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Demand for independence in Bavaria province of Germany Berlin: While German Chancellor Angela Merkel strives to unite the European Union, the struggle is on within Germany for liberation from the Merkel government as well as the European Union. The Bavaria province of Germany which is the largest province and industrial center is increasingly seen favoring independence. A survey conducted by a leading newspaper of Germany, reveals more than 30% of the citizens

    August 2017 From the Editor’s Desk Hari Om Friend, The month of Shravan has a special place in the heart of a Shraddhavan devotee. Prayers, austerities and fasts are observed in this holy month. Shree Ashwattha Maruti Pujan is performed on every Saturday of Shravan during which the idol of Lord Hanuman, sculpted by Sadguru Shree Aniruddha himself, is worshipped. Chanting of Ghorkasthodharan Stotra too is done throughout


Russia deploys anti-missile system against North Korea Moscow : As US, South Korea and Japan are taking offensive military steps to counter the mounting threat posed by North Korea, Russia too has been taking steps for its own defense. Russia has deployed a medium range, high tech multi-purpose ‘Buk-M3’ missile system in the province of Siberia, pointing in the direction of North Korea. Four days back, Russia’s Air Force division

Tussles in Indian Sub-continent

Only Pakistan responsible for India-Pak tensions accuses a senior leader of Trump administration Washington: The Trump Administration has expressed its concerns by stating that only Pakistan was responsible for the deteriorating situation between India and Pakistan. It said that unless Pakistan gives up its terror policy and makes progress in investigations on incidents like those of the 2016 Pathankot attack where the Indian Air Force base was violated, tensions between

Aniruddha's Universal Bank of Ramnaam: Jap Count - August 2022

 Ramnaam Books Jap Count RAM   48,29,08,14,576 (Forty-Eight Billion Two Hundred Ninety Million Eight Hundred Fourteen Thousand Five Hundred Seventy-Six ) SHRI RAM JAI RAM JAI JAI RAM 3,12,99,60,204  (Three Billion One Hundred Twenty-Nine Million Nine Hundred Sixty Thousand Two Hundred Four) KRISHNA 12,48,83,82,144 (Twelve Billion Four Hundred Eighty-Eight Million Three Hundred Eighty-Two Thousand One Hundred Forty-Four) DATTAGURU                      6,25,99,20,4082     


India-Venezuela seek to enhance bilateral cooperation New Delhi: India and Venezuela have initiated efforts to strengthen bilateral relations. This will involve a boost to increase cooperation in Pharmaceutical industry and educational sectors soon. Venezuela is an important country in India’s Look East and then Act East Policy.  Eastern oil-rich countries are exporting oil to India along with the US and China. India is the third largest oil purchaser on Venezuela’s export

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China gives Pakistan two patrol ships for security of CPEC Karachi : China has given two patrolling ships to Pakistan for the security of the ambitious ‘Economic Corridor’ project, being built by China in Pakistan and is worth almost 46 billion dollars. The two ships will also look after the security of ‘Gwadar’ port. Pakistan has initiated both the vessels in its navy. China is going to give two more maritime


 “अजोला” (Azolla Cultivation) सारख्या अनोख्या आणि अत्यंत कमी खर्चात होणाऱ्या प्रकल्पामधून, आवश्यक आणि पौष्टिक चारा अगदी नगण्य खर्चात कश्या प्रकारे तयार करावा ह्याचे प्रशिक्षण यशस्वी प्रयोगांसहित दिले जाते.   ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ काहीही खर्च न करता एन-पी-के (N-P-K) पुरविणारे उपयुक्त खत कसे बनवावे, ह्याचे प्रशिक्षण देणे हा AIGV कोर्सचा एक महत्त्वाचा भाग आहे. ________________________________________________________________________________________________________ २०११ मध्ये आणलेलं हे रेडकू अगदी मरणासन्न असताना, त्यावेळी बापूंनी फक्त त्याला बघून सांगितलेल्या उपायांनी ते रेडकू आज

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‘ISIS’ cracks down, executes 58 rebels from its own group Baghdad, Oct 16 (PTI) – The ‘ISIS’ executed 58 rebels from its own group that were planning to handover the city of Mosul to the Iraqi military and the Government. It appears that there has been a divide amongst the group due to the involvement of a close aide of the ‘ISIS’ chief Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi in the attempted revolt.