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भारतीय सेना को होगी स्वदेशी ‘बुलेट प्रूफ जैकेट’ की आपूर्ति नई दिल्ली – रक्षा राज्यमंत्री श्रीपाद नाईक ने सेनाप्रमुख जनरल मनोज मुकुंद नरवणे को एक लाख ‘बुलेट प्रूफ जैकेट’ प्रदान किए। यह सभी जैकेट स्वदेशी निर्माण के हैं और इन्हें ‘मेक इन इंडिया’ के तहत बनाया गया है। साथ ही निर्धारित समय से पहले ही इन ‘जैकेट्स’ की सेना को आपूर्ति की गई है। देश के सैनिकों की सुरक्षा के

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रफायल विमानों पर ‘हॅमर’ मिसाइलों की तैनाती होगी नई दिल्ली – अगले सप्ताह में फ्रान्स भारत को छह रफायल विमान सौंप रहा हैं। इन लड़ाकू विमानों की तैनाती तुरंत चीन की सीमा पर करने की तैयारी पूरी करने में वायुसेना जुटी होने के समाचार भी प्राप्त हो रहे हैं। इसी बीच इन विमानों की मारक क्षमता बढ़ाने के लिए फ्रान्स से ‘हॅमर’ मिसाइलों की ख़रीद होगी, ऐसा समाचार भी प्राप्त

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French President Macron’s proposal for ‘European Army’ is an insult considering US subsidies to NATO: President Trump Paris: US President Donald Trump expressed strong displeasure upon French President Emmanuel Macron’s proposal for a European army, leaving the United States out. A few days ago, the French President had stated in an article that Europe needed to build a ‘real European army’ to protect itself from the United States, Russia and

War against India will destroy Pakistan and cripple China If China and Pakistan go to war at the same time against India, Pakistan will be destroyed and China will be crippled, claimed retired Lieutenant General Jaswal of the Indian Army. Pakistan has been challenging the Indian army on the Line of Control (LoC) in Jammu-Kashmir. Whereas, China has increased its military activity near the Indian border and there are reports

Beginning of the Third World War!

Syria – Beginning of the Third World War! Damascus : It has been seven years since conflict arose in Syria. In these seven years, the civil war has claimed more than 500,000 lives. The number of people rendered homeless has crossed 10 million. If the war genuinely was between the Syrian government and the rebels its effects would not have been so horrible. Powerful countries such as Russia and Iran have

आगामी सैनिक – ‘स्नायपर ड्रोन’

युद्ध सिर्फ युद्धभूमि तक ही सीमीत नहीं है, यह आज इस नए युग में सभी जानते है। पारम्परिक प्रकार के युद्ध की गति तेज होकर अब सायबर युद्ध, व्यापार युद्ध, अंतरिक्ष युद्ध, नगरीय युद्ध, इत्यादि बन गया है। इस के अतिरिक्त, आत्याधुनिक रोबोट्स और आर्टिफिशियल इंटेलिजेंस (एआय) यह आधुनिक युद्ध नीति में अग्रणी तकनीक के तौर पर उजागर हुए हैं। संरक्षण के साथ लगभग सभी क्षेत्रों में रोबोट्स और ‘एआय’


Wars are no more restricted only to battlefields… a fact that everyone is well aware of in this new age. The traditional form of warfare has been sharpened with cyber war, trade war, space wars, urban warfare, etc. Moreover, Advanced Robotics and Artificial Intelligence have emerged as totally new front lines of modern warfare. Robotics and AI are replacing humans in almost all domains and so too in defense sector.


China dissident claims thousands of China spies swarm United States New York : The billionaire Chinese entrepreneurs have stated that in the United States, more than twenty thousand Chinese spies are active and the intelligence network is ‘ready to destroy’ US. This entrepreneur named Guo Wengui has claimed that he is aware of the modus-operandi and networks of the intelligence operations of China. The current claims made by the Chinese entrepreneurs,

Are Global Powers readying for war?

US Department of Defense successfully tests ‘micro-drones’ based on ‘swarm technology’ Washington : The Department of Defense in US is set to give a shattering blow to its enemies as it has successfully managed to test the ‘swarm drone technology’. The US Secretary of Defense, Ash Carter, has given information that in the month of October last year, successful tests based on swarm technology were conducted on 103 ‘micro-drones’. A


Russia objects to Turkey military actions in Syria Moscow/ Ankara : Russia has accused Turkey of invading Syria and violating the sovereignty of Syria by its military actions. Also the Russian Foreign Ministry has expressed concern that the situation in Syria could grow serious due to the military actions of Turkey. While the President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan has demanded the US to allow Turkey to join the war against