get acquainted with the new technology, mobiles, tablets, gadgets etc. Bapu has conducted